Monday, 25 March 2013

St. John's Stonefold School and Student Photograph.

This photo was kindly sent in by Pat and David Stevenson. (Click over photo to enlarge)
Back Row l to r: Mellor, Ted Duxbury, Hartley, Edward Riley, George Cropper, Roy Kenyon, Kenneth Brown, Hugh Feathers, Dennis Martin, John Barnes, Frank Steele.
Middle Row l to r: Marcia Ramsbottom, Mary Hodgekinson, Christine Gill, Raymond Ramsbottom, Jack Ashworth, Terry Barnes, Jack Edwards, Christine Whittaker, Carol Whittaker, Hazel Riley, Daphne Howarth.
Front Row l to r: Valerie Hartley, Pat Edwards, ?, Jennifer Holgate, Irene Steele, Pat Entwistle, Jennifer Chase, Barbara Cockerill, Shiela Cockerill, Irene ?, Brenda Woods, Sylvia Barrow, Winifred Rothwell. 

The headmaster at that time was Mr. Frank Parker, and the teachers were two sisters, the Miss Martins.