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This is the lovely painting by our local artist Liz Taylor
which is called "The Glass Tower"
(now archived in the Haslingden In Art Blog)

Names now offered for this photo - kindly shared by Steve Haines.

Helmshore CP School c1964 (Click over to enlarge)

Photo: Kindly shared by Dorothy Flynn and uploaded here on 14th March 2017
also filed under Helmshore CP School photo blog

(14th June 2018 - Memory notes kindly offered by Steve Haines (Pupil in the photo)
This photograph above is of our class a couple of years earlier than the one above, so I guess we’d have been five or six years old.  The teacher is Mrs Winstanley, who taught the very early years’ class.  I’d date this picture around 1960.
Going from left  to right on the back row: I don’t remember the name of the boy standing next to Mrs Winstanley, but stood next to him is Philip Abbott.  Then comes me (Steve Haines),Norman Constantine, Kevin Kerr, Richard West and Stefan Koman.
On the second row of boys, stood on the floor and again going left to right, are Noel Pilling, Johnny Smithson, Alan Carr, Tony Barnes, Paul Mellor, and Robert Oldfield.  I can’t recall the name of the boy third from right, but next to him is Martin Nuttall and finally comes Peter Edmunson.  He was the younger brother of Ian Edmunson, who has posted the next three photographs in the series.
Of the girls seated on the third row, the first is Carole Dowd.  I can’t remember the name of the next three girls, but the girl fifth in the row is Jeanette, whose surname I’ve lost.  Dorothy Ratcliffe is sixth in the row, next to Brenda Holden, Sheila Skupsky, Wendy Howarth, Carole Beardsworth and Stephanie Knight.

Stephanie Watson is the first of the girls kneeling at the front, on the left.  Next comes Anne Priddle, Susan Haygarth, Jackie Tremble and Carole Bond.
Haslingden Grammar School Blog - School photo May 1969 -

Thanks to Keith Pilling for adding more names and other snippets.  Check below:

1969 - May (below)
Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 1 (from left side)
Sheet 1 - Top row: Dorothy Lees, ?, Yvonne Eastwood, Hilary Taylor and second from right may be Sheila Bell
2nd row from the top: some of the names include: Paul Marcroft, Mark Barton, Fred McVitie, Andrew Tunstall, Andrew Green, Adrian Flagg, Stephen Willetts, Brian Counter, Peter Antrobus, Simon Seal, Peregrine Kerr, Alan Gough. 
Third row  (Girls) Carol Williams or Janet Ormerod, ?,?,Lynsey Barnes,Rebecca West.
Second Row from front: 1) Denise Morris, 2) Janet Knox, 3) Janice Brown, 4) ?, 5) Anne Haworth, 6) Elizabeth Ormerod, 7) Susan Nicholas, 8, Susan Deakin
Front Row: Stephen Foster, ?, Iwan Kalynyak, Pete Hodson, Alan Warburton, Stephen Haworth, Andrew Haworth and George Harrison. 
Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 2 (from left side)

Sheet 2 - Top row: Adrian Bury, Kenneth Harrison, Colin Eastwood, Tony Szewczuk, ?,?,?,?, Edward Riley, David Whittaker, ?, Lawrence Taylor, David Clayton, Steven Clark, Phil Davies, Graham Wroe, ?,

Second from top: ?, Sheila Bell, ?,?,?,?,?,?, Sylvia Rothwell, ?,?,?, Brenda Holden?, Nadiya Horak, Lynn Rostron, ?,  Jean Baker, Alison Heywood, Susan Marsden, Lynsey Almond, Lynn Tattersall,

Third row from top: Simon Seal, Peregrine Kerr, Andrew Smith, Alan Gough, Eric Finnerty, Neil Jackson, Bruce Howard, Keith Johnson, Donald Fitton, Chris Kirby, Peter Wilkinson, Andrew Sixsmith, David Green, unknown, Jeff Cheetham, David Reeves, John Barnes, Philip Gregory, John Ramsbottom, Derek Ratcliffe, Keith Pilling, Ian Bury (Diggle)

Fourth row: ?,?,Susan Barrett, ?, Sheila Waller, Janet Haworth, Liz Bonner, ?,?,Joanne Hoyle, Susan Driver, Angela Maddocks, Sheila Duff, Bridget Holden.

Third Row from front: ?,?,?, Jane Balmain, Pauline Gregory, Heather Simpson, ?, Julie Barnes, the girl behind Mr. Evans could be Ann Hague.

Second from front, 1) Susan Nicholas, 2) Susan Deakin, 3) Ann Collins or Collinge, 4) Kristina Fidakawcz, 5) Patricia Bushnell, 6) Alison Butterworth, 7) Carol Kay - Head Girl 8th from left (teachers) Mr. M Lawson (games), ?, Mr. J.A.W. Richards (chemistry), Mr. Ian Lewis Jnr (maths, who died a few months after this photo), Mr. J.E. Evans (physics), Mr. Lesley Howard (art), Mr. Roy Worrall (PE and woodwork/metalwork), Mr. Norbert Grimshaw (General Studies, Librarian and English), Mr. Alan Thomas (geography)

Front Row: George Harrison, Kevin Green, Andrew Wood, Philip Bladen, Paul Driver, David Hulton, Barry Stone

Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 3 (from left side)

Sheet 3 - Top row: David Clayton, Steven Clark, Phil Davies, Graham Wroe, Stephen Gough, ?, Neil Hulton, Keith Gunton, Graeme Watson?, Roy Dewhurst, Tony Brierley?, Chris Moorehouse, David Griffiths, Jeremy Rawlinson, Nick Dunnachie (local author), Ian Edmundson, John Clayton, David Kay, Stewart Smith, Roger Woods, Derek Sowerby, John Riley, Craig Fleming, Michael Farnworth (accompanist for Rossendale Male Voice Choir), John Haslam, Steven Greenwood, Steven Guest.

Second row from top: Lynn Tattersall, Tina Wissett, Yvonne Holden,Christine Higgins,Janet Grimshaw,Anne Walsh,?,?,?,?,Judith Barrett,Jennifer Beswick,?, Jennifer Dickinson (now Rawlinson), unknown, Anna Kyryluk, Jacqueline Robinson, unknown, Wendy Haworth, unknown, Janice, Louise Westwell, Christine Normanton, unknown, Glynis Charlton, Elizabeth Bracewell, Jeanette Gill, Giovanna Rothwell, Janet Varley, unknown, unknown.

3rd row: John Barnes, Philip Gregory, unknown, Derek Radcliffe,Keith Pilling, Ian Diggle, David Farrelly Andrew Brown, Stephen Chase, Unknown,?, Douglas Clink,Robert Dobson, ?, Derek Warburton, Andrew Smart, Noel Pilling, Brian Tomlinson, Graham Dakin, Timothy Kirby, ?, Robert (Bobby) Rawlinson, ?,Martin Nuttall, ?,?,?,Peter Edmundson.

4th row down: Sandra Barker, Helen Fronhnapfel, Susan Oldfield, Susan Wilson, Judith Brooks, Rita Wild, Susan Nuttall, Linda Bradshaw. Janet Edmundson (21 from left and behind Mrs Schofield and Joan Greenwood and two to the right of her is Gail Maudsley.

5th row down: ?,?,?, Beswick twins, ?, Tracey Lowe, - Anne Whittaker, Lesley Lowe, Janet Edmundson, ?, Gail Mawdsley, ?, Sharon Ralph, Ruth Peckett, Margaret Cain, Carole Ann Barnes, Margaret Taylor, Lorraine Roberts, Pauline Roberts, Carole Hardie.

6th row down, more teachers: Mr. Lesley Howard (art), Mr. Roy Worrall (PE and woodwork/metalwork), Mr. Norman Grimshaw (English), Mr. Alan Thomas (geography?), Mr.  Alan Peckett (French), Mr. Paul Fox (history), Mr. J.W (John Bill aka Bomber) Lewis Snr (Deputy Head - Physics) Mr. R.D.T. Marshall (Headmaster), Miss Mary Waring (geography), Miss Dorothy Kirby (English), Mrs V. Schofield (Domestic Science), Miss Joan Greenwood / Mrs. J Gudgeon (French), Miss Hilary Livesey (English), Miss J.C. Hargreaves (Girls’ games), Mrs. E. Beavan (School Secretary),  Mrs. Viv Peckett (lab assistant), Mr. Mike Crocker (Economics and History), Mr. J.Donald Holden (biology), Mr. G. Carr (Russian), Mr. Alan.N. Roberts (maths), Alan Earnshaw?

Front row: Caroline Smith, Elizabeth Tennant, ?,?,(Janice ?) ?,?, Pat Barber, Catherine Ashworth,Susan Ellis, Caroline Pilkington,Gillian Ralph, Sandra Goldsmith, Karen Sudders, ?, Adele Thorpe, Christine Richardson, Beverley Nuttall, Keith Whittaker, Antribus, David Clegg and Colin Green. 
Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 4 (from left side)
Sheet 4
Top row: Peter Dickinson, Graeme Adlum, Derek Clink, Nigel Middleton, David Murray.

2nd row down from the top: Judith Evans, Deborah Hallworth, Barbara Stuttard, Collette McBaine, Deborah Worthington, Christine?, Jacqueline Tremble, Karen?, Wendy Crawshaw, Lynda Barker, Carole Ann Procter, Shirley Cookson, Susan Everett, Gillian Love, ?,?,Lynn Foden, Norah Tattersall, Lindsey Yates, Angela Bradbury, Jean Aspinall.

3rd row from top: Peter Edmundson,John Smithson,Martin Hall?,John Heywood,?, Stephen Ashworth, David Eastwood, Craig Papworth, Peter Farnworth, Geoffrey Oldfield, ?,?, Malcolm Ridings, Roy Flanagan, ?,?,Roy English, Alan Dixon.

2nd row from front (seated sixth formers) Alan Earnshaw, Mick Glover, Brian Read, John Davies, Malcolm Edwards, Alan Curtis, David Isherwood,, Robert Alderson, Alan Howarth, Geoff Harrison, Roger Hoyle, Cliff Hacking, David Ormerod. (sadly 3 of these last mentioned have passed on: Malcolm Edwards, Alan Howarth and David Ormerod. 

4th row down - Lower Vith girls:
Susan Nuttall, Linda Bradshaw, Lesley Rothwell, Susan Mawdsley, Susan Wardle, ?,?,?,?, Laura Beavan, Jane Kirk, Carole Oldham.

5th row down
Lorraine and Pauline Roberts are standing behind Alan Earnshaw - identical twins one on each side of him. Then Carole hardie, Janet Kirby, Heather Jones, Elizabeth Haworth, Betty Richardson, Janice Darlington, Ann Stuttard, ?,?, Michele Cavannah, Susan Plaice.

Front row: Antrobus, ?, David Clegg, Green, ?,Stephen Hardman, Stewart Savage, Philip Casson, Paul Holt, ?,?, Neil Rothwell, Raymond Clegg, Nigel Billings,

Name contributions have been kindly offered by Carolyn Smithson, Adrian Bury, Alison May (nee Heywood) Ian Edmundson, Raymond Clegg and Dave Isherwood and If anyone else can place missing names to these photos it would be very welcome.  If so please email me by clicking here.  

Another "Grammar School" names update:

Thanks so much to Carolyn Smithson for kindly giving further name updates to the Haslingden Grammar School 1969 Blog photo.  Also thanks to Keith Pilling for adding names to the above sheets 1 and 2.  Keith mentions that Eric Finnerty, scored the only goal in a 1-0 away win at Todmorden.  Also John Ramsbottom was an excellent footballer and cricketer.  He played for many years for Ramsbottom CC.



Ive been trawling through your blog on Haslingden/Helmshore to try and find some information on a house that was demolished to make way for the by pass in Helmshore in 70s .

My grandad had a petrol station at the top of Dean Road off Helmshore Road I think it was later called Jubilee Garage.  My grandad was Bill Moorhouse  (Im sure he was in round table)  who was also an undertaker/ taxi driver and I can remember playing in some buildings behind the petrol station which had rolls of carpets in so he probably sold those too!!

We lived at the bottom of the terraced houses on Dean Road  on left hand side as you go down (I cant remember the number)  , the land opposite used by someone who kept chickens.  I was born in 1969 and around then Dean Road was a dead end that backed onto fields.  There was a track from the end of the terraces that led to a house in the fields I think to the east to a house called Fiveways which was compulsory purchased to make way for the by pass.   My Auntie Mary Evans lived there and I spent a lot of my early childhood there. 

The purpose of my email is I wanted to try and find some history about that house Fiveways and if possible some pictures as it meant such a lot to me and has a lot of happy memories.    I wondered if you could help or knew anyone who could point me in the right direction.

Kind Regards
Charlotte Parkinson


New local book from Chris Aspin - "The Golden Valley"
when Rossendale led the World"

Out today is my latest book - 'The Golden Valley:
When Rossendale led the World'. 136 pages

Published by Palatine Books [part of
Carnegie], of Lancaster.

Local shops have copies. Some will
be on sale next week at the Arts & Crafts
exhibition in Manchester Road Chapel,

I have some copies. My address is 21 Westbourne,

01706 227129

Musbury Tor with Park Mill Chimney by Liz Taylor (Click over to enlarge)
Now being included in the Haslingden In Art Section

A old membership card from "The Buccaneers Club" which was the basement
of the old Haslingden Liberal Club at the bottom of Park Street which is
now Steve Barton Insurance offices
Photocopy: Kindly shared by John (chunky) Simpson
will now be archived under 60s

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