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Both photos above are from the St. James Carnival 1968 (Click over to enlarge)
Photos: Kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby.
Bottom photo: Joyce Rowbottom with glasses, Audrey Lynch and Maureen Johnson (with bucket)

Haslingden Borough Band passing the Old Grammar School on Bury Road
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Bowls team representing Haslingden in the Rossendale Civic Week (Click over to enlarge)
Now also archived under the HASLINGDEN SPORT - BOWLS section. 

from L to R: Roy Barnes, Tom Barnes, John Booth, Jack Palmer, Clifford Shutt, Derek Blomley, Roy Holden and Raymond Clegg


All four photos above are from St. James Carnival - probably 1968
Thanks to Chris Kirby for kindly sharing with us.
Also now archived under St. James Blog accessed by clicking here.

Haslingden St. Mary's about 1962 (Click over to enlarge)
Kindly shared to us by Mike Ryan

Mike says he does remember some names, but apologies to those whose names I can't remember, but it is a long time ago, and I will kick myself if/when other names are added. 

Back Row from left: ??, ? Burke, David Molloy, George Mullaney, Billy Warburton ?, Steve Butler, Roland Hiluta, ??, David Lamb, ??
2nd row: ??,??, Bernard Todd, Michael Holland ?, John Hogan, Eddie Allen ?, Michael Ryan, Michael Quinlan, Tony Flynn, ??, Michael Atherton,
3rd Row: John Greaves, Peter Cain ?, Susan Potter, Doreen Fitton ?, ??, Carol Tuohey, Theresa Carr, ??, ??, Michael Collinge, Tony Gallagher,
Front Row: Angela Altham, Pat Durning /, ??, Jean Dickinson, ??

Helmshore CP School c1965 (Click over to enlarge)

Photo: Kindly shared by Dorothy Flynn and uploaded here on 14th March 2017
also filed under Helmshore CP School photo blog

The following information is kindly supplied by Stephen Haines (Pupil) - 9th July 2018
This is the first school photograph I ever had taken.  It was taken outside the school gate, on Gregory Fold in 1961, when we were five or six years old.  I remember us being lined up on benches, though the taller boys, in the middle row, had to stand.  In those days, Gregory Fold had cobbles from what was then the Big Tree, on its junction with Helmshore Road, to the end of the school when it became a rough track that went down to Holcombe Road, at the bottom.  This picture was taken where the rough track began.  It is housing now, but then behind the school was open fields sloping down to the river in the valley below.
The teacher’s name was Mrs Pickup.  I remember her with great fondness, as she was a kindly lady who really looked after us – or so it seemed to me.  She was the one who taught us how to read and write properly and I remember her classroom had posters around the walls of all the letters we had to make, with pictures showing something that began with that letter – A/a for apple etc.  She taught us numbers as well and I remember she had a saying about the number 5, which she described as a “big fat policeman with a hat on top”.  We had to do our writing in books in which each row had three lines.  We made the lower case letters from the bottom line to that in the middle and the upper case ones to the line at the top.  This way we learned to make our letters different sizes.
In the spring and summer, when the weather was nice, she’d take us on nature walks up Musbury Valley and show us the different trees, flowers and birds and tell us something about them.  I particularly remember her kindness when we had to go for our inoculations and jabs.  This was something that held us young ones in trepidation and she used to bring in a tin full of what she called toast, but I guess was some sort of homemade crisp bread.  She’d tell us that, if we didn’t cry, we could have some toast as a treat and she was good as her word.  Even then, it seemed rare for a teacher to bring in things to give the pupils, which is why it sticks out in my memory.  I remember resolutely trying to fight back the tears so that I could get my hands on the toast, which always seemed to taste so nice.
Next to Mrs Pickup, on the left of back row, is Stefan Koman.  Next to him is Noel Pilling, then me, and I don’t remember the name of the next boy.  The fifth boy on the row is Johnny Smithson, then comes Kevin Kerr, Richard West, Norman Constantine, Philip Abbott and, finally, Peter Edmundson.
On the left of the middle row is Martin Nuttall.  Next is Tony Barnes, Philip Cheatham, Alan Carr, Billy Hanson, Robert Oldfield, Paul Mellor, James Walker and Eric Grey.
Of the girls, on the left is Stephanie Knight.  I can’t remember the name of the next girl, but the third girl in is Anne Priddle.  Next is Carole Beardsworth, Sheila Skupsky, Dorothy Ratcliffe, Brenda Holden, Susan Haygarth, Stephanie Watson and, finally, Susan Burke.

Helmshore Primary School, Helmshore c1960 (Please click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Dorothy Flynn on 13th March 2017

The following information is kindly given by Stephen Haines (pupil) and submitted here on 9th July 2018.
This is a photo of my class at the primary school, but before I joined it.  I joined the school at Easter in 1961, when I was four years old.  I was the youngest in my year group throughout my school career, both at primary and secondary schools.   The people in this picture were in the class when I arrived and must have started in September of 1959.  It is probably what would be today known as the reception class.
I don’t remember the teacher.  She certainly didn’t teach me when I arrived.  I also don’t remember the girl next to her, but the second girl in from the left is Carole Bond.  Then comes Dorothy Ratcliffe.  I can’t remember the fourth girl in the row, but next to her is Carole Beardsworth.  Next to her is Brenda Holden and I can’t recall the last girl in the row.
The first boy, on the left, is Norman Constantine.  I don’t know the boy second in the row, but third sits Alan Carr.  Then is Billy Hanson, Martin Nuttall, Philip Cheatham, but I can’t remember the name of the last boy in the row.


It was taken on the climbing frame which can be seen in the general photo you have used for the title page of the blog (I think I can spot myself).  It's the same era.  I think it was probably summer 1958 or thereabouts.  I was at the nursery for two years whilst my mum went to train as a teacher in Manchester.  My Grandad used to take me to nursery and collect me afterwards.  We often called in at the Liberal Club on the way home where I 'helped' him stoking the boiler with coke and generally getting in the way of the men playing billiards and dominoes!  I remember bits about the nursery - the camp beds for naps of course and the teacher (seems she was probably the headteacher) who I always thought was called Mrs Kayli (or cayli?  the sherbet dust!) now I find she was called Miss Kaylor!
 I look forward to seeing this blog develop. 
Thanks again for your efforts, they're much appreciated. 


Hello again, 
Attached is another picture of Hillside Nursery which I believe was
taken at the same time as the one I sent a few days ago (see photo below), around 1957.
This one shows a number of pupils and staff although they are not easily
My Dad was the caretaker at the Nursery, a job he took up after retiring
from the police. The only names I can remember among the staff are Mrs.
Lord, who was one of the teachers, and Miss Kaylor who I think was the
In this picture, you can see the Toll House, which I think was still
occupied at the time, and the farm, (Pilling's?), on the Old Road.
Hopefully, this might bring back memories from former pupils. 
David Bates

I have some photo's taken at Hillside Nursery, I think around 1957. I am
attaching one of them to see if any of your members can identify the
children in the picture. I'm the one second from left, but I can't
recall any of the others.
If they are of interest to your members, I could dig out the other
pictures and send them on to you for inclusion on the site. 
David Bates

(Check out the Hillside Nursery Blog by clicking here)

St. Peters Church - fancy dress 1961 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Yvonne Moorhouse
also archived under St. Peters

Shows area from Irwell Vale looking towards Tor (Click over to enlarge)
Artist: Unknown - thanks to Dave Armstrong for sharing with us.
Now included in the "Haslingden In Art" Blog

This is the lovely painting by our local artist Liz Taylor
which is called "The Glass Tower"
(now archived in the Haslingden In Art Blog)

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