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Request from Andrew Jenkins 
of Swayfield Nr. Grantham

I came across your blog page whilst trying to identify the location of the attached old photo I have. 

The scene has a few clues to help identify it. The wooden shed is the premises of an umbrella maker and further along the road is Ashworth’s Drapers shop.

Looking in Kelly’s Directory for 1905 I found Bullock & Sons Umbrella Maker at 182 Blackburn Rd Haslingden and there was also an Ashworth’s Drapers shop in the town albeit on Church St. 

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you recognise the photo as being from Haslingden. 

Many thanks for your help

 Andrew Jenkins, Swayfield, Nr Grantham, Lincolnshire


I hope you are coping with the lockdown and keeping well.
Having to spend so much time indoors, I've been working on
another collection of unusual happenings experienced by local 

Would you mind putting an appeal for stories on your Haslingden
Old and New site?  Though I've published four collections, I
feel I have only scratched the surface. I'd love to hear from
anyone with a tale to tell.

Several people told me they found my booklets valuable because
they recorded incidents they themselves had experienced, but
were reluctant to share even with family and friends.

I can be reached at 21 Westbourne, Helmshore. Phone 01706 227129
or by e-mail: 

Thanks and best wishes,

Grane Reservoir by J. Scholes

or if you still want to check out

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