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Old Advert for Cordingleys....

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Swinnel Brook - In the late 19th and Early to mid 20th Century, it was probably the Towns most important asset....

"Those becks that sent that gin to bloom,
That helped to power many a loom,
So precious to the marigold,
And sparkles to the stickleback
I can breathe, I can sip, I can swim, I can rejoice,
To a place what’s given this town its voice"  (18th Feb 2015)

This is a map I did in the 80s showing the approximate route the Swinnel Brook takes, and also to summarize its very importance to our local community, especially so in the 19th and 20th Century, providing water to keep our many mills running and in doing providing employment for the many. (Thanks to John Simpson for kindly checking over this map in the 80s and also for making some additions at the Sunnybank/Albion Mill end)

The Map is far from being in scale, but does at least give a approximate indication to the route the Swinnel followed. Sadly today the majority of the Swinnel is now culveted (and in part has more recently gone through some slight deviations from it's original watercourse), and prior to the 1970's, quite a lot of the Swinnel was then "open", whereby today it is mainly covered and encased within concrete pipes or open culverts channelled in concrete with concrete side bankings.

During the 50s and 60s there where many naturally open areas of the Swinnel, as I remember the 6ft wide brook bore much beauty with areas along its route showing off it's long flowing mosses and various chickweeds wavering backwards and forwards within its fast currents, also marigolds a plenty. There where also areas of the brook where we would catch "Sticklebacks and "Bullheads" and put them in jam jars, also but rare we actually caught "catfish", even brown trout was seen now and again, and sometimes we would fish the calmer, more settled waters of the lodges, of which some bore perch and roach and most of them had good stocks of goldfish (or golden orfe). It wasnt that the lodge owners allowed fishing, you had to do it quite "sneakedly" from parts they could not see you!!

There were at least 12 mills, and could probably have been more, which depended on the Swinnel Brook for their survival, and most of these mills had lodges (water catchment and holding areas). I can remember most of these lodges, although nowadays there are few survivors, with most now having been filled in long ago, although if you look carefully, there is still plenty of evidence of where these lodges once stood. There were even more mills also further along the valley bottom towards Camms and the Helmshore district, which again operated in this area at one time purely, because of the necessity of being close to the Swinnel or the River Ogden. The Swinnel joins into the River Ogden just north of the Camms (See above photos and click on to enlarge). Going back to the beginnings, The Swinnel starts from its highest point on Cribden Moor lying

East to Sherfin Clough, and from there makes its course directly West and down the Clough into what was the Hazel Mill Lodge.

From leaving Hazel Mill it then did a 45 degrees and turned South going directly down to the far NE corner of Worsley Park, where it then makes another full 45 degrees and comes west again to the opposite NW corner of Worsley Park, here it again goes at 45 degrees South and heading along the park almost parallel with the road. After some 75 yard it then went under the main road and came out the other side into what was (a large open field area where W.H. Shaws coal merchants used to store their small 3/4" coal chippings which where used to keep the local factory boilerhouses going - they would access this area from Brook Street. The area these days are large corrugated warehouses or units and part of the Hud Hey Industrial area). After crossing under the road heading West for a further 100 yards, it then turned 45 degrees East for yet another 100 yards and here met up with the underground culvert, beneath Brook Street of which also other waters joined up here which had originally collected from high up and further along the Cribden Moor and also from the Duckworth Clough Areas, (Before reaching here (Brook St), and on its way down to here water was also collected within the two further lodges which were for Duckworth Clough Mill. The lodges are still there today and up until about 15 years ago they did contain some beautiful large Carp.) and these waters routed down Duckworth Clough Road and then under the main Blackburn Road (at Worsley Park entrance), and continued via Brook Street, where here they joined up with the Swinnel).

Going back to the course of the Swinnel and just yards before it met up with the culvert in Brook Street, where it was still "open", and there was a sluicegate to the right hand side which could be opened as needed to allow waters to divert into the Clough End Lodge which ran parrallel with Brook Street and Hud Hey Road (this is now filled in and a large car park area).

Where the waters meet under Brook Street, they then carry on almost following the line of Brook Street and still underground cross the main Hud Hey Road and keeping underground enter the East side of what was the Haslingden Council Yard . The old underground culvert here almost follows the boundary wall of the old Council Yard from its North East, right through to its South East corner, and at the far SE tip then re-appears once again in the open (See photo above left and click over to enlarge). After a further 100 yards you can still see the evidence of the old "sluicegate" which allowed waters at this point to be diverted to the Albert Mill Lodge as and when necessary (see photo above right and click over to enlarge).

Also at the far end of the Lodge another watercourse crossed under the cobbled road and then back again and crossed the road yet again, which lead into another lodge which was for the Victoria Mill.

Now retracing and going back to the "old sluicegate at Albert Mill" we now carry on with the main Swinnel watercourse which now drops and goes under and re-appears a few yards further along, at this point it is now "modern day open culveted and set within concrete" and this then continues to follow a almost parrallel line with what used to be the Railway. (nowadays, what was the old railway is the by-pass - Southerly traffic side). until it almost reaches what was Booth Road (or what was the Station goods yard), and here it goes underground again and rejoins its original watercourse at the East side of what was the North Hag Tunnel.. some 200 yards on..

Its worth noting that the water course has been altered from its original course here (near Albert Mill lodge entry), where it used to run straight under the railway track to the other side, and then continue flowing along the South East boundary of Martincroft Farm until it reached the Station area where it then went underground and crossed under the Station and over to the SE side, coming out and showing itself to the East of North Hag Tunnel). And the brook came into view yet again, where it came out from the culverts at the junction of Donkey Row (Bridge Street), and before long (after only maybe some 20 yards) it again dissapeared under the Commercial Mill, alongside the boilerhouse (this area was then the main route into Carrs and called (Commerce Street).

The brook came out at the SE corner of the Commercial Mill and also passed Paghouse Mill and then formed a further lodge (of which the brook coursed through the far side of the lodge) of Grove Mill. The lodge is now filled in but you can actually see the Swinnel at this point today (2009) and cross over its "what looks like it's original (from 50s as I remember) footbridge (see photo above).

The Swinnel carries on under Grove Mill going under what was the railway bridge, (now by pass), and came out in a lovely open area (or the East Carrs area, closeby to where there used to be a "rope works"), here it passed along in winding path in the shadows of the overlooking mature decideous trees (Click over photo on left to enlarge), and then under the main footbridge which lead all pedestrians onward from Prinny Hill to the village of Carrs which lies to the West of the Swinnel (see photo above right). It was still open at this point and bordered the West perimeter of the St. James Church Football playing fields where it went alongside the back of the large dark "creosoated timbered changing rooms", the ones we used to use when at having sports (You can just about make it out through the tree branches, on the photo above right). At this point the Swinnel probably spanned about 12ft wide. Also the cotton mill of Lamberts was just over the wall at the other side of the Swinnel (Lamberts also had a lodge to the back (or the West side) of the mill. This lodge was filled from brook waters which originated from Haslingden Moor to its West, and this brook then led on to join up with the Swinnel at around the Todd Hall Road point, SE to the corner of the Lamberts Mill.

The Swinnel then crossing under the Todd Hall Road, opened up again in the next field whilst it continued to meander its way South with Todd Hall and Underbank and Cob Castle lying to its West. It continued to follow the South course where it eventually came to the front (or East side) of Plantation Mill (off Flip Road) and then followed on underneath what was Hutch Bank Mill (no longer with us) There was three lodges at one time around these mills, though none of them are with us now, but I can remember one which was just off Flip Road and probably belonged to Plantation Mill. Most years it had a breeding pair of Mute Swans on this lodge and they got very protective within the breeding season, and where regularly known to try and attack you (thankfully from behind there 12ft perimeter enclosure. This lodge I am sure also got its water from the Swinnel. On leaving here It then coursed West and under the railway bridge for a short while until it soon reached Spring Vale Mill (on the opposite side of Flip Road), here it again went into another Lodge, from leaving here it went out and turned almost 45 degrees to the South along the side of Waterside Road. Across the road at this junction was Carr Parkers Mill or (Charles Lane Mill), they also had a Lodge.

Further along Waterside Road was the actual Waterside Mill. The Swinnel was open at this point and ran almost parallel at one time with Waterside Road, passing the bottom of the late Every and Coronation Streets and here would have been about 16ft wide, soon it was culveted under the railway line and eventually came out at Grane Road Mill. On the other side of the railway there was Flash Mill (Thos Warburton Ltd) whom also had a lodge, though memory fades, I rather think this lodge was fed by waters off the Hutch Bank rather than the Swinnel Brook.

Nowadays (2009) the Swinnel shortly after leaving Spring Vale Mill it is culveted yet again and heads off in a South West direction under the large mound of the present by pass, and crossing under the Grane Road, and coming out into the open again on the West side of what was the old Messrs. J.H. Birtwistle and Co. Ltd, Grane Road Mill, and then makes its way under the factorys and comes out again behind Holden Hall House and eventually joins up with the Ogden Brook, just North of the Camms.

From here on its the River Ogden, the Swinnel has done its work. The Ogden many years ago would have gone on to feed the Camms Mill, and just a little further downstream would have certainly fed the lodges of Higher Mill (Helmshore Textile Museum), and been responsible for the constant supply of waters needed to sustain the "water wheel" at Higher Mill and all mills on it Southbound watercourse.


Cridden guards you from the East,
It was that Hill of Stags,
A beacon warns to Hameldon,
Then walk o-er bridge upon a Cloud,
To a point that tips the Crown
Before you came to Play the Deer,
Down and ordered Back – Up again,
No Stags upon them hills away,
No antlers hung by Stags heads 
For riches lie within thy peat,
Hazel shouts whilst birches shine like silver,
Sides with Pinner-ed becks and Cavern’s drip,
Slate-d tunnels of catacombs, and shafts to echo grand,
Breached flatts with peppered pits
Where such lonely wretched moor grass sits
Vibrato cries with Curlew’s mourn,
Gruffs and Roding beats of drumming snipe,
This time when honeydew rushes ripe,
Along this god forsaken place.
Those becks that sent that gin to bloom,
That helped to power many a loom,
So precious to the marigold,
And sparkles to the stickleback
I can breathe, I can sip, I can swim, I can rejoice,
To a place what’s given this town its voice
18th Feb 2015.

(Just uploaded the above photo to another site, the photo shows Cribden in the background
and inspired me to put pen to paper) If you do prefer explanation to the poem

Ponds been “filled In”
A remember ambling up that road carrying jam jar by the string.
I was so pleased at what I’d caught, couldn’t wait to show my dad,
Two sticklebacks were a swimming round, many times within that jar,
All folk I saw going up Hud Hey would stop and take a look and smile.

Other times I go to “pond” to look at all that spawn,
I’d go again another day to watch the tadpoles hatch and swim.
Sometimes I’d try and catch them and let them go again,
Besides them were the “whirlygigs” who’d spin and spin and spin,

Only place I ever saw the dragonflies and little damsel flies as well,
Was down at rushy edge of that little pond down near Carr Mill,
And close by Swinnel, I’d see the Bullheads and loach we called the catfish,
They are good times to remember, how lucky we all where.

Its changed a lot since them “little boy days” and what a shame me thinks!
Most ponds and lodges are not around these days because they’ve been filled in.
In fact I can count over ten that have, and never known one new one to been made.
So it’s a reet poor do for young ones trying to learn the trade.
Bryan Yorke 7th September 2012.

Below is some work carried out by Peter Gidley (received 19th March 2014)
 Swinnel Brook  2013   
I read the article about Swinnel Brook in the 19th and early 20th centuries, on the Haslingden Old and New Blog.  For half its length the Swinnel provided water for processing and steam in the cotton mills before meandering through open countryside.  I decided to bring the tale up to date and followed the Swinnel from the confluence with Ogden Brook to the hills above Haslingden. 

I started at the confluence, the site of Cams Mill, {1} a 19th century mill no longer in evidence.  Although no sign of the mill can be seen the railway embankment is still present, though not in use.  I walked north upstream alongside the brook.  The brook proceeds for about 80 yds until it is crossed by a small bridge.    In another 50 yds a weir is reached.  By the side of this weir is a picturesque pond {2} which used to be the holding lodge for the Bleach works on Holcombe Road.  At this point a service road and a row of bungalows for Swinnel Brook Park is found running along with the brook.  The brook continues upstream for a further 300 yds until it is crossed by a footbridge leading to Mercer Crescent.  The brook then passes under Grane Road Mill {3} , a 19th century building.  The brook then exits from under the mill for a few yds before passing under Grane Road and the A56 to reappear on Waterside Road {4}.  

The brook the follows Waterside Road, flanked on both sides by modern industrial units to Flip Road.  At the junction of Flip Road and Waterside Road there is the 19th century Spring Vale Mill {5} now used as industrial units.  The Swinnel follows Flip Road before passing under the A56 and reappears on the far side of Bentwood Road. 

Swinnel Brook follows Bentwood Road, either side of which are modern industrial units, until it passes under Todd Hall Road.  At this point a stream enters from the left. This stream comes down under Commerce Street from Swineherd Lowe.  Meanwhile Swinnel Brook flows behind the industrial units on Taylor Court.  Upstream of Taylor Court the Swinnel flows from under the A56. 

    On the far side of the A56 the brook goes past the 19th century Grove Mill {6} .  Upstream of Grove Mill the Swinnel comes from under Lodge Sheet Metals, the site of the lodge which supplied Grove Mill.  After Lodge sheet Metals the brook comes from under PMP Ltd. and then Reelvision.   

Upstream from Reelvision after passing under Station Road, the Swinnel can be seen again at the junction of Station Road and the A56, and at a point 50yds up Station Road as the over flow from a lodge.  The lodge was the water supply for two mills, Albert Mill {7} on the right and Britannia Mill {8} on the left of the lodge.

    Swinnel Brook appears by the side of the A56 and proceeds alongside the A56 for about 200yds before veering away to the right.  After50yds the take-off for the lodge is seen.  In another 50yds the brook disappears underground in a once Council Yard {9} and the reappears in Worsely Park {10} and at a point 60yds up Clough End Road.  In Worsely Park there is a small stream into which runs a more substantial culverted supply from the direction of Acre.

   The water at Clough End Road comes down behind Clough Gardens {11} , a housing development on the site of the 19th century Duckworth Clough Mill.  Beyond the Gardens there is a mill lodge.  The lodge is supplied by two streams, one from Sherfin Side and the other from Cribden Side.  The stream  from Cribden Side splits into two, one from Cribden and the other from the Top of Slate.

Please see the attached map.
The red numbers appear on the map.
Photos of Swinnel Brook can be seen on Flickr at 

Map of Swinnel (P. Gidley) 

                                 Memories from John McGuire on "Swinnel Brook  20th Feb 2016

Hi Bryan,
I have just been re-reading the Swinnel Brook blog and remembering many a childhood fishing expedition .With a jam jar, a fishing net made from my Mam’s stocking on a wire hoop with the
ends of the wire stuck into a length of cane. I began by descending the stone steps in the middle of our terrace then down the bonk, passing between Vine Grove Mill on the right and Grove
Mill lodge on the left. I recall the Swinnel going underground around Bridge St and Pag House Lane, re surfacing between Commercial Mill and Vine Grove Mill then going underground again
to Grove Mill lodge. I then walked down the ginnel between Grove Mill and the railway line which was up an embankment to my right. At the end of the ginnel the path turned right, under the railway bridge
then followed the Swinnel . Carrs village was to the right and ahead was Carr Hall mill where I stopped to have a chat with my Uncle John Berry who worked in the devil hole at the mill.
Leaving Carr Hall mill, I crossed Todd Hall Rd. At that point the Swinnel became a meandering stream at least 4ft wide. This was my fishing spot. I usually caught some stickleback and some other similar fish.
If things were really quiet I collected frog spawn. I then went back via Prinny Hill bridge up to Blackburn Rd turned left and went home.
As this occurred in 1952-3 I will accept any amendments.
Kind regards,  John McGuire                                                                                                                   




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The Old Conservative Club, John Street.

The Haslingden Conservative Club, started out life in George Street, at what is now the IDL Club (see photo on right), and then later they moved to their purpose built club in John Street (Click on photo on left to enlarge - Thanks to Clifford Hargreaves for photo).

And this is a photograph (left) is of the actual Stone Laying at the "New Conservative Club in John Street. The photo on the right was the feature in the stairwell. The new club was built in 1909 and was demolished in 1997.

We are thankful to Mr. Fred Scott who took these photos shown below only days before the Club was demolished. (Click over photo to enlarge).

And here below is the more recent Haslingden Conservative Club in the premises of the Old Co-op Bank on Bank Street...   Since writing this, the Club has now finally closed its doors on New Years Eve 2009.

I have recently added (1st Feb 2011) this fabulous early day article kindly sent in by Jackie Ramsbottom on the move of the Haslingden Conservative Club from George Street to John Street. (please click over article once to enlarge, then click over again to supersize)

Haslingden Conservative Club
Yes this is a new one to add to the Haslingden "token" collection
Kindly contributed by Joyce Thorne and uploaded here on 18th April 2016

September 1981 and a group of ladies enjoying a social event a
Haslingden Conservative Club in John St.

A before and after of the Haslingden Conservative Club, John Street (Click over to enlarge)
The top photo was taken in June 1997, and the lower one taken less than 2 years later in April 1999.
Thanks to Chris Kirby for kindly sharing his dads photos.

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Recollections from a Graner - Mrs. Ada Barlow (Nee Nuttall) 1906 - 2000....

Ada Barlow. Nee Nuttall 1906/2000. “A Graner”

My mother- in- law who died at 94 in 2000 wrote a little history of her Haslingden Grane family in 1971. Thought you might like an excerpt.
There may be a copy of her “book” in Helmshore mill’s records. I feel Chris Aspin may have known something of it. I realize there is a lot of conjecture here but years do tend to fly by and my memory’s flying with them!

…”the traffic in those days was mostly horse-drawn. There were big drays drawn by carthorses, and carriages and traps and of course the funeral horses with their black lancer plumes, Dr. Stewart, our doctor, stuck to his horse and trap to the end of his days. Dr. Harrison (always known as Dr. John), was the first to have a car in Haslingden. We all used to turn out to see him pass. May Day was a great day; all the horses were dressed up with paper flowers and little straw bonnets on their heads. Manes and tails were plaited and they were plastered with shining rows of horse brasses.
We had a variety of street criers. There was the Bellman who wore a long coat and rung a bell. People used to rush to their doors when they heard it. He relayed news items of the day. There was a fish seller. He carried a basket with his fish in and scales flung over his shoulders to weigh the fish. Also a muffin man with a basketful of muffins. He rang a tiny bell.
There was an organ grinder who ground out his tunes from his barrel organ. He had a monkey on his shoulder. Then there was a man with a performing bear: children used to rush out with their halfpennies to these two, then there were German bands.
At dusk the lamplighter appeared with his long pole turning on the gas- lit street lamps. I was in my teens before with got electric in the house.
The gypsies used to come frequently. We had the Suffragettes delivering pamphlets and talking in the road, mostly on Saturday afternoons. All this I watched with great interest behind my little garden gate. Dad used to call me Mrs. Pankhurst..
Vine House ( Warburton’s) was then in its heyday. The gardens were lovely. They employed 2 full-time gardeners and a coachman. They were famous over a wider area for their grapes and orchids. About this time George V and Queen Mary (1911?) had heir coronation. I walked in the procession which assembled in Marsden Square. I carried an outstanding basket of flowers made for me by one of the gardeners. One little girl pinched one of my roses. I was very affronted………….

Regards, joan b.

And here are more excerts from Ada Barlow (sent in by Joan on 24th Dec 2010)FROM ADA BARLOW 'S (nee NUTTALL) More excerpts The Barlow Brothers.(All born 1884-1880)
"There was a dyed in the wool Tory in Helmshore called Owd Brandwood. He was standing for the council. In those days elections were really rip-roaring affairs. It seemed he kept pigs and on voting day one of the pigs was painted blue. It made headline news and is still talked about today. No-one knew who had done it. The first time I heard about it was when I was at school. We were being told how we "breathed" through our pores. The teacher said,"Remember how the Tory pig died at Helmshore just because they could not remove the paint?". Well you've guessed it. It was the work of the Barlow brothers. They were Liberals."

"A rag and bone man used to come to the village and it was his custom to call in the pub and leave his donkey and cart a little higher up the road tethered to a gate. He had the shock of his life one day. His cart was on one side of the gate and his donkey on the other. Once again the Barlows had been at work. They had taken the donkey out of the shafts and stuck the cart on the other side of the gate and were in hiding watching the fun. They were still at it when they moved to Blackburn road, Haslingden. They had some white mice and let them run into the walls of the house. Very soon the neighbours were complaining of black and white mice.Just imagine what a handful they must have been for grandma."

"Haslingden market was very well-known in those days.People came from far and near. The stalls ran all down Deardengate near where the Big Lamp stood. There used to be a big marquee where they sold black peas and hot pies. Saturday nights it was full of customers eating their pie and peas sitting on forms which ran along the sides of the tent. The bulging bottoms were just too much for the Barlow scamps, they ran along outside jabbing with a large hat-pin.Alas, the old market was scrapped to make way for a market hall which proved to be a white elephant. The allure was the old stalls which traded until very late, lit by napthaline flares.

One Barlow brother,Frank used to organise family outings and holidays. One year they all went to Ireland and stayed in a farm near the Giants' Causeway. The farm must have been pretty primative. Some of the rooms were divided by thin curtains. Frank's sister,Ruth and her husband shared a "room" with a curate and his new wife. They guessed they were honeymooners and put health salts in their 'jerry'. Luckily they had a sense of humour and enjoyed the joke with them!"

These lads were possibly born in Hollin Bank or Helmshore. Does that count them out as true Graners?

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Haslingden Grammar School.

It is thought that this early cap badge was issued by the Haslingden Secondary School, (later called the Haslingden Grammar School)...

Here below we have a more recent School "Girls hat badge" from around the 1960's, kindly supplied by Alison May (nee Heywood)

Derek Whittaker (3rd March 2016) added:
The cap badge is very similar to the one we wore at HGS.  It was a cap badge and your mother used the three anchor points to sew it into place.  From what I remember the only writing on the badge was the motto and I seem to remember it was in Latin - "nil sans labor".

There was a ceremony involving the badge on your first day at school designed to make you "feel welcome".  The senior boys would seek out the new first formers in the playground prior to the start of their first day.  They would borrow your cap and repeatedly smash it against a wall until it resembled a piece of shrapnel brightened by the occasional fleck of enamel.  If you were luck they would then give it back, if you wern't you had to retrieve it from a recently flushed toilet bowl.

The cap was also the source of a few after-school detentions for me.  If we met one of the teaching staff in the street, school rules required the boys to hold the peak and "doff" their cap.  The girls wore the same cap badge but on a sort of straw, trilby type hat that was mainly navy blue with a couple of dark red bands (school colours).  The boys cap was also navy blue with a dark red cross.  The badge was also worn on the breast pocket of the blazer.


Here we have a full school photo (kindly supplied by Ian Paterson) and I think it is from around the 1940s to early 1950s.. (click over photo to enlarge)

The Grammar School also used to have its own Magazine called "Ex Montibus"... here is a example:

And here are two photos of the Sixth Arts, the first one from 1959 - 1960 and the second photo is from 1960-1961: (Click over photos to enlarge)..

Here is a old postcard showing the school and the Ebenezer Church

Here is a old photo of Haslingden Grammar School Cricket Team from 1949:

Here is a photo from Christmas 1931...

HGS visit to Paris in 1960. Mr. Alan (Ernie) Peckett to the left and Mrs. England to the right. I think it was on the steps of the Hotel de Ville.
(Photo: kindly sent in by John Tomlinson and posted on 20th June 2015)
Two more old photos of the school - please click over photo to enlarge:

Showing the old Grammar School with demolition work across the way

A lovely old postcard showing the "New Technical School" and also the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Clifford Hargreaves has kindly sent in the following photos of the Old Grammar School prior to and during demolition... (Click over photos to enlarge) Also Andrew Bridge has kindly sent in a further 19 photos of the Grammar School prior to demolition and during.  PLEASE CLICK OVER THIS LINK TO CHECK OUT ANDREWS PHOTOS. 

And here is a photo added on 26th Nov 2010 of the Annual Sports Day presentation on June 20th 1928.

1932 Sheet 1
1932 Sheet 2
1932 Sheet 3
1932 Sheet 4
1932 Sheet 5
1932 ? (above) Kindly sent in by Alison May (nee Heywood) ex pat from Nottingham

Haslingden Grammar School 1939-1940 (Click over to enlarge)
(Photo: Kindly shared to us by Ray Whittaker)
Ray states: his dad is on the photo - 2nd row down from the top and 8th in from the LH side
with the grey Jacket. He also mentions that Rhodes Boyson is also in this photo
(Photo will also be archived under: Haslingden Grammar School)

1939-40 (above)
1947 (below)
Haslingden Grammar School Group Photo - May 1947 Sheet One

Haslingden Grammar School Group Photo May 1947 Sheet Two.

Irene Barnes is on Row 4 from the bottom and 13 from the left (or 3rd from right)
Haslingden Grammar School Group Photo May 1947 Sheet Three.
Haslingden Grammar School Students May 1947 Sheet Four
1947 (above)

Haslingden Grammar School 1947

Pupil and Staff Photo plus some notes kindly supplied by
Arthur Keown - Ex pat from Devon. The Photo above has been divided into four separate photos), which is a student photograph from May 1947.  He believes it is the first photo after WW2.  You can see that the girls are in uniform,  whereby the boys are dressed in all kinds of clothes depending on the "coupons". (Please click over the photos to enlarge)

Arthur who is now 82 years of age has also asked "If anyone knows whether or not there is an Association of Old Pupils belonging the old Grammar School?"

Arthur Keown and Clifford Hargreaves and also Clifford's sister have all kindly send in the names of pupils and staff which they remember on the photograph.

Sheet 1.
Back Row: left to right (number in brackets denotes how far the pupil is along the row).
Geoff Boocock (5), Donald Wilkinson (9), Brian Towler (11), John Trickett (12), Derek Ashton (13), Arthur Keown (14), ? Scott (15), John Edmondson (16), Peter Docherty (17), Jimmy Tomlinson (18), Richard Crankshaw (19), Danny Morris (20), Alan Ogden (21), Derek Mortimer (22), Alan Bennett (23), Jimmy Catlow (24), Norman Whitaker (27), Gordon Robinson (28), Alan Morris (29), Raymond Leigh (30), Alan Cockerill (31), Jack Ayrton (32), Ronnie Holland (33), Clifford Hargreaves (34), Derek Pilkington (35), Peter Taylor (38) Neville Holt (40), Sydney Gill (41), John Winter (45), Ronnie Bury (47), Albert Winter (48) Brother to John, Desmond Mulderrig (53), Noel Alsop (55), Nigel Egerton (60).

6th Row from front:
John Hoyle (1), Florence Green (6), Watson Fuller (9)

5th Row from front
Barbara Tarrant (3), Florence Green (6), Marjorie Hoyle (7), Pat Lee (12), Glenys Boothman (13), Warburton (14) Just a note here, that Arthur has Glenys at No 14, but there appears to be some confusion in deciding which row one or two of the girls are actually on.

4th Row from front:
Peggy Ormerod (1), Jean Hargreaves (4), Ida White (11).

3rd Row from front:
Jean Haworth (3), Stephen McIntyre (5) Eric Fowles (6), Clifford Grime (7), Kenneth Parker (8), Douglas Pilling (9), Ben Ramsbottom (10), Mr. Paul Fox (History Teacher) (12).

2nd Row from front:
Doreen Adlum (3), Jean Heap (4), June Fisher (5) Jean Price (8).

Front Row:
Raymond Hill (9), Clifford Bell (10).

Sheet 2. 
Back Row (row 7),  Richard Crankshaw (3), Danny Morris (4), Alan Ogden (5), Derek Mortimer (6), Alan Bennett (7), Jimmy Catlow (8), Norman Whittaker (11), Gordon Robinson (12), Alan Morris (13), Raymond Leigh (14), Alan Cockerill (15), Jack Ayrton (16), Ronnie Holland (17), Clifford Hargreaves (18).

Row 6 (from front)
Colin Beresford (4), Chris Aspin (13).

Row 5 (from front)
Vera Berry (3), Joy Hutchinson (7), Joan Constantine (11), Jean Hoyle (15).

Row 4 (from front)
Irene Camm (7), Jean Hodgkinson (8)

Row 3 (from front)
Mr. Hindle (3) Chemistry teacher, Mr. Hargreaves (4), English Teacher, Mr. Armstrong (6) French Teacher, Mr. Whittaker (7) Maths teacher. Mr. Brewis (8) Latin teacher, Mr. McTaggart (9) Art and PE, Mr. Lewis (10) Deputy Headmaster and Physics, Mr Sheratt (11) Maths teacher, Mr. Weston (12) Headmaster and Chemistry, Miss Addis (13), Senior Mistress and English.

Row 2 (from front)
Glenys or Joan Dean (3)

Row 1
Tommy Howarth (3).

Sheet 3.
Back Row (row 7)
Derek Pilkington (6), Peter Taylor (9) William Greenwood (10), Neville Holt (11), Sydney Gill (12), John Winter (16)

Row 6 (from front)
Gerald Sumner (6), Clive Barlow (8).

Row 5 (from front)
Kathleen Austin (9)

Row 4 (from front)
Helen Donaldson (6), Eddis Whitam (9) Beryl Austin (10), Alice Williams (13), Christine Burgess (14).

Row 3 (from front)
Miss Cronkshaw (4) English and French), Miss Waring (7) Geography, Miss Lees (8) French, Mrs. Weston (11) Chemistry.

Row 2 (from front)
Lorna Riley (4), Margaret Maden (7), Marjorie Eastwood (10, Margaret Senior (11), Audrey Haworth (12).

Row 1
George Dewhurst (6).

Sheet 4.
Back Row (row 7)
Ronnie Bury (5), Albert Winter (6), Desmond Mulderrig (11), Noel Alsop (13), Nigel Egerton (18)

Row 6 (from front)
Roy Haworth (5), Aquilla Ashworth (7), Gordon Barnes (15), Colin Mitchell (18)

Row 4 (from front)
Marjorie Whittaker (3)

Row 3 (from front)
Margaret Knowles (4), Betty Dewhurst (5), Gwendoline Massey (6), Nora Ormerod (8) Jeanne Ashworth (15)

Row 2 (from front)
Olive Revens (6), Joan and Glenys Dean (11), Sheila Cooper (14)

Row 1 (front row)
Donald Hoyle (8), David Whitam (9).

Other notes kindly supplied by Arthur:
Arthur Keown went on to be (Headteacher and Lecturer in Bristol),
Jimmy Tomlinson went on to be (Pharmicist),
Richard Crankshaw went on to be (Office Clerk),
Danny Morris went on to be (Surveyor for the City of York),
Derek Mortimer went on to be (a teacher),
Alan Bennett went on to be in (Town Transport),
Alan Morris went on to be a (P.E. Teacher).
Neville Holt went on to be a (teacher and later a professor)
Nigel Egerton went on to take over a pub (sadly died in middle age)
Noel Alsop always wanted to become a vet.
Alan Morris (29 back row) played cricket for Ramsbottom.
Derek Mortimer (22 back row) played football for Lancashire Schoolboys.

HGS pupils from Ramsbottom caught the 8.25am train from Ramsbottom to Helmshore to school.
Ramsbottom did not have its own Grammar School and pupils had to travel daily. (Thanks to Arthur Keown for this information)

On the 3rd row up from the front, starting with the 1st boy and moving from left to right is: Stephen McIntyre, Eric Fowles, Clifford Grime, Kenneth Parker and Douglas Pilling.

Third Row down: Girls - left to right (numbers in brackets denotes how far the pupil is along the row).
Barbara Tarrant (3), Florence Green (6), Marjorie Hoyle (7), Pat Lee (12), Glenys Boothman (14), Vera Berry (19), Jean Gorman (21), Gwen Buglar (22), Betty Hargreaves (23), Joyce Weston (27).

Other notes:
Gwen Buglar, elder sister of Lorna, died a few years ago.
Jean Gorman lives in Newton Abbot.
Joyce Weston lives in or near to Torquay.

Staff from left to right:

Fox - History (1), Hindle - Chemistry (3), Hargreaves - English (4), Armstrong - French (6), Whitaker - Maths (7), Brewis - Latin (8), MacTaggart - Art and PE (9), Lewis - Physics Dept Head (10), Sherratt - Maths (11), Weston - Headmaster (12), Addis - English and Senior Mistress (13), Cronkshaw - English and French (14), Weston - Science (21).

Paul Fox and Lewis returned from the War.
1947 (above)

1950 (above) I am grateful to Bryan Gudgeon for kindly sending in these student photos. 1952 (below) I am grateful to David and Irene Belshaw for kindly supplying this student photo and also for giving names where possible. Also to Joan Merrill, John R Edwards, Diane Schofield, Jack Pilling and Bernard Booth (one of the Rammy lot) also thanks to John Tomlinson for kindly filling in a lot of the names. If you want to enlarge the photos just click over the photo.  But if you want superlarge or original sizes click here, select and click + in the right hand bottom corner, the more you click the bigger it goes!

added: John Tomlinson on 12th June 2015 HGS photo 1952 sheet 3.  The teacher to the right of Mr. Stitt was Bob Scott who taught French.  He left in about 1957 to go to a school in Keighley and later moved to Morecambe and taught at the FE College.  He was brother in law to Miss Brunton who taught English. 
HGS Student Photo 1952 Sheet 1
Back Row: Robert Whittaker, Brian Hutchinson, John C. Whittaker, Jack Holland, ?, Stewart M. Barlow, Jack Hill.
6th Row: Joyce Entwistle, ?,?,?, Jean Tattersall, Joan Harrison,,?,Barbara Sutherst ,Brenda Cox, ,?.
5th Row: ?, Jean Daniels, Barbara Tomkinson, Kathleen Warburton, Barbara C Nuttall, ?, Sylvia Cropper, Dorothy Heald.
4th Row (Half a row) ?, Winifred Nelson,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,Nancy Barnes, Beryl Hayworth, ?
3rd Row: Dorothy Haworth, Margaret Taylor,?,?,?,?Mavis Preston, Bessie Currie.
2nd Row:David Rostron ,?, Joseph Sumner, ? Ian Mason, John Daniels, Walter McDonald.
Front Row:Bryan Bridge, Peter Shaw, Roger Kenyon, Walter Green, David Belshaw.
HGS Student Photo 1952 Sheet 2
Back Row: Jack Hill, Brian Warburton, Jack Holden, Frank Parkinson, John Barlow, Keith Mitchell, Anatol Grishin, ?,?,?.

6th Row: ?,?,Barbara King, Joan Jenkinson, ?,?,?,?,?
5th Row: Dorothy Heald, Margaret Hinchcliffe, Margaret Holt, Barbara Clark, ?,?, 
4th Row: ?,?, Marjorie Burgess,?,?, Ina Whitling, ? Barbara Leach, ?
3rd row from front: ?,?,?,?, Clifford Bell, ?,?, Watson Fuller
2nd Row: McDonald, David Hardman, ?,Tony Simpson,Larry Brindle,Harold Worswick,Geoff Yates.
Front Row: Jack Whittaker,Alan Howard, Stanley Bradshaw,,David Riley,Walter Simpson, 

HGS Student Photo 1952 Sheet 3
Back Row: ?,Peter Pye, Dixon Barnes,Brian Brookfield,Colin Grantham, John Jenkinson,?,?, John Giddins,? 
6th Row from front: ?,?, Joyce Lines, ?, Pauline Storer, ?,?,?, Constance Reese, ?
5th Row from front: Gwen Taylor, Joan Mead, Audrey Crook, Joan Bradshaw, ?,Geraldine Jackson, Margaret Fenton, Frances Walker, Jacqueline Schofield, Audrey Pilkinton. 
4th Row: ?,?,?,?,Irene Beswick, ?, Rita Walsh.
3rd Row from front: Mr. R.H. Stitt, Mr Bob Scott (French), Mr. Howford,Mr. McTaggart, Mr. D. Heather, Mr. R. Whittaker, Mr. Fox.
2nd Row from front: ?, William Bugler, Peter Warburton, Jack Austin, Alan Ratcliffe, Adrian Pilkington, Barry Rothwell,
Front Row: ?, Ralph Ormerod, Bernard Booth, Geoffrey Ireson,?, Richardson, Harold Shepherd.

HGS Student Photo Sheet 4
Back Row: ?, Derek Elsan , Derek Hargreaves, Alan Hayhurst,?,?, Royce Williams,?,?, Maurice Kay.
6th Row from Front: ?,Shirley Hyde, Jean Jefferson, ?, Joyce Singleton, ?,?,?, Jean Holden, Barker,?.
5th Row: Faith Gregory, Elizabeth Auty, ?, Margaret Flack, Mary Walmsley, Glenis Mitchell, Marjorie Whittaker.
3rd Row from front: Mr. J.W. Lewis, Mr. A. Weston (Head), Mrs. Lees, Mrs. Waring, Mrs. Brunton, Mrs. Broadbent, ?.
2nd Row: ?,?,?, Alan Worsley, John Thornley.
Front Row: ?, Norman McFarland, Raymond Heyes, Frank Metcalfe.

HGS Student Photo 1952 Sheet 5
Back Row: ?, Jim Camm,?,?,?,Alan Standring, Oliver Pilling,?,Coupe
6th row from front: Jean Holden, ?, Nathsha Greshin, June Povey, Natasha Grishin, Pauline Storey,?, Hazel Cowpe,Barbara Nuttall,Dorothy Nuttall, Eileen Holden, Kathleen Hitchen, Beryl Sagar.
5th Row: ?,?,?,?. Mary Moorhouse, ?, Grace Holden, Shiela Greenhalgh, Irene?, Hoyle, Vivienne Hoyle
4th Row: Christine Ferguson, Pat Race,, Joan Greenhalgh. Marion Redfern ?,?, Kathy Rodgers, Diane Wimbush, Christine Crook
3rd Row from front: ?,Miss Willis,Mrs. A. Shaw, Miss Sutherland, Miss Riddeough,,?,?.Hargreaves, ?.
2nd Row from front: Chris Pilling, Tom Sparrow, Lawrence Walsh,David Garrod, Harry Dewhurst, Trevor Pearson,?, Colin Jepson.
Front Row: David Clark, Victor Moris, Peter Aldred, Stanley Bradshaw,?, Brian Whittaker.

HGS Student Photo 1952 Sheet 6
Back Row: Bill Malcolm, David Hardman, Keith Hargreaves, Derek Wise,?,Brian Gudgeon, John Barnes, David Willis,Roland Spencer.
6th Row from front: Dorthy Nuttall, Eileen Holden, Kathleen Hitchen, Beryl Sagar, Mary Howarth, ?,Bernice Ford,?,?,?.
5th Row: Vivienne Hoyle, ?,?,?, Dorothy Camm, Celia Bury.
3rd Row from front: Helen Donaldson, Jeanne Ashworth, Gwen Nuttall, ?,?Lorna Riley,?,?,Pat Luxton, Dorothy Hargreaves. 
2nd row from front: ?,Hutchinson, Davis Lewis, Tony Rothwell, Rodney Egerton,Rodney Ashman, Craig Westwell,?Donald Caldwell.
Front Row: Jack Pilling, Gerard Green, Stuart Fletcher, Kenyon, Rhys Stansfield, Tony Ramsbottom, Colin Grinrod.

1952 (above)

                            Haslingden Grammar School Student Photo for 1954
Photo kindly sent in by Jack Pilling on 12th January 2015 (Please Click over photo to enlarge)
1954 (above)
1957 - October (below)
Pupil photo 1957 sheet 1
Back Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?, (Jack) John Clegg
5th row: ?,?,Susan Shepher, Margaret Ramsbottom, Joan Ramsbottom,?,?,?,?,?,?
4th row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
3rd row: ?,?, ,Kathleen Haslam, Audrey Nuttall, Janet Spavin,?,?, Hazel Booth, Patricia Mowat.
2nd row: ?,?, Elizabeth Willis, ?,?, Barry Rothwell, David Ashworth, Alan Ratcliffe, David Hardman.
1st Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.

Pupil photo 1957 sheet 2
back row: ?,?,?,?,John Clegg, Jack Smithson, Jim Cunliffe,?,Michael Walsh?, ?,?,
5th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,Ross Holden, ?,?,?, Andrew Hayhurst.
4th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?, Helen Willis, ?,?.
3rd Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
2nd Row: David Ashworth, Alan Ratcliffe, David Hardman, ?, McDonald, David Lewis, ?,Mr Booth.
Front Row: ?,?,?,?,? John Walsh,?.

Pupil photo 1957 sheet 3
Back Row: Michael Walsh,?,?,?,?,?, Ralph Ormerod, Frank Metcalf, David Clark, Brian Whittaker, Raymond Heys, ?, David Pilkinton.
5th Row: ?,?,David Hayhurst, Edmund Yarker, ?, Billy Wise,Peter Kenyon, ?, John Edwards, Roland Spencer, ?,?.
4th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,Dorothy Johnson,?,?,?,?.
3rd Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,Beryl Heyworth, ?,?.
2nd Row: ?,Mr Booth, Norman Grimshaw, Mr. McTaggart, Alan Thomas,  Mr. Carr, Mr. Ernest Peckett, Mr. Stitt, Mr. Robert Whittaker,

Pupil photo 1957 sheet 4
Back Row: ?,David Pilkington, Douglas Hilton, ?,?, David Stevenson?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
5th Row: Roland Spencer, ?,?,?,?John Bradbury,?,?,David Entwistle, Keith Standring,,?,Forsyth, Deryk Mead.
4th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,Jean Bradshaw, ?.
3rd Row: ?,?,?, Gwen Taylor, Kathleen Dean, ?,?,?,?,?,?.
2nd Row: Mr. Robert Whittaker, Mr. Paul Fox, Mr. John William Lewis, Mr. Arnold Weston (Headmaster), Miss Waring, Miss Brunton, Miss Rishton (later Mrs Devine), Miss Stella Mills
Front Row: ?,?,?. David Barlow, ?,?.

Pupil photo 1957 sheet 5
Back Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?, Dave Riley, ?,?,?.
5th Row David Entwistle, Keith Standring, Forsyth, Deryk Mead, Gowers, Roger Benson, ?,?,?Alan Moss,?,?,?,?.
4th Row: ?, Margaret Willis, Glenys Davies,?,?,?,?,?, Jacqueline Smith, Margaret Stevens, ?,?.
3rd Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
2nd Row: Miss Rishton (later Mrs Devine, Mrs Mills, Mrs England (who strangely enough taught French)?,?,?, Jean Jefferson, Joan Greenwood (Joan Greenwood became Joan Gudgeon and taught French at the HGS (1964-1971),?, Ferguson
Front Row: ?,?,?,?,David Walsh, Richard Clegg, Sidney Cockcroft, Keith Hollings.

1957 pupil photo sheet 6
Back Row: ?,?,?,Barry Bowell,?,Barry Chester,?,Brian Hardman, Geoffrey Fielding, Tom Walker,,?,?,Alice Metcalfe.
5th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
4th Row: Margaret Stevens, ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
3rd Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?, Kathleen Ashworth, ?
2nd Row: ?, Ferguson, ?, Dorothy Hargreaves, ?,?,?,?.
Front Row: Keith Hollings, ?,Gary Gluyas, Lesllei Shaw ?, John Tomlinson, Michael Owen, Chris Metcalfe.

1957 Pupil Photo Sheet 7
Back Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
5th Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
4th Row: ?,?,?,?,?, Christine Mitchell, ?,?,?,Winifred Heap.
3rd Row: ?,?,?,Jeanette Bonner, Janet Rishton, ?,?,Denise Holden,?,?.
2nd Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,Doris Beswick,Carol Leigh.
Front Row: ?,?,?,?,?,Peter Lucas, Keith Mason.

1957 - October (above) I am grateful to David and Irene Belshaw, for kindly offering to name some of the above pupils. Also additional names given by John R. Edwards and also by Ian Edmundson.

1959 - September (below)

1959 - September (above)

1962  (below)

HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 1
Back Row from left: 2nd Len Cockcroft 8th Barry Ramsbottom, 11th David Woodvine,
5th Row: 8th Spencer,
3rd Row: 13th Marion Boyson

HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 2
Back Row from left: 11th Mel Brittain,
3rd row from front: ?,?,Christine Howson, Margaret Woolley, Jean Griffiths,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
2nd Row: Winifred Heap, Denise Holden, Janet Spavin, Dorothy Johnson, ?, David Walsh, John Tomlinson, Deryk Mead, David Entwistle, David Hayhurst.
Front Row: ?,?,?, Maureen Whittaker, Linden Greenwood, ?,?,?,?.

HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 3

6th Row (back row) left to right: 6th Frank Hindle
5th Row: 11th Linda Foster,
4th row: 11th Shiela Nuttall
2nd Row: ?,?, Mr Winstanley, ?, Mrs Smith, ?, Mr Grimshaw, Mr. Thomas, Mr Pettit, Mr Stitt, Mr Fox.
3rd Row: 6th Christine Nuttall, 8th Christine Hayhurst ? 8th Beryl Taylor?

HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 4
Back Row from left: 5th Brian Spencer, 6th John Pinder,7th Dave Blanchard (shots).
5th Row from the front:?,?,?,Lynn Haworth,Elizabeth Reece, ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,13th Shirley Woodford,
3rd Row from the front: ?,?,?,Nancy Kidd,?,?, Lesley Foote, ?,?,?,?,?.
2nd Row: Mr Stitt, Mr Fox, Mr Lewis, Mr Weston, Miss Waring, Miss Brunton, Mr McTaggart, Mrs England, Mrs Devine, Miss Biglen.

HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 5
6th Row (back) from L to R: 4th Paul Frohnapfel
5th Row: 6th Susan Cocker, 10th Jean Howarth

HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 6
Back Row from left: Paul Schofield,?,?,4th Mick Everett,?,Phillip Robinson, Billy Porter,8th John Fleming, 9th Stuart Illingworth, 10th Derek Whittaker 11th David Peat,12th ?, 13th Andrew Rawlinson, 14th Dave Collinge.
5th Row from left: 7th Peter Marsden, 8th Ken Sedgwick, 10th Peter Greenhalgh
4th Row from left: 6th Geoff Ogden, 7th Brian Souter, 8th Ian Grindrod, 9th Stewart (Noddy) Bradshaw, 12th Billy Martin, 13th Cephus Carroll.
3rd Row from front L to R: 7th Lesley Barcroft, 8th Sherri Holden
2nd Row: ?, Margaret Ramsbottom, Patricia Mowat

                                                       HGS Student photo 1962 Sheet 7.
Back row:  2nd Stuart Illingworth, 3rd Derek Whittaker, 4th David Pleat, ,?,?,?,8th Andrew Parkinson, 9th Roy King,10th Albert Taylor, 11th George Higson.
5th Row: 6th David Holden, 9th Brian Hood,
4th Row: 7th Brian Wise, 13th Roger Dawson.
3rd Row (from front L to R) 7th Marjorie Easton, 10th Jean ?
2nd Row: Brian Arnold, Neville Greenhalgh, John Walsh, Keith Pilkington, ?, Carol Pilkington, ?,?,Joyce McFarland, Linda Duxbury,?. 

With many thanks to Nicholas Daley of the Valley Cleaning Services whom has kindly sent in this September 1962 group photo of Haslingden Grammar School Pupils. Also a big thanks to Alan Saunders, Bill King and Derek Whittaker for supplying quite a lot of the names.
Because the photos are quite wide I have had to split each photo into 7 separate lots. PLEASE CLICK OVER THE PHOTO ONCE TO ENLARGE.
1962 (above)
1965 (below)

1965 Photo No. 1
Back Row from left: 3rd  is Brian Uren
Seated: 3rd is Allen Rushton, 5th Michael Weston, 7th Len Cockcroft, 8th Alan Saunders, 9th Chris Rawlinson.

1965 Student photo
Seated: 4th Brian Costin

1965 Student Photo
Middle Row: "Noddy Holder" 3rd David Peat, 4th Andrew Rawlinson

1965 Student Photo
Top Row: 1st Eric Saunders 4th from left is Roy King, 8th Elizabeth Reece, 10th Lynn Haworth, 11th Linda Foster
3rd Row from back: 9th from left is Jean Haworth

4th Row from back: 1st from left is Ruth Metcalfe, 2nd Pat Barrett.
2nd Row from Front:  1)Kristina Fiderkawcz, 2) Anne Haworth, 3) Patricia Bushnell, 4) Josephine Seminuik, 5) Janet ?, 6) Angela Barnes.
4th Row from Front: 2) Alison Butterworth, 3) Dorothy Riley, 4) Lesley Mason, 5) Elizabeth Sagar, 6) ?, 7) ?, 8) Susan Shaw, 9? Carol Kay, 10) Doreen Ashcroft
6th Row from Front 5) Lynette Rowell, 6) ?, 7) Linda Birkett.

Back Row from left: 7) Ann Brown 10) Ann Ratcliffe
2nd Row from Back: Barbara Fletcher
1st Row from front: 1) ?, 2) Susan Driver, 5) Hazel Clegg
3rd Row from Front: 3) Elizabeth Ormerod, 4) Susan Nicholas, 5) Janice Brown, 6) Susan Deakin.
4th Row from Front: 2) Linda Duxbury
5th Row from Front: 1) Carol Kay, 2) Doreen Ascorft

2nd row from back: 10th from left is Linden Greenwood

2nd row from front: Lesley Foote

3rd row from back: 5th from left is Maureen Eastwood, 6th is Shirley Woodworth
4th row from back: 6th from left is Jean Griffiths, 7th is Margaret Woolley, 8th is Christine Howson.

With many thanks to Nicholas Daley of the Valley Cleaning Services whom has kindly sent in this lovely group photo from May 1965 of Haslingden Grammar School Pupils.  Also many thanks to ex pat Alan Saunders (from Switzerland) who has kindly offered to name some of the pupils. Also thanks to Bill King, and also thanks to ex Pat Sue Whittaker (nee Nicholas from Canada).

"The photograph that I have been reviewing is that of the Grammar School in 1965.  It was probably the last one to be taken at the old school but it is one of my souvenirs  because I left the school that same year to study in London at the Imperial College.  Since leaving University I have worked and lived in Switzerland and retired from Novartis in 2007" Alan Saunders.

Because the photos are quite wide I have had to split each photo into 8 separate lots. PLEASE CLICK OVER THE PHOTO ONCE TO ENLARGE AND THEN CLICK OVER IT AGAIN TO SUPERSIZE.
1965 (above)
1969 - May (below)
Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 1 (from left side)
Sheet 1 - Top row: Dorothy Lees, ?, Yvonne Eastwood, Hilary Taylor and second from right may be Sheila Bell
2nd row from the top: some of the names include: Paul Marcroft, Mark Barton, Fred McVitie, Andrew Tunstall, Andrew Green, Adrian Flagg, Stephen Willetts, Brian Counter, Peter Antrobus, Simon Seal, Peregrine Kerr, Alan Gough. 
Third row  (Girls) Carol Williams or Janet Ormerod, ?,?,Lynsey Barnes,Rebecca West.
Second Row from front: 1) Denise Morris, 2) Janet Knox, 3) Janice Brown, 4) ?, 5) Anne Haworth, 6) Elizabeth Ormerod, 7) Susan Nicholas, 8, Susan Deakin
Front Row: Stephen Foster, ?, Iwan Kalynyak, Pete Hodson, Alan Warburton, Stephen Haworth, Andrew Haworth and George Harrison. 
Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 2 (from left side)

Sheet 2 - Top row: Adrian Bury, Kenneth Harrison, Colin Eastwood, Tony Szewczuk, ?,?,?,?, Edward Riley, David Whittaker, ?, Lawrence Taylor, David Clayton, Steven Clark, Phil Davies, Graham Wroe, ?,

Second from top: ?, Sheila Bell, ?,?,?,?,?,?, Sylvia Rothwell, ?,?,?, Brenda Holden?, Nadiya Horak, Lynn Rostron, ?,  Jean Baker, Alison Heywood, Susan Marsden, Lynsey Almond, Lynn Tattersall,

Third row from top: Simon Seal, Peregrine Kerr, Andrew Smith, Alan Gough, Eric Finnerty, Neil Jackson, Bruce Howard, Keith Johnson, Donald Fitton, Chris Kirby, Peter Wilkinson, Andrew Sixsmith, David Green, unknown, Jeff Cheetham, David Reeves, John Barnes, Philip Gregory, John Ramsbottom, Derek Ratcliffe, Keith Pilling, Ian Bury (Diggle)

Fourth row: ?,?,Susan Barrett, ?, Sheila Waller, Janet Haworth, Liz Bonner, ?,?,Joanne Hoyle, Susan Driver, Angela Maddocks, Sheila Duff, Bridget Holden.

Third Row from front: ?,?,?, Jane Balmain, Pauline Gregory, Heather Simpson, ?, Julie Barnes, the girl behind Mr. Evans could be Ann Hague.

Second from front, 1) Susan Nicholas, 2) Susan Deakin, 3) Ann Collins or Collinge, 4) Kristina Fidakawcz, 5) Patricia Bushnell, 6) Alison Butterworth, 7) Carol Kay - Head Girl 8th from left (teachers) Mr. M Lawson (games), ?, Mr. J.A.W. Richards (chemistry), Mr. Ian Lewis Jnr (maths, who died a few months after this photo), Mr. J.E. Evans (physics), Mr. Lesley Howard (art), Mr. Roy Worrall (PE and woodwork/metalwork), Mr. Norbert Grimshaw (General Studies, Librarian and English), Mr. Alan Thomas (geography)

Front Row: George Harrison, Kevin Green, Andrew Wood, Philip Bladen, Paul Driver, David Hulton, Barry Stone

Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 3 (from left side)

Sheet 3 - Top row: David Clayton, Steven Clark, Phil Davies, Graham Wroe, Stephen Gough, ?, Neil Hulton, Keith Gunton, Graeme Watson?, Roy Dewhurst, Tony Brierley?, Chris Moorehouse, David Griffiths, Jeremy Rawlinson, Nick Dunnachie (local author), Ian Edmundson, John Clayton, David Kay, Stewart Smith, Roger Woods, Derek Sowerby, John Riley, Craig Fleming, Michael Farnworth (accompanist for Rossendale Male Voice Choir), John Haslam, Steven Greenwood, Steven Guest.

Second row from top: Lynn Tattersall, Tina Wissett, Yvonne Holden,Christine Higgins,Janet Grimshaw,Anne Walsh,?,?,?,?,Judith Barrett,Jennifer Beswick,?, Jennifer Dickinson (now Rawlinson), unknown, Anna Kyryluk, Jacqueline Robinson, unknown, Wendy Haworth, unknown, Janice, Louise Westwell, Christine Normanton, unknown, Glynis Charlton, Elizabeth Bracewell, Jeanette Gill, Giovanna Rothwell, Janet Varley, unknown, unknown.

3rd row: John Barnes, Philip Gregory, unknown, Derek Radcliffe,Keith Pilling, Ian Diggle, David Farrelly Andrew Brown, Stephen Chase, Unknown,?, Douglas Clink,Robert Dobson, ?, Derek Warburton, Andrew Smart, Noel Pilling, Brian Tomlinson, Graham Dakin, Timothy Kirby, ?, Robert (Bobby) Rawlinson, ?,Martin Nuttall, ?,?,?,Peter Edmundson.

4th row down: Sandra Barker, Helen Fronhnapfel, Susan Oldfield, Susan Wilson, Judith Brooks, Rita Wild, Susan Nuttall, Linda Bradshaw. Janet Edmundson (21 from left and behind Mrs Schofield and Joan Greenwood and two to the right of her is Gail Maudsley.

5th row down: ?,?,?, Beswick twins, ?, Tracey Lowe, - Anne Whittaker, Lesley Lowe, Janet Edmundson, ?, Gail Mawdsley, ?, Sharon Ralph, Ruth Peckett, Margaret Cain, Carole Ann Barnes, Margaret Taylor, Lorraine Roberts, Pauline Roberts, Carole Hardie.

6th row down, more teachers: Mr. Lesley Howard (art), Mr. Roy Worrall (PE and woodwork/metalwork), Mr. Norman Grimshaw (English), Mr. Alan Thomas (geography?), Mr.  Alan Peckett (French), Mr. Paul Fox (history), Mr. J.W (John Bill aka Bomber) Lewis Snr (Deputy Head - Physics) Mr. R.D.T. Marshall (Headmaster), Miss Mary Waring (geography), Miss Dorothy Kirby (English), Mrs V. Schofield (Domestic Science), Miss Joan Greenwood / Mrs. J Gudgeon (French), Miss Hilary Livesey (English), Miss J.C. Hargreaves (Girls’ games), Mrs. E. Beavan (School Secretary),  Mrs. Viv Peckett (lab assistant), Mr. Mike Crocker (Economics and History), Mr. J.Donald Holden (biology), Mr. G. Carr (Russian), Mr. Alan.N. Roberts (maths), Alan Earnshaw?

Front row: Caroline Smith, Elizabeth Tennant, ?,?,(Janice ?) ?,?, Pat Barber, Catherine Ashworth,Susan Ellis, Caroline Pilkington,Gillian Ralph, Sandra Goldsmith, Karen Sudders, ?, Adele Thorpe, Christine Richardson, Beverley Nuttall, Keith Whittaker, Antribus, David Clegg and Colin Green. 
Haslingden Grammar School May 1969 Students - Sheet 4 (from left side)
Sheet 4
Top row: Peter Dickinson, Graeme Adlum, Derek Clink, Nigel Middleton, David Murray.

2nd row down from the top: Judith Evans, Deborah Hallworth, Barbara Stuttard, Collette McBaine, Deborah Worthington, Christine?, Jacqueline Tremble, Karen?, Wendy Crawshaw, Lynda Barker, Carole Ann Procter, Shirley Cookson, Susan Everett, Gillian Love, ?,?,Lynn Foden, Norah Tattersall, Lindsey Yates, Angela Bradbury, Jean Aspinall.

3rd row from top: Peter Edmundson,John Smithson,Martin Hall?,John Heywood,?, Stephen Ashworth, David Eastwood, Craig Papworth, Peter Farnworth, Geoffrey Oldfield, ?,?, Malcolm Ridings, Roy Flanagan, ?,?,Roy English, Alan Dixon.

2nd row from front (seated sixth formers) Alan Earnshaw, Mick Glover, Brian Read, John Davies, Malcolm Edwards, Alan Curtis, David Isherwood,, Robert Alderson, Alan Howarth, Geoff Harrison, Roger Hoyle, Cliff Hacking, David Ormerod. (sadly 3 of these last mentioned have passed on: Malcolm Edwards, Alan Howarth and David Ormerod. 

4th row down - Lower Vith girls:
Susan Nuttall, Linda Bradshaw, Lesley Rothwell, Susan Mawdsley, Susan Wardle, ?,?,?,?, Laura Beavan, Jane Kirk, Carole Oldham.

5th row down
Lorraine and Pauline Roberts are standing behind Alan Earnshaw - identical twins one on each side of him. Then Carole hardie, Janet Kirby, Heather Jones, Elizabeth Haworth, Betty Richardson, Janice Darlington, Ann Stuttard, ?,?, Michele Cavannah, Susan Plaice.

Front row: Antrobus, ?, David Clegg, Green, ?,Stephen Hardman, Stewart Savage, Philip Casson, Paul Holt, ?,?, Neil Rothwell, Raymond Clegg, Nigel Billings,

Name contributions have been kindly offered by Carolyn Smithson, Adrian Bury, Alison May (nee Heywood) Ian Edmundson, Raymond Clegg and Dave Isherwood and If anyone else can place missing names to these photos it would be very welcome.  If so please email me by clicking here.  

Another "Grammar School" names update:

Thanks so much to Carolyn Smithson for kindly giving further name updates to the Haslingden Grammar School 1969 Blog photo.  Also thanks to Keith Pilling for adding names to the above sheets 1 and 2.  Keith mentions that Eric Finnerty, scored the only goal in a 1-0 away win at Todmorden.  Also John Ramsbottom was an excellent footballer and cricketer.  He played for many years for Ramsbottom CC.

1969 (May) Sheet 1
Top Row from left:
 Dorothy Lees, ?, Yvonne Eastwood, Hilary Taylor

1969 (May) Sheet 4
5th Row down:

Lorraine and Pauline Roberts (identical twins one on each side of Alan Earnshaw at their front), then Carole Hardie, Janet Kirby, Heather Jones, Elizabeth Haworth, Betty Richardson, Janice Darlington, Ann Stuttard, ?,?, Michele Cavannah, Susan Plaice.

1969 - May (above) (Click over photo to enlarge) The above 1969 photo was kindly sent in by Adrian Bury, and also a big thanks to David Murray, Cliff Hacking, Yvonne Malley (nee Holden) Kevin Green, Sue Whittaker (nee Nicholas), Tony Brierley for kindly updating some of the names.

1969 - October (below)

1969 - October (above)

1975 (below)

Click over to enlarge c1975 thanks to Andy Metcalfe (photo split to size below)

Haslingden Grammar School Students photo for c1975  (click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly contributed by Andy Metcalfe and uploaded here on 24th October 2015
1975 (above)

Below are three photographs sent in by Clifford Hargreaves which show you the "Old School Mews" buildings which were built during the 1990's on the site of the Haslingden Grammar School.

Old School Mews sign - built on the site of the original Haslingden Technical School (later Grammar School)
Houses built on the site of the Haslingden Grammar School now called "The Old School Mews"
A Original Corner Stone and a inscription stone built into the new wall surrounding the "Old School Mews".

This is Programme 2 and covers the period from the late 40s to the early 60s
Thanks to Chris Kirby for kindly sharing this with us
Also archived under the Haslingden Grammar School

First Broadcast 1988 on BBC Radio 4. It relates to Early 1970s after the Grammar School moved to become the Haslingden High School
Thanks to Chris Kirby for kindly sharing this with us
Also now archived under the Haslingden Grammar School

Haslingden Grammar School Football Team
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

Haslingden Grammar School Choir Event
Names offered: Carolyn Lewer, Vivenne Butler, Shirley Woodworth, Sandra Kempson, Elizabeth Reece, Katherine Nuttall, Joanne Thornton, Kathryn Haworth, Linda Fister, maureen Wood, Tina Wissett, Susan Ormerod,Susan Cocker, Susan Alderson, Lauren Jade Haworth, Pat Killingbeck,Hazel howarth, Adrienne hindle, Maureen Eastwood, Lynn Jones, Carol Heap, Susan Sowerby, Ann Hargreaves, Vivien Butler, Rebecca Taylor, Hillary Taylor.

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

Haslingden Grammar School 1967 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Brian Uren
The photo dates from about 1967. It was taken in the old Annexe which was a two classroom block situated between the main school building and the next door chapel.  The class is a 6th form geography group taught by Miss Waring:
Starting from nearest to the camera: Front row: Dorothy Lack, Susan ?, Sandra Kempson, Linda Foster, ?, Joan Harvey.
Second Row: Brian Uren, Phil Brown, Ian Seville, John Richardson, Vivienne Butler, Anne Davies,
Back Row: Peter Smith, Michael Dunnachie, Chris Chaplow.


Haslingden Grammar School Camp - Tenby 1968
Photo: Thanks to Dave Rothwell

Haslingden Grammar School Camp - Tenby 1968
Photo: Thanks to Dave Rothwell

HGS - Criccieth Camp 1965
Photo: Thanks to Dave Rothwell

Haslingden Grammar School Cross Country 1966
Photo: Thanks to Dave Rothwell

Haslingden Grammar School during demolition
Photo: Thanks to Dave Rothwell

HGS first eleven hockey team of 1950-1951
photo taken in front of the old pavillion
Back Row: Marjorie Whittaker, Eileen Entwistle, Joyce Abel, Norma Pickup, Ida White, Beryl Austin.
Front Row: Sheila Whitworth, Sheila Cooper, Jean Heap, Helen Donaldson, Shirley Greenwood. 
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Joan Gudgeon (sister of Shirley Greenwood)

Haslingden Grammar School - Grane House Hockey Team Champions 1949

Back Row: Margaret Clark, Sheila Haworth, Marina Hewittson, Joyce Weston, Jean Walker, Barbara Tarran, Grace Holden.
Front Row: Normal Pickup, Shirley Greenwood, Joan Stiller, Eddiss Whittam, Beryl Austin
Photo: thanks to Joan Gudgeon

Haslingden Grammar School - Criccieth 1955
Photo: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove

Haslingden Grammar School - Beachy Head Eastbourne 1956
Photo - Thanks to Joan Gudgeon 
John Smithson has named some as:
David Barber, Ross Holden, Roger Hargreaves, David Walsh, Peter Booth, Ian Myatt, Barry Bowell, Peter Cronshaw, Alan Haworth, Gwen Holden, Christine Ashcroft, Joyce Heaton, Ann Burbridge, Brenda Heap, Anne Butterworth, Walter McDonald, Ralph Ormerod, Constance Rees, Adrian Pilkington, David Lewis among others. 

Back: David Clark, Bryan Bridge, Colin Grindrod, David Riley, Raymond Heys, Joyce Heslop, Phyllis Rothwell, Jean Jefferson, Brian Whittaker, Stanley Bradshaw, Rod Ashman, Frank Metcalf, Ralph Ormerod.
Front: David Lewis, David Ashworth, Barry Rothwell, Mr Lewis, Mr Stitt, Walt McDonald, David Hardman, Alan Ratcliffe, Larry Brindle.
Photo: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove

Photos: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove. 

Tim Kirby has kindly supplied two HGS Speech Day programmes, the first
for Thursday May 16th 1968 and the latter one is for Wednesday May 7th 1969.

rom Jack Cartier on 14th April 2021 - Hello Bryan, I've just discovered your blogsite and can make a small contribution: HGS photos: 1969 Sheet 1 - David Foster (Albert), Sheet 4 - Seamus Holden, David Clegg, Colin Green, Stephen Hardman, Stuart Savage, Phillip Casson, Paul Holt, Kevin Egan, ??? Green ?, Neil Rothwell, Raymond Clegg, Nigel Billings.

Also the following Speech Day programme (the very last)

Click over the programme to enlarge


Kindly sent in by Stephen Riley.

The above is the 1960 Haslingden Grammar School - Speech Day programme
Kindly supplied by John Clegg

The above is the 1962 Haslingden Grammar School - Speech Day programme
Kindly supplied by John Clegg