Thursday, 25 February 2010

Some Old Photos kindly sent in by Dave Rothwell

These are some really good photos sent in by Dave Rothwell. PLEASE CLICK OVER PHOTO TO ENLARGE....
1) Walking day approx 1957 near the Loose Pulley shop on Blackburn Road - the old Wesley Church spire can be seen in the background and the Lion Ales sign over the shop door. I remember this when my uncle Dick Beech ran the shop.
2) A Motorcycle Gymkhana held on the fields where Tesco now stands near the bottom of Fields Road approx 1950-1951 - You can see the rear of Fields Road in the background.
3 & 4) Are both photos of the Sports day on the Haslingden Grammar School Playing fields approx 1939.
5) Walking day again with another angle - in the background the first shop on the left corner of Townsend Street. This was owned by my Dad at this time 1958-1959. He had decided to open another premises in addition to the one next to the post office (as described in earlier correspondence). This shop was to sell just prams and nursery goods only wilst the Deardengate shop was to concentrate on house furnishings at this time. You can just make out a pram handle in the window.
He only kept this shop for a couple of years and then sold it as he found he could not staff both shops at once. Our car can be seen parked on the corner of Townsend Street. The shop is now part of the Haslingden Discount Store.
6) Children of the St. Jame's Primary School during the flower show approx 1959, showing from within the School.
7) Again children of the St. Jame's Primary School during the flower show approx 1959, this time showing from on the school Steps.
8) Walking day on Blackburn Road approx 1959, in the background you can see a shutter on the shop next but one to the corner of Townsend Street. The shop to the left of this is the Relay Vision, to the left of that is the Pet Shop and then on the far left the double frontage of Bon Marche.