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Town (Haslingden) and Village (Helmshore) - Memorabilia

I guess it is surprising just how much can be learnt from "Memorabilia"!

Haslingden's Mayors Chain
(I believe these days the chain is kept by the Rossendale Borough Council and the chain can still be worn by a current Mayor, if he or she so desires and subsequently that he or she represents the Wards of Haslingden or Helmshore. Alternatively they can if they so wish to wear the Rossendale Mayoral Chain.
Haslingden Brough Council - Standing Orders

This is a scan of the front of my "standing orders" book which I still have today and its the original they printed back in 1934 with lots of "ammendments" but it was the same as which the Council used right up until the end of the Borough in 1974)

Maroon coloured tie presented  to Council and Chief Officers

These ties where presented to both Council Members and also to the Chief Officers at the time of the Haslingden Borough Council break up and at the time of the amalgamation to the Rossendale Borough Council.  If my memory serves me correct the two lady members of the Council received cravats.

Haslingden Municipal Year Book/Diary 
Borough of Haslingden Municipal Year Books and Diary 

The one on the left belonged to Luke Ralph (tinsmith) and dates back to 1907-8  and the one on the right is my own from 1972.  To think (108 years old - a proper antique!  Quite a lot of the information regarding Council Committees etc are very similar between the two yearbooks even though its some 65 years between them!  The blue one on the left was owned by Luke Ralph. The Year Book was made up and printed by L.A. Glover, Printers of Deardengate, Haslingden. 

The brown one on the right was my diary which I still have. It has the Committees which you were on and lots of other Council information. It opened with a photo of the Mayor on the frontispiece which was Ald Donald Butterworth (last Mayor of Haslingden) and was printed and made up by the Haslingden Printing Works. 

(Click over to enlarge) 
Shared courtesy of Margaret Murray for the Taylor Family

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Shared courtesy of Margaret Murray for the Taylor Family

Coronation Medal Presented to Alderman Henry Worsley who was Mayor of Haslingden 1909 to 1911 and is now owned by his Great Grandson David Worsley
(Photo: David Worsley)

Edward VII Coronation Medallion - Mayor Smith

Haslingden and Dstrict Amateur Football League - Rose Bowl Winners 1923-24

Haslingden Secondary School Badge

I was told that this was the early day badge for the Haslingden Grammar School (Haslingden Technical School) on Bury Road - The badge appears to be a Cap Lapel Badge because of the ring clasp fittings on the rear, so whether this was part of the actual school uniform or whether it was for someone else I dont know. 

Derek Whittaker (3rd March 2016) added:
The cap badge is very similar to the one we wore at HGS.  It was a cap badge and your mother used the three anchor points to sew it into place.  From what I remember the only writing on the badge was the motto and I seem to remember it was in Latin - "nil sans labor".

There was a ceremony involving the badge on your first day at school designed to make you "feel welcome".  The senior boys would seek out the new first formers in the playground prior to the start of their first day.  They would borrow your cap and repeatedly smash it against a wall until it resembled a piece of shrapnel brightened by the occasional fleck of enamel.  If you were luck they would then give it back, if you wern't you had to retrieve it from a recently flushed toilet bowl.

The cap was also the source of a few after-school detentions for me.  If we met one of the teaching staff in the street, school rules required the boys to hold the peak and "doff" their cap.  The girls wore the same cap badge but on a sort of straw, trilby type hat that was mainly navy blue with a couple of dark red bands (school colours).  The boys cap was also navy blue with a dark red cross.  The badge was also worn on the breast pocket of the blazer.


HGS Cap Badge - A much later version (latter half of the 1900s)

Badge owned and photographed by Alison May

Silver Bracelet showing Haslingden Insignia and retailed by Clifford Hargreaves
This is a beautiful silver bracelet owned and photographed and contributed here by Alison May.  Its another item which shows the town "insignia" and was retailed by our own (now retired) local jeweller Clifford Hargreaves when he was working and had his shop out Blackburn Road.  Besides being a optician Clifford retailed lots of jewellery for local folk. Clifford checks out the Blog regular and is also a valued regular contributor.


Haslingden Coronation Brochure - June 1973


The Haslingden Guardian Year Book Almanac for 1897
Owned and photographed by Alison May


Royal Silver Jubilee 1910 to 1935
Issued during the year Brandwood was Mayor

I did get one when I was a child for some Royal commemoration (for our Queen 1953).  Although I cant remember for sure whether just schoolchildren received them or they were issued more widely in the town and village.

Trinket tray memorabilia

Kindly shared to us by Geoffrey Hallam


Whittles Rum Jug
Owned and photographed by Anthony Curtis
Whittles were Rum and Wine Merchants and had they shop and office on Manchester Road, next door to the building which was originally the Central Bus Stop and Waiting Rooms combined with the Public Conveniences around the back. 

M. Suart - Botanical Stores Cask

Photo taken from Ebay Auctions


St. John's School, Stonefold - Memorial Teapot stand

owned by and photographed by Elaine Pollard. She thinks her Grandad attended the Stonefold School


St. James Church - Haslingden - Coffee Mug


St. Stephens Church - Old Mug

Owned and photographed by Pauline Emmett Dagg

Royal Commemorative Mug issued by Mr & Mrs O.W. Porritt


Ebenezer Baptist Sunday School Mug

This Mug was produced by the Salem Methodist Church to celebrate their
Centenary - the mug was also produced in Orange colour
Photo: Thanks to Sue Ashton for kindly sharing this with us.


Duralay Ash Tray
A promotional item offered by local firm Durie and Miller Ltd, Broadway. The firm has continued in business with the names Lintafoam and Interfloor.


We have been sent several photo scans of a CLIVIGER "double spouted pottery jug from Marion Gower who lives in South West London.  It states on the jug "Mr and Mrs Walsh November 1st 1898 Haslingden.

Marion is trying to find out further information about the jug and any details she can find out about the Mr and Mrs. Walsh, if you do know anything can you please let us know thank you, and here are some scans of the Jug in question.


Winfields Replica old busOriginal photo is owned and thanks to John Penman and also thanks to Gordon Fox
This is the old replica bus which was regularly seen parked outside of the Winfield Shoe Warehouses at Acre during the 1990s, and you would see it giving people rides.  When I last saw it back in the 1990s it did not have the advertisement sides on it.

Duralay Replica Van
I took this photo whilst parked up on their car park on Broadway Offices back in the 1990s.  You can see the old Sykeside Mill with its bending chimney in the background, which is now the Tesco's Supermarket

Hollands Pies Enamel Replica Van
Owned and photographed and contributed with thanks to Delya Fox

Haslingden Corporation Plastic Bus

Tommy Britland's Medal for the HPMFC 
Photo uploaded here on 27th February 2016 - Contributed by Ian Warburton

Attached are photos of the gold medal my Grandad, Tommy Britland, won as a member of the team shown on your recent team photo of Haslingden Primitive Methodist FC

Haslingden Wheelers Club Metal Badge
Owned and kindly photographed and contributed by Jim Nuttall.

I do have a blog devoted to this cycling club which you can view by clicking here.

Haslingden Camera and Cine Society

Another badge from my collection and is the enamel badge worn by members of the above Society. I think perhaps the badge goes back to the 1980s. 

National Engineers Association Enamelled Lapel Badge
This badge is for members of the No.15 Haslingden Branch. 

 St. Mary's RC Church Centenery Badge issued in 1954 to commemorate 100 years
Another badge I have within my collection. You still see these turn up now and again

Haslingden Volunteer League Badge
This today will be very hard to find it will have been issued by the local Civil Defence during the War time. 

Haslingden War Relief Fund

Cordingley and Sons Old "dash" metal St. Christopher badge

Grane Manufacturing Company Ltd - Badge
Celebration of 21 years
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Clifford Hargreaves

This is a badge which is for situating on the dash of a car, is owned and photographed and kindly contributed by Anthony Curtis

A selection of "Haslingden Related Tokens"

John Holt - Horse Brass Maker - Haslingden

H. Green - Saddler - Haslingden

There shop was on Manchester Road directly opposite the entrance to the Commercial Hotel at the side of where the "ginnel" is.  The same shop for many years was Ted Openshaws, Grocers and Fishmongers

Various "Haslingden" Civil Defence Cloth Badges  (Click over to enlarge)
Owned and photographed by Alison May

Haslingden Council School Cloth Badge from the 1920s  (Click over to enlarge)
Owned and photographed by Alison May

Haslingden Grammar School Uniform Cloth Badge

J.H. Anderton and Son - Brickmakers of Haslingden

Dont know anything about this Company, although its quite obvious this particular brick is of premium with the white enamelled glaze together with the named inscription.  The brick looks like it could have been from a public toilet facility or something similar.  We do also have samples of straight forward building bricks which I can show below. 

Brick from the Haslingden Plastic Brick and Tile Company
The above is a brick which I discovered about ten years ago on the area were the Haslingden Plastic Brick and Tile Company was based at the Nature Reserve area of the Top O'th Slate.  As far as I am aware I think it is still there with probably lots of others scattered about.  If you want to check out the history of that company plus a lot more then please click here.  

Bricks manufactured by the Grane Brick and Tile Company
Above is a sample of Bricks manufactured by the Grane Brick and Tile Company which was based close to the area where the Grane Cafe Car Park is situated today.  I found these bricks about ten years ago in the fields further up and close to the Moor, they should still be there for other prospectors to find. Please note each of the above bricks are of different patterns and note specifically a sort of trade mark of the Company seemed to print their "D" backwards or would this have been a "mistake"?  If you would like to check the history of this company I have done a short blog with photos - so please click here. 

FWS "The Boot King"

Owned and photographed with thanks to Anthony Curtis.  The firm FWS was Frederick William Sutcliffe who traded out of Accrington, although did have a Branch which was situated just on the corner of Manchester Road.  The property was in more recent times Relay Vision, televisions and more recent it is a betting shop (photo of old shop below)

FWS Shop on the corner

Goods Electricians - Steel Tape Measure
W.H. Good had there own steel tape measures.  Whether these were specifically for their own employees or whether they where handed out to their customers I don't know. 

Limit Gents Pocket Watch
Retailed and stamped Hargreaves of Haslingden

Beautiful Miniature showing Manchester Road

Silver Teaspoon from 1907

Pencils - advertising John Dearden (Electrician)

Thanks to Fiona Balchin for kindly sending these in of her dads advert pencils

C.O. Wain - Chemist of Haslingden Tooth Paste Tin

Metal Buttonhooks - G.E. Hoyle 89 Deardengate

Small Vase - Goss China

Owned and photographed and contributed by Pauline Emmett Dagg
Small Goss Crested Teapot

Small Goss Saucer
Haslingden Cheese dish

Commercial Hotel, Haslingden - Imprinted Bottle
Owned and photographed by Anthony Curtis

Roebuck Hotel, Haslingden - Imprinted Drinking Glass
Owned and photographed by Delya Fox

Blayney Chemist - Haslingden

 Alter type table taken out of New Jerusalem Church when it closed down and sold via ebay

A lovely wooden model of St. Stephen's Church, Grane

Here is a lovely wooden model of the St. Stephen's Church, Grane and is owned and was on the bench at the entrance to the Holden Wood Antiques Centre which now occupies the old Church

Grane Manufacturing Co - Playing Cards

Lots of firms would have playing cards to advertise their business

Old last train to Helmshore Postcard

Holiday type of Haslingden Postcard

Advertising Haslingden Football

Haslingden Grammar School "Ex Montibus"

The Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd Blotter

Old billhead for the New Inn, Bury Road

I have this billhead within my collection and it dates back to the late 1800s. It was the bill isuued by the New Inn, later to become the Thorn and later to become the Mary Hindle Centre on Bury Road.

Haslingden Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Policy

Owned and photographed by Clifford Hargreaves. This was the Policy from when is dad had the shop at 40 Blackburn Road. So its obvious those days you had to have a separate policy if you had a shop to cover the insurance of its plate glass windows

Fred Clark's Labour Certificate from when he was 13 years of age in 1918  (Click over to enlarge)
Owned and Photographed here by Marie Ives

Sixty Years at St. Peter's - Diamond Jubilee  (Click over to enlarge)
Thanks to Marie Ives for kindly contributing this to the MEMORABILIA BLOG

Uploaded here on 6th March 2016
Verse by Jim Garnett

Fred Kirkham - Coach Proprietors "ticket"
This is one of their tickets which were issued from their agents based in Rising Bridge. The main Haslingden shop was at the top of Lower Deardengate, and there was also agents at the old newsagents down in Helmshore (next door to Station Hotel). The original business was owned by Mark Barnes and Sons until being taken over by Fred Kirkham. 

Click over to enlarge
Kindly shared with us by Ron Baron
Helmshore United Football Club Raffle Ticket
Kindly shared to us by Lena Warburton and also archived under Memorabilia

Haslingden Parish Church
Bookmark kindly shared to us by Clifford Hargreaves

This beautiful embroided tablecloth with the names of supporters was for the Wesley Xmas Fayre which was held on Nov 15th and 16th 1963. It shows Mr. Birtwistle as the Mayor and the Rev. Duerden and Mrs. Boyson. The cloth kindly shared to us by Julia Haworth

Thanks to Contributors to this Blog: 

Anthony Curtis for inspiration to do this Blog, also for the Boot King photo, also the Cordingleys Dash Medallion and for the Whittles OSB Jug, and the Commercial Hotel Bottle, Delya Fox for the Replica Hollands Pies Van, Jim Nuttall for the Wheelers Badge, Marie Ives for her Great Grandads Municipal Year Book, St. Peters 60 years Booklet, also for her Dad's Labour Certificate Fiona Balchin for John Dearden's Pencil Advertising, John Penman and Gordon Fox for Winfields Bus Photo, Pauline Emmett Dagg for the St. Stephens Mug and the Goss Pottery, Elaine Pollard for the Small St. Johns Stonefold Plate, Alison May for the Silver bracelet in the Clifford Hargreaves Box, also the Civil Defence Cloth Badges and the Haslingden Council School Cloth Badge, also the Guardian Yearbook Almanac, Haslingden Grammar School Cap Badge. Clifford Hargreaves  for the copy of the Haslingden Mutual Plate Glass Co. Insurance Policy. Julia Haworth for the Wesley embroidered tablecloth. Derek Whittaker for additional information on the Haslingden Grammar School cap badge. David Worsley for kindly showing his Great Grandfathers Coronation Medal presented to Ald Henry Worsley. Margaret Murray for the Taylor family for the Mayor Taylor thank you certificate and the Large Key which is thought to open the locks on the Holden Hall Cemetery. Ron Baron for Bay Horse Hotel Compliments, Lena Warburton for the Helmshore Utd raffle ticket.