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The Mayors of Haslingden and the last Borough Council and other Civic Business

Here is the final photograph, taken in 1974 of the Council Members and Officers of the very last Haslingden Borough Council shortly before Haslingden was swallowed up into the newly formed Rossendale Borough Council. (Click over photo to enlarge)..

Front left to right seated:-

Alderman Gertrude Warburton C.C, Coun. Dorothy Ramsden, Town Clerk: Robert MacMillan, Mayor: Alderman Donald Butterworth, Coun. Tom Fisher, Alderman Roy Woolley.

Second row:- Coun. David Tennant, Mr. H. Uren (Steet Lighting Supt), Mr. W.D.Y. Curruthers (Director of Parks), Mr. George Worswick (Mace Bearer and Mayors Attendant), Mr. W. G. Wood (Borough Engineer & Surveyor), Coun. Bryan Yorke, Mr. C. Billings (Borough Treasurer)
Third row:- Coun. George Wellock, Mr. Maddocks (Baths Manager), Coun. Jim Rishton, Alderman Bert Bussey, Coun. Jack Stafford, Coun. Donald Valentine, Coun. Tom Illingworth, Coun. Geoffrey Hallam, Coun Ivor Cooper, Coun. Geoff Ormerod, Coun. Hubert Sanderson, Mr. Jack Hollows (Chief Public Health Inspector)..
Our last Mayor was Alderman Donald Butterworth (See photo below)


From the 1st April, 1973 the present Borough of Haslingden will consitute a part of a new District Council of Rossendale comprising the present Boroughs of Bacup, Haslingden and Rawtenstall, the Urban District of Whitworth and a part of the Urban District of Ramsbottom....

The Roll of Honorary Freemen of the Borough of Haslingden was bestowed upon the following persons and Regiments:
Coun. Thomas Bewley Hamilton J.P. (1895),
Oliver William Porritt, Esq, J.P. (1921)
Ald. Henry Worsley J.P. C.C. (1929)
Ald. John Law J.P. (1929)

Major David Halstead, D.L., J.P., T.D. (1936)

Miss Annie Knowles (1947)

Alderman Jeremiah Lord, J.P. (1947)

Ald. Arthur Schofield Watson J.P. (1947)
Ald. W. Boyson, M.B.E., J.P. (1957)
Ald. Thalberg Brown
The East Lancashire Regiment (1964)
(Extended to the Lancashire Regiment PWV) (1966)
(Extended to the Queen's Lancashire Regiment) (1970)
Ald. Mrs. G.M. Warburton. C.A. (1970)

PAST MAYORS OF THE BOROUGH (dates in brackets represent time in office) These are replicas of the beautiful photos of the town's Mayors which once proudly adorned the upper walls of the Council Chamber of the Municipal Offices on Bury Road, which was also previously known as West End.

Councillor T.B. Hamilton (1891-1894) The First Mayor and also Mayor again in 1907-1909...
First Technical School established in 1892. Formation of the Haslingden, Rawtenstall and Bacup Outfall Sewerage Board on the 20th July 1894.. West View purchased for Municipal Offices in 1894, subsequently extended for use as Municipal Offices, total cost £4,600.

Alderman Thomas Collinge (1894-1895)
The Second Mayor

Borough consituted one Township to be called the Township of Haslingden by order of the Local Government Board dated the 21st of November, 1894..

Councillor John Law (1895-1897)
The Third Mayor
Represented the Borough at the reception held at Buckingham Palace by Queen Victoria on the celebration of her diamond Jubilee on the 22nd of June 1897. Certain powers of Parish Council and Vestry transferred to the Town Council in November 1895. Council decided to commemorate Diamond Jubilee reign of Queen Victoria by providing a Public Park.

Councillor A. Smethurst (1897-1898) The Fourth Mayor Horse Ambulance, provided by the Police from public subscriptions, presented to the Borough on the 12th of January, 1898. Joint Outfall Sewerage Works, at Ewood Bridge, opened on the 17th October, 1898. The Mayor opened Penstock of a settling tank. Public Hall purchased from private Company; later altered and improved and Fire Station provided...

Alderman Aaron Holt (1898-1900) The Fifth Mayor
On the outbreak of War in South Africa in 1899, the Mayor opened a Fund for dependents of local men serving in it. Bury and District Joint Water Board formed in 1900. Haslingden becoming one of the Constituent Authorities. Technical School and Free Library decided upon in February 1900. Low Level Intercepting Sewer completed..

G.A. Smith, Esq. (1900-1902) The Sixth Mayor
Following upon the death of Queen Victoria, Edward VII was proclaimed King in the Market Place at noon on the 20th of January 1901, by the Mayor. Victoria Park opened by the Mayor on the 22nd of June 1901; site given by John Stott Esqre., G.A. Smith Esqre., (Mayor)., W.H. Smith Esqre., J.P., Miss Sarah Stott and Mrs. Mary Haworth. Cemetery Gates opened on the 30th April, 1902, by Alderman J. Law; Cemetery Chapels opened by Councillor J. Maxwell. In commemoration of the Coronation Year, the Mayor presented a Shelter for the Park in 1902. Peace Celebrations, after the South African War, on the 2nd of June 1902. Corner Stones of Technical School laid on the 26th of July 1902, by Sir W. Mather, M.P., and the Mayor...

Councillor J.C. Witham (1902-1904) The Seventh Mayor

Administration of Education Act, 1902, taken over by the Town Council, in February, 103; Elementary School fee abolished. Fountain in the Victoria Park erected by the Haslingden Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., in Memory of Henry Ashworth Esqre., Manager, handed over on the 9th May 1903. Band Stand presented by John Stott Esqre., opened on the 19th June 1903. First sod cut inconstruction of Ogden Reservoir at Grane on the 10th August, 1903. Technical School opened by Sir Henry F. Hibbert on the 17th September 1904...

Councillor James Barlow (1904-1906) The Eight Mayor
Haslingden Institute handed over to the Borough for use as a Free Library in November, 1904. Secondary School opened at Technical School on the 11th of September, 1905. Newspaper and Periodical Reading Room at the Free Library opened by Alderman Hamilton on the 4th of November, 1905. First Corporation Bill for acquisition and electrification of Tramways and other purpoases received the Royal Assent on the 20th of July 1906. Lending Department of the Free Library opened in September, 1906; scheme carried through partly by gift of £2,500 by Andrew Carnegie Esqre..

Councillor Robert Taylor (1906-1907) The Ninth Mayor
The Mayor and Mayoress, in February 1907, entertained 2,984 children attending the Secondary School, the Private Schools and the Elementary Schools of the Borough, to Tea and Concerts. The Mayor and Mayoress were afterwards presented with an illuminated Address by all the Head Teachers.

Alderman T.B. Hamilton First Mayor (As Councillor 1891-1894 and As Alderman 1907-1909)
Helmshore Motor bus service first commenced in November 1907. Purcase of Accrington Corporation Steam Tramway Company's undertaking in December 1907. Clock Tower in the Park, erected by public subscription in honour of the late Alderman W.H. Wilkinson, handed over to the Corporation on the 4th of July 1908; total cost £260. Reconstruction and Electrification of Tramways completed in the Borough on the 5th of September 1908. Bowling Green at Victoria Park opened on the 1st of May 1909. Helmshore Council School opened by the Mayor on the 2nd of June 1909. Helmshore Motor Bus Service discontinued on the 24th of July 1909. Refuse Destructor commenced work in July 1909. Bowl House at the Park presented by W.H. Smith Esqre; J.P. in September 1909. Museum opened at the Free Library in October 1909. Higher parts of Haslingden supplied from Scout Moor Reservoir in October 1909....

Alderman H. Worsley (1909-1911) The Tenth Mayor

Following upon the death of King Edward VII, George V and Queen Mary were proclaimed in the Market Place by the Mayor on the 9th of May 1910. Decision to purchase Electricity in bulk from the Accrington Corporation in August, 1910. Coronation Celebrations on the 17th, 22nd and 24th of June, 1911. Open Access System for the Free Library adopted on the 19th of July, 1911.

Councillor J. T. Warburton (1911-1913) The Eleventh Mayor
Inauguration of the supply of Electricity to consumers on the 22nd of December, 1911. Lee- Warner Estate purchased in February, 1912. Ogden Reservoir at Grane put into service on the 14th of March 1912. Rejoicings on visit to Haslingden on the 9th of July 1913, of Their Imperial Majesties King George V and Queen Mary, during their Lancashire Tour.

Councillor Tom Baxter (1913-1915 and 1924-1925) The Twelfth Mayor
Following upon declaration of War against Germany on the 4th of August, 1914, the Mayor and Mayoress organised the resources of the Borough to aid the Government and to sustain the Forces on Sea and Land. Public Hall in occupation as Auxiliary Military Hospital from October 4th, 1914. Motor Ambulance Car presented to the Borough on behalf of Subscribers by the Mayoress, on the 24th of January, 1914, to celebrate the visit of Their Imperial Majesties King George V and Queen Mary to Haslingden in July, 1913. Inauguration of the "Baxter" Motor Fire Engine on the 10 of March, 1915. Central Council Schools opened by the Mayor on the 21st of August, 1915. Helmshore War Memorial Gardens taken over by the Town Council on the 6th of May, 1925. First Electrical Exhibition in May, 1925. First Health Week in October, 1925.

Councillor Ervin Russell (1915-1917)
Alderman in 1923-24 - The Thirteenth Mayor

Mayor Councillor David Halstead (1917-1919) The Fourteenth Mayor

Mayor and Mayoress Anderton (1919-1921) Fifteenth Mayor

Mayor and Mayoress Anderton (1919-1921) Fifteenth Mayor

Councillor L. Greenwood (1921-1922 and as Alderman in 1922 - 1923) The Sixteenth Mayor Tower and Clock and Quadrant Well at Helmshore memorial Grounds unveiled by Mrs. W.J. Porritt and Mrs. H. Porritt in June, 1922. "Greenfield" loaned to the Guardians of the Haslingden Union and opened by them as an Orthopaedic and Massage Centre from September, 1922. Grass Tennis Courts at Victoria Park (the first Public Courts in the Borough) opened on 7th of July 1923, by the Mayor..

Councillor Jeremiah Lord (1925 to 1927) the Seventeenth Mayor

The Mayoress Mrs. Jeremiah Lord

Councillor J. Lord (1925-1927) The Seventeenth Mayor 
Helmshore and Grane Motor Bus Services supplemented by purchase of a Second Saloon Bus in December, 1915. Hard Tennis Courts opened at the Victoria Park in the summer of 1915. Hard Tennis Courts opened at the Greenfield Memorial Grounds in August, 1915.

Councillor W. Greenwood (1927-1928 The Eighteenth Mayor

Mayoress Greenwood

Councillor W. Greenwood (1927-1928) The Eighteenth Mayor

In December, 1927 the First Speech Day since 1914, was held at the Grammar School. By agreement (in December 1927) between the Managers, Baxenden Wesleyan Elementary Day School became a School for Seniors (11 to 14) and Stonefold Church of England Elementary Day School a School for Junior children for the area served by the two Schools. Mr. Walter Musgrove, Town Clerk from the Incorporation of the Borough in 1891, died in April 1928, he was succeeded by Mr. T. Oldroyd, Deputy Town Clerk of Bury. The Council in July 1928, decided to promote a Parliamentary Bill for powers to run omnibuses within and outside the Borough.

Councillor W. Halstead (1928-1930) The Nineteenth Mayor 

On the 10th May 1929, Royal Assent was given to the Haslingden Corporation Act, 1929. In December, 1929, the Freedom of the Borough was conferred on Alderman Henry Worsley J.P., C.C., a member of the Town Council for thirty-one years, and on Alderman John Law, J.P., who had been a member for twenty-three years. Seventy-eight houses were erected by the Council. The widening and improvement of Private Lane was commenced on 1st April 1930. The estimated cost of the scheme was £32,400, a grant towards this cost being made by the Unemployment Grants Committee. Following upon the re-organisation of the Public Library, Miss Lilian Hurd of Coventry, was appointed Librarian in April, 1930. The Electric Tramway Service between Accrington and Rawtenstall was replaced from noon on the 1st May, 1930 by a Joint Motor Omnibus Service operated by the Accrington, Haslingden and Rawtenstall Corporations. The Refuse Destructor was closed in August, 1930, the Council having adopted the controlled sytem of tipping. Worsley Park was opened in September, 1930, by Alderman J.Lord, J.P., Chairman of the Parks Committee. The Park was acquired by the purchase of Stone House and grounds, Clough End Farm, a cottage and approximately twenty-one acres of land, from Mr. Harry Worsley for the sum of £3,000. In September and October, 1930, the Council purchased Private Land and Brickhouse Farms. The total area of the Farms was approximately sixty acres. The Borough held its second Health and Baby Week in October 1930.

Councillor A.S. Watson (1930-1932 and also as Alderman 1941-1945) The Twentieth Mayor

Councillor W.H. Baxter (1932-1933) The Twenty First Mayor

Councillor F. Brandwood (1933-1935) The Twenty Second Mayor

Councillor W.F. Thacker (1935-1937) The Twenty Third Mayor

Alderman J.T. Sutcliffe (1937-1939) The Twenty Fourth Mayor

Councillor J. Kirby (1939-1941) The Twenty Fifth Mayor

Councillor W.H.J. Cowpe (1945-1946) The Twenty Sixth Mayor

Councillor J. Moran (1946-1947) The Twenty Seventh Mayor

"First descendant of Irish Immigrants to become Mayor of Haslingden in 1947. James Moran was born on 12th September 1892, and baptised at St. Mary's Church a few days later. His parents John and Ann (nee Molloy) were Irish immigrants who married at St. Mary's in September 1890. He was educated at St. Mary's School. In 1913 he joined the St. John Ambulance Brigade and was to continue his membership of this body until his death 40 years later in 1954. In 1939 he was awarded one of the Brigades highest honours, being made a Brother of St. John of Jerusalem. At the outbreak of the 1st World War he and many members of the Haslingden St. John Ambulance Brigade volunteered for service with medical units. James or 'Jimmy' as he was locally known, served in the Royal Army Medical Corpos throughout the war and saw service in Gallipoli, Italy and Salonica. James Moran was a well know local chiropodist and was a member of their governing body. In August 1940 he was nominated by the Irish Democratic League Club to serve as an Independent Councillor for Town Ward on Haslingden Borough Council (elections had been suspended during the war years). In November 1947 he was elected Mayor of Haslingden, the first descendant of Irish immigrants to hold office as the town's chief citizen. He died at the early age of 61 years in the centenary year of St. Mary's Church to which he had given a lifetime of devoted service"...

Councillor Joe Ratcliffe (1947-1950) The Twenty Eighth Mayor

Alderman F. Slater (1950-1952) The Twenty Ninth Mayor

Alderman T.B. Hargreaves (1952-1953) The Thirteith Mayor

Councillor J.W. Holgate (1953-1955) The Thirty First Mayor

Councillor W.J. Everett (1955-1957) The Thirty Second Mayor

Councillor W.J. and Mayoress Everett

Councillor W.B. Fisher (1957-1959) The Thirty Third Mayor

Councillor John Walsh (1959-1961) The Thirty Fourth Mayor

County Councillor Mrs. Gertrude Warburton (1961-1962) The Thirty Fifth Mayor

Councillor F. Mitchell (1962-1963) The Thirty Sixth Mayor

Councillor Tom Waller (1963-1965) The Thirty Seventh Mayor

Councillor Albert Bussey (1965-1967) The Thirty Eight Mayor

Councillor Hubert Sanderson (1967-1968) The Thirty Ninth Mayor

Councillor Roy Woolley (1968-1969) The Fortieth Mayor

Councillor Donald Valentine (1969-1971) The Forty First Mayor

Councillor Tom Fisher (1971-1972) The Forty Second Mayor

Alderman Donald Butterworth (1972-1974) The Forty Third Mayor

Here is a vintage photograph of the first Mayor and Corporation of Haslingden in 1891. (Please click over photograph to enlarge)..

Here is a photograph of the Haslingden Borough Council for the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty King George V - 6th May 1935 (Please Click over photo to enlarge)..

Here below is a photograph of the Coronation Medal now owned by the Great Grandson of Alderman Henry Worsley, Haslingden's Mayor 1909 to 1911. (photo kindly supplied by David Worsley)

Inauguration of John Walsh as Mayor
shows the town Clerk Mr. Burton, Ben Fisher (the outgoing Mayor)
also shows firemen to the right hand 1st ?, 2nd Arthur Higgins, 3rd Jack Farelly
to the right of John Walsh shows Jimmy Parkinson.
This looks to me to be Mayor Making Sunday

Other Civic Business

The Freedom of the Borough being presented to Alderman Jerry Lord, Nurse  A Knowles and Alderman Watson   (Click over to enlarge)

Another photo here showing Nurse Annie Knowles on home visit


from Heather Holden (9th March 2016 - Nurse Knowles)

I saw the Freedom of the Borough photo on the blog today, which included Nurse Knowles, and have this to share, written by my mother about Harriet Barnes (widow of Richard Barnes, killed in WW1) and who lived in Sunnybank Street:

"When  the Second War broke out and I went to train at Rossendale General (or Moorlands Infirmary as it was then known)  I often popped in to see her (Harriet Barnes)..... and one day she introduced me to Nurse Knowles, a lady of her generation and a close friend.  Nurse Knowles was a dear soul who had trodden the streets of Haslingden caring for the poor on the District for many years.  She was a local character and everyone who knew her loved her.  She had trudged up hill and down dale (no cars for Nurses in those days) and did far above the call of duty.  If someone was short of baby clothes, a bed pan, wheelchair or any other facility, she always knew who would help when there was no money available.  On her retirement at 65 years, she was given the Freedom of Haslingden for her services, but sadly died a year later and was very much missed by "Auntie" Harriet and everyone."
All the best,


Mayor Baxter - Photo: Michael Tomlinson

Mayor Baxter - Photo: Michael Tomlinson