Sunday, 26 October 2008

Blue Commemorative Plaques... (9 one missing)

Here are Haslingden's Blue Commemorative Plaques (all 9 of them, there should be 10 but the one put on Robert Scott VC's House at No.14 Peel Street, has gone missing. The ones here are: 1) On Sykeside House commemorating that Alan Rawsthorne lived here. 2) On Wavell Mill, Holcombe Road - The Power Loom Riots. 3) Old Wesleyan School (Haslingden Medical Centre Site) - Measure Intelligence by a written test - the first.... 4) Haslingden Library - Michael Davitt - Irish Patriot.. 5) Haslingden Memorial Gardens - War Dead Memorial unveiled by Lord Derby. 6) New Inn (Now Mary Hindle Resource Centre - Power Loom Riots participants tried at this Magistrates Court, some being sent out to Australia. 7) Coal Hey - Handloom Workshop for the Watts Family whom made Checks and Ginghams... and 8) Haslingden Commercial Hotel - Sir Winston Churchill Stayed at the Hotel... (9) Radcliffe Fold School and one of its pupils a William Cockerill - and (10) is the one which was on Robert Scott VC's old house in Peel Street, which sadly has gone missing. (Click over photo to enlarge)

(added 8th April 2013) Guess what? Just had some great news, kindly sent in by Hylton Craig who informs me that a new "Robert Scott VC" Blue Commemorative Plaque has been fixed on No. 14 Peel Street, Haslingden.  See Below for photo:

New badge erected for Robert Scott VC
(Photo: Courtesy of  Hylton Craig)

(Jackie Ramsbottom 4th Dec 2017 added)

Although the "Blue Commemorative Plaque" which is in situ at 14 Peel Street states that 
ROBERT SCOTT V.C. was born here, THAT IS NOT THE CASE"  Please read on:

Robert was actually born nearby in Charles Lane (number unknown) as shown on his birth certificate printed here.

This is a copy of the actual birth certificate for Robert Scott
(Click over certificate to enlarge)
I queried it long ago and have always felt worried that the information offered on this blue commemorative plaque in regard to "Born Here" could not be right! because at the back of my mind I was of the understanding that the actual houses on Peel Street had not been built at the time of Robert's birth.  His father was living there in 1901 and he (Robert Scott) was probably there when he signed up to go into war, but in previous census returns he was living at 24 Sunnybank Street in 1891, Cobb Castle also in 1881 and his parents were at Holme Wood Cottage in 1871.

With regards to Peel Street it is thought that the odd numbers were built by 1891 and the even numbers by 1901. The Scott family had left No.14 by 1911 and were back on Sunnybank Street. Here below is the census from 1911 which shows the family names of the persons actually living at 14 Peel Street.

Click over to enlarge
This is the 1911 Census Return for the family that lived at No.14 Peel Street at that time, so it's
clear the Scott family had left this address previous to 1911.

I have been able to confirm that Robert was baptised in 1876 whilst he was then living at Havelock Terrace just off Grane Road.  (Opposite to the small business park which was previously Snow King).

Robert's baptism certificate showing he lived at Havelock Terrace at that time (June 7th 1874)
I want to also thank Sharon Gallagher who is currently helping me with my ongoing quest to try and establish in more detail the 14 Peel Street saga.  It is clear the Robert will have spent some of his early life at No.14 Peel Street but would be lovely to find out more. I will report back when we have got further information. Jackie

Friday, 24 October 2008

Rossendale Hunt (mid-late 1800's) - based at Farm off Broadway.....

This is a very old photograph of the Rossendale Hunt, which I believe during its lifetime was based at a farm which was then situated nearto what is now the bottom of Lancaster Avenue, Broadway side, Helmshore...this is where the horses and dogs where stabled and is shown on this very old postcard.....

The Master of the Hunt was Thomas Brooks who was made The Rt. Hon. Lord Crawshaw (1st Baron) by Queen Victoria on the 9th February 1891. Thomas Brooks was born in 1825 and died in 1908. He became the High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1884. He was a founder member of the Rossendale hunt being appointed Master in 1860 a post which he held for 22 years. (Click over photo to enlarge)

Below is a mail I received 23rd Dec 2014 from John Oakley:
Dear Bryan,
I wonder if you or any followers/members of your page could help me with information please? I am trying to find out more about the Rossendale Hunt. My Great Grandfather James Edward Taylor was Whip to the Harriers from April 1879 to December 1883, and then Huntsman from December 1883 to June 1907. I believe that the Master of the Hunt at that time was possibly  a Major H.M. Kenyon. I would be grateful if anyone has any information about my Great Grandfather, or the Rossendale Hunt in general.

I found your page during the process of researching my Great Grandfather, and visit it regularly, it is a wonderful resource, and I wish you all the very best. Yours Sincerely, John Oakley.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hollands Pies - from Humble Haslingden Beginnings....

Here are some old and new photos relating to Hollands Pies.

New information shows that Hollands Pies was initially founded by John Whitaker in 1851 (but would not have used the name "Hollands" in their title at the onset, this would probably have been some years later when Richard Holland took over the business from his father-in-law, sometime in the 1880s, and it was another 10 years on, when in 1890 Walter Holland (then aged 19), bought the confectionery business from his parents. . .

John Whitaker is listed in the 1881 Census as a Confectioner with the address, 77 Deardengate, this is the address where the origins of "Hollands Pies" first started back in 1851 (It is where the newsagents is in Deardengate which for a long time was owned by Jack Hayton). John Whitaker was the head of the family. Living at the same address was Richard Hy. Holland (32 years and son-in-law), Sarah Ann Holland (35 years and step-daughter), Walter Holland (10 years and Grandson), Sarah Alice Holland (8 years and grandaughter) and Ada Annie Holland (4 years and grandaughter). (See below for a more detailed family history)

So for the record it appears that Richard Holland married John Whitaker's daughter - (Sarah Ann), and that their son was Walter Holland.

The business later moved from 77 Deardengate, to No. 10 Church Street. Then they later moved again to No.11 Market Place before much later getting their more permanent building situated in John Street (1907) which is still there today, (shown above -1st photo on left). Deliveries took place from the works in John Street by horse and cart (see photo above -bottom left - this photo must have been took from "Sunnyslack Farm" or maybe Downham's fields because you can just about make out in the background - Haslingden Parish Church and also the Paghouse Mill) The photo above right bottom shows the workforce celebrating the 1911 Coronation outside their works in John Street (Mr. Walter Holland the head of the Company is shown seated, third from the right on the front... Theres also a price list from 1931....showing Meat Pies at 1s. 10d per dozen (wholesale) - I think thats equivalent in todays reckoning to about 8p a dozen... Click over photos to enlarge......

Added 11th February 2009 John Ashworth whom farms at Sunnyslack Farm (next to Coldwells) kindly informs me that his farm was previously owned at one period by Mr. Walter Holland (Holland's Pies) and that they used to raise their own beef for their pies and also did their own slaughtering at the farm. He still has a room in the farm which was used them days as a cold store and this room actually has a stone ceiling to it, even today.

Added January 9th 2011
David Stevenson has kindly sent in this information on the Holland Family....

Hi Bryan,

I have further information on the Holland family which may be of interest. This shows that in 1851 when John Whittaker opened a confectioners shop in Deardengate, his future wife, Sarah Titley was employed as a cook at Flaxmoss House for William Turner a prominent mill owner and JP.
On the 8th October 1852 at The Parochial Chapel in Haslingden, John Whittaker married Sarah Titley (whose father was Walter Titley, an attorney at Alton in Staffordshire).

The 1861 census shows John and Sarah Whittaker living in Deardengate together with Sarahs daughter Sarah Ann aged 16 who was born in Macclesfield on the 25th July 1844, with the surname Titley and no fathers name recorded on the birth certificate.

In 1866 Richard Henry Holland, born at Wood farm in Staffordshire, joined the Whittakers to work in their shop, after an apprenticeship at Bollands in Chester and Moseleys in Accrington.

On the 2nd November 1869 Richard and Sarah Ann were married at St. James Parish Church, also this year they bought into the confectioners business and changed the name to Hollands.

The 1871 census shows John and Sarah Whittaker,Richard and Sarah Ann Holland all listed as confectioners living in Deardengate together with Richard and Sarahs son Walter at 5 months old.

The 1881 census has John Whittaker, Richard and Sarah Holland with their children Walter,Sarah and Ada living at 77 Deardengate.

On the 21st November 1882 my grandmother Florence Edith Holland was born to Richard and Sarah Ann in Deardengate.

Around 1890 Walter Holland took over the business and changed the name to Walter Hollands.

In1891 Richard and Sarah with four of their children and John Whittaker were living at 10 Church St. whilst Walter Holland, his wife and son Harry lived at 15 Hartley St.

The 1901 census shows that Walter Holland and his family had moved into 10 Church St. whilst Richard, Sarah and three of their children had moved to 342 Blackburn Road.

From David Stevenson,
Rising Bridge Road

This photo was taken on Bury Road of Hollands Pies float and it is in commemoration of the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in May 1937. (Photo: kindly sent in by Paul Schofield)

This photo was taken outside of Hollands Pies factory at Rising Bridge and is in commemoration of the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in May 1937 (Photo kindly sent in by Paul Schofield)
This photo is of Harry Holland with his wife Minnie, who lived to over 100 years, and their daughter Sybil.
The above three photos have been kindly sent in by Paul Schofield. (added 5th Dec 2014)
Paul's Grandmother was Ruth Elizabeth Schofield who was a Holland by birth, she was Aunt to Harry Holland, the last Holland to run the Company.

The above photo is of a placard currently (from April 2009) showing on the wall adjacent to the Hollands Pies offices and factory. Click here if you wish to visit Hollands site and read "their story".

In 1982 when this photograph was taken this Bedford TM was a brand new addition to the Holland's fleet and was used to deliver bulk loads of Holland's frozen products to major supermarket distribution depots. Holland's, now part of Northern Foods, make over 80 million pies, pasties and puddings from their site in Baxenden Lancashire where they employ around 450 employees. (Hollands Pies Artic photo and text was kindly supplied by Paul Anderson)

Here are some more photos sent in by Paul Anderson on 15th November 2010 - Thanks Paul.

Here are a further three photos kindly send in by Paul Anderson on 5th December 2010 with the permission and kindness of Peter Davison:

Paul Anderson has kindly sent in (4th Feb 2011) the following Hollands Pies Van photo (area of photo unknown):

And here below is a photo of the Holland's Pies Netball Team (undated) - Click over photo to enlarge.
The photo was kindly donated by: Mr. Michael Lynn.

And this is a photo of No: 77 Lower Deardengate, Haslingden, where the Hollands Bakery, first started from in the 1850s.  (photo: Clifford Hargreaves)
Email received from David Stevenson 7th May 2014 to help to clear up the confusion of where did the Walter Holland shop go after it had left Lower Deardengate
UIL Bazaar 1911 advert
Hi Bryan,
I have just read with interest the latest info. regarding the Holland family and the query regarding their shop in 1911.
I can confirm that they did live at 11 Market Place in 1911. The census shows Walter living there with his wife, Fanny, their sons, Harry, Frank and Harold together with a domestic housemaid and also a shop waitress named Minnie Orvis. On the 12th August 1914 Minnie and Harry were married, their daughter, Sybil eventually married Kenneth Miller (of Durie and Miller).
In 1891 Richard Holland and family had moved somewhat earlier from Deardengate to 10 Church Street then in 1901 Richard had retired, Walter had taken over the business and with his family were all at 10 Church Street, moving later to 11 Market Place.
Hoping that this is helpful,
Best Regards  David Stevenson

26th September 2014. June Huntingdon has kindly sent in the following Hollands Photos

This photo is from 2006 (supplied by June Huntingdon of the Accrington Museum)
June took this one on 18th July 2004 at Tram Sunday in Fleetwood, so
its really great news to know that one of the old fleet has been so nicely
restored. (photo: June Huntingdon of the Accrington Museum)

The above three photos were kindly sent in by Jack Pilling: The top photo is from the 1930s.
"Have attached a couple of pictures from the 1960's when I joined.  I have more that I took personally The old "Draw Plate" Pie.  The Ovens were still there when I joined but used only for pork pies and turkeys at Christmas.  They were replaced in the late 60's by a large travelling oven.

This is a photo of Hollands dispatch side of the building that I actually took myself in the early 1960's.  All the vans were out delivering at the time.  Back then the vans had to reverse through that door to be loaded up with products.  The famous Holland's chimney was then complete carrying the logo "Hollands Pies", unfortunately it needed to be reduced in height in the 1970s and became just "Hollands".  In the mid 1980's it was taken down altogether.  The Lancashire Boiler for which the chimney served was also removed to make room for the new Pudding department. (Photo: kindly sent in by Jack Pilling 22nd December.  Please click over to enlarge)

This is a photo of Holland's cookhouse where all the fillings were produced.  Not sure of when it was taken but I worked in this department in the early 60's.  The first man on the left is James Horrocks from Haslingden who was still running the department then.  So I guess it was in the early 1950's. (Photo: kindly sent in by Jack Pilling 22nd December. Please click over to enlarge)

This photo is of a man named John Kay who was in charge of the 4am shift who did the preparation for the bakery shift who started at 6.30am.  He was a Haslingden man who was still running that shift in 1961 when I joined.  He was famous for whistling bird songs in the manner of Ronny Ronald who made a very popular record of "In a Monastery Garden" in which he imitated various bird songs.  Both were very impressive !! Again not sure of date but certainly 1930's, 1940's or even 1950's. (Photo: sent in by Jack Pilling 22nd Dec - Please click over photo to enlarge)

Hi, Another one for the Hollands archive. The two people in the the foreground are Production Manager Joseph Nicholas (Left) and John Kay (right)
In the background the men there include Hubert Taylor who doubled up as van driver and production operative. The decorations are for the coronation of King George the 6th in 1937. (Photo kindly supplied by Jack Pilling on Dec 24th 2014 - Click over to enlarge)

Hi, This would be Ok for your Hollands site. They are early 1960's vans of which pictures are rare. The Lambretta is mine which I rode to work for 2 years (Brave me!) Jack Pilling.  (Photo kindly supplied by Jack Pilling on Dec 26th 2014 - Click over to enlarge)

This is one for Hollands showing pies awaiting being baked. This picture I took in the late 80's when we were producing between 1 and 2 million pies weekly.. (Photo kindly sent in by Jack Pilling on 3rd January 2015).
Hollands Pies Management Team in the early 1960s
From the left: Ken Dickinson, Jack Pilling, John Hunt, Elsie Johnson, Betty Christopher, Alan Marshall, Fred Howden, Audrey Harvey, Fred Pickup, Tom Lees, Royce Birtwell, Arnold Longworth, Albert Riley (Managing Director).  Photo: kindly supplied by Jack Pilling on 7th Jan 2015 - Please click over to enlarge

Hollands Pies Van in the Lodge at the bottom of the car park (Photo supplied by Peter Fisher 6th Aug 2015)
Hollands Pie Van in Lodge (Photo: kindly supplied by Peter Fisher on 6th August 2015)
Hollands Pies Van in Lodge during the 1980s.
Photo kindly supplied by Jack Pilling on 12th January 2015 (Please click over to enlarge)

This is Hollands Pies Staff 1980s. (Photo kindly supplied by Jack Pilling 7th Jan 2015) If you prefer to see a larger Click here to my photobucket external hosting site and then go to top right hand with your mouse and click over the "+"

Photos sent in by Jack Pilling showing the Pastry Mixing Department. 

Two fabulous Magazine photos kindly sent in by Jack Pilling on 17th Feb 2015.

 Hollands Pies Mechanics and Painters (Click over photo to enlarge)

Photo: kindly contributed by Marjorie Corbridge/Myra Frohnapfel and uploaded here on 25th November 2015

Hollands Pies - The Confectionery Department (Click over to enlarge)
The firm employed over 200 workers at that time and were making 8000 pies per hour as well as confectionery.
(Photo: Kindly shared by Jack Pilling)

Hollands Pies - Pie Manufacturing Department (Click over to enlarge)
The firm employed over 200 workers at that time and were making 8000 pies per hour as well as confectionery.
(Photo: Kindly shared by Jack Pilling)

Hollands Pies Vans - photo taken in the 1930s (Click over to enlarge)
It is thought that some of the vans pictured were probably Chevrolets made by the American firm before they became Vauxhall and therein produced the Bedford Van.
(Photo: Kindly shared to us by Jack Pilling)

  Hollands Pies Van Pull in aid of Leukaemia Research Fund
Left: Stephen Cain, Sean McKenna, ? Mike Pelc, ? Jeff Gregory.
Right: David Guest, ?,?, Frank Wade, Gary Price, ?
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher.

The above advert from a booklet kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby