Friday, 24 October 2008

Rossendale Hunt (mid-late 1800's) - based at Farm off Broadway.....

This is a very old photograph of the Rossendale Hunt, which I believe during its lifetime was based at a farm which was then situated nearto what is now the bottom of Lancaster Avenue, Broadway side, Helmshore...this is where the horses and dogs where stabled and is shown on this very old postcard.....

The Master of the Hunt was Thomas Brooks who was made The Rt. Hon. Lord Crawshaw (1st Baron) by Queen Victoria on the 9th February 1891. Thomas Brooks was born in 1825 and died in 1908. He became the High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1884. He was a founder member of the Rossendale hunt being appointed Master in 1860 a post which he held for 22 years. (Click over photo to enlarge)

Below is a mail I received 23rd Dec 2014 from John Oakley:
Dear Bryan,
I wonder if you or any followers/members of your page could help me with information please? I am trying to find out more about the Rossendale Hunt. My Great Grandfather James Edward Taylor was Whip to the Harriers from April 1879 to December 1883, and then Huntsman from December 1883 to June 1907. I believe that the Master of the Hunt at that time was possibly  a Major H.M. Kenyon. I would be grateful if anyone has any information about my Great Grandfather, or the Rossendale Hunt in general.

I found your page during the process of researching my Great Grandfather, and visit it regularly, it is a wonderful resource, and I wish you all the very best. Yours Sincerely, John Oakley.