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Haslingden St James Church Lads Brigade & Haslingden Catholic Boys Brigade

Haslingden St. James Church Lads Brigade (1901 to 1996).

And also within Haslingden we were privileged to have the Haslingden Catholic Boys Brigade (1918-1925 approx) (see photo on right - click over to enlarge)..

It was in the 1950s that I wore my Young Boys Corps navy blue jumper with embroidered patch bearing the letters YBC (we used to nickname it the Young Bugg..s Club, and I suppose thats just what it was at times, but it was worn with such pride by the many young members. I was always envious of the older boys who where fully fledged JTC (Junior Training Corps) members and they got the chance to wear a proper uniform.. I remember our drill hall which was at the back of the Library, in Hindle Street (see photo below left), (prior to us having it, it had been the St. Andrews Mission also previously known as the Hindle Street Mission - see photo on right of when it was St. Andrews). It was here the CLB did our training and we would assemble one Sunday in every month to parade to our Church - St. James

When I was a member I can remember going to camp in the Isle of Man, and I got friendly with "Yapper Wilson" (Brian) and also "Yapper" Haworth (the late Brian) and there was also Alistair Chapello and probably other lads within our small group. I also have memories of other lads in the CLB - Tom Bond, Denis Baker, Peter Desforgis, Arthur Diggle, George Diggle, Brian Till, David & Peter White, Stanley Barlow, Bill Jennings, John Jennings, Bill Parkinson, Clive and Winston Beckett, Jack Pilling, Leslie Blunt, David Haworth, Brian Pickup, etc etc etc...
The band generally consisted of buglars, drummers and big drummer and there were some great buglars in our Company..

Up until more recently I used to see quite regular the main man who led the operation those days our Captain John Stanton, a remarkable man (now in his 90s) he would command the greatest of respect. I seem to remember from long ago reading that he was chosen to be one of the main men throughout the North of England representing the Church Lads Brigade and bore such a heavyweight title of Rank.. he was a fine man, and had great support from our other Officers, I can remember John's right hand man at that time Tom Riley..

Here on the left is a old CLB reunion photo and on the right a photo of Captain John Stanton....

This brilliant photo, just below is of the CLB somewhere around the 1920s or 1930s and was kindly sent in by Fizle and shows her dad Sam Sagar who is walking directly in front of the Civilian, and the guy across from him with the beard also shows up in a previous blog photo (depicting Margerisons Garage). The photo was taken around the St James Lychgate on Blackburn Road.

This superb photo immediately below, was kindly sent in by Joan Merrill. The photo shows Sam Sagar.
My dad, Jack Mead, is the on middle row and is the middle one between the cup holder and Sam. John Stanton is on the front row to my dad's left( the middle one).

Here below, is some more photos kindly sent in by Fizle, of the brigade from as early as 1920s, some are group photos and some when on their Summer Camp.... (Click over photos to enlarge).. There are two of the group photos which are immediately below left and right and the one on the left is from the 1920s and probably 20 years earlier than the one on the right which could well be in the late 30s or early 1940s..John Stanton is on the right hand below photo and is next but one to the right of the vicar, also the late John Adams (of Hudrake) is in between the vicar and John Stanton... Fizle's father (Sam Sagar) is in both of the group photos - In the first photo immediately below he is on the left next but one to the vicar in uniform. And on the right hand group photo immediately below he is to the left of the Civilian..

These two photos below where kindly sent by Jackie Ramsbottom. The first one depicts the Brigade around 1956-1958 ish.. I can remember most of the guys, but I must have left just before this photo was taken and the second photo below is of a Summer Camp which would have been around the mid 50s... (Click over photos to enlarge)

additional names (above): front row kneeling: John Kay (between Peter White and Brian Till), I am almost sure thats Robert Stevens to the right of Jimmy Halstead.  I also think that Ken Tattersall is between Brian Pickup and Brian Yap Wilson.

The undermentioned four photos were given to me by Capt John Stanton which are obviously some of the earliest photos available of the C.L.B.

And here below is a photo kindly sent in by Joyce Thorne and its from the Whitsun 1948 St. James Church of England Sunday School procession. Heading is the Church Lads Brigade and cant be sure but think maybe the leader on this photo is Major John Stanton. (Please click over photo once to enlarge and then again to supersize)

(30th April 2012) Email from Graham Sumner

Dear Bryan,I have just come across your blog Haslingden Old and New. The part that interested me the most was the section about Haslingden St. James Church Lads’ Brigade. I can tell you that the Haslingden St. James Church Lads’ Brigade was started on the 20th December 1901. As a member of the Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade Historical Group, who is researching the Brigade in the Blackburn Diocese and Church Lads’ Brigade War Memorials, I would like to ask you for some assistance. I have a copy of a booklet about the St. James C.L.B. which was written by Jack Whittaker, and in this he mentions a Roll of Honour to members of the Company who served during the 1914 – 1918 war, which was in the Company Headquarters. Do you know if this Roll of Honour still exists or if there is a photograph of it of which I could obtain a copy?Also mentioned in the booklet is an Officer called J. T. Haworth who had been the Head teacher of St. James school, could you by any chance tell me what his names where. I would also be interested in any more information about St. James C.L.B. and or copies of any photographs. I also remember John Stanton, although I was a member of the Church Lads’ Brigade in Preston.Yours Faithfully,Graham Sumner.

It was with much sadness that Major John Stanton died on Saturday August 20th 2011 at the age of 93, he will always be remembered with much fondness - (below is printed his obituary which appeared in the Rossendale Free Press)

Former cotton spinner Mr John Stanton, of Harcourt Road, Accrington and formerly of Haslingden died on Saturday, August 20 at Woodlands Nursing Home, aged 93.
He leaves his wife Valerie, sister Marian, nephews and nieces.
He served on Minesweepers during the war at Scapa Flow, Africa and Rosife.
He worked as a footwear operative with Starline, Rawtenstall, as a cotton spinner at Sykeside, Haslingden and Woodnook, Accrington before retiring from Nori Brick of Accrington.
As a young boy he joined St James Parish Church Lads and Girls Brigade where he was a member for over 50 years and would be remembered as Major Stanton, receiving the brigade bronze award in 1984. He was former worshipful master of Rossendale Forest Masonic Lodge.
His funeral was due to take place on Thursday, August 25 with service at St James Parish Church, Haslingden followed by cremation at Accrington
Crematorium officiated by Canon Roger Smith.
Donations if desired in memory of John for the Alzheimers Association c/o funeral director.
Funeral arrangements: Josephine Durning for Johnson, Durning and Woods Funeral Service, Haslingden

Haslingden St. James Boys Brigade (kindly sent in by Keith Burton). Does anyone have any information on this photo eg: date and where was it taken?

27th December 2013 - Received Email from John Kay (ex pat France)
We must have met.
I am the " unknown " in picture 16, between Peter White who I remember and Brian Till. Third from last name.  Peter was a good harmonica player and used to perform at various concerts. Certainly remember some of the guys in the photo. Was a good mate of Arthur Diggle.  I was a lance corporal in the JTC under Tom Riley.
Was in YBC from 1957 to 1960, then JTC until 1963. In CLB proper for a couple of years until my family moved to Horwich.  Tried for the band with bugle and drum but not good enough before we moved.
My family had the selling out shop at the top of Pleasant St until we moved.
I had a successful academic career becoming a Professor and Dean before retiring to France where I still live.
Went to camp in the Isle of Man but not sure which year.
Keep up the good work. Enjoyed the memories.
John Kay

And here is a new photo received of the Church Lads Brigade.

A couple of photos (below) - kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel (20th Aug 2015)

St. James Church Lads Brigade at the Hindle Street Drill Hall
(Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo: kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 19th August 2015
L to R: Back Row: Peter White, Master Fitton, Jack Pilling, David White, Brian Till.
Middle Row: Clive Beckett, George Whittaker, David Siddall, Donald Henry, Roy Frohnapfel, Master Barlow, Roy Hindle.
Front Row: ?,Stuart Kay, Stewart Smith,?,?,?,?.

Church Lads Brigade Skiffle Group (click over to enlarge)
features: Jack Pilling, Peter White, Brian Till (at the back), Roy Frohnapfel, David White

(Below) Some photos kindly sent in by John McGuire showing his Uncles in CLB Uniform.

Photo from John McGuire - Uncle Bob Berry 1930s - Church Lads Brigade (uploaded 30th August 2015)

Photo from John McGuire - Uncle Arthur Berry in brigade uniform, Uncle Jimmy in army uniform and son Jimmy 1944 - Photo uploaded 30th August 2015

Photo from John McGuire - Uncle Jimmy in brigade uniform 1930's - Photo uploaded 30th August 2015

Photo from John McGuire - Uncle Arthur in brigade uniform with bass drum and me, Hilda and cousin Ernest (Uncle Bob's son) - (Photo uploaded 30th August 2015)

Photos 1,2 and 3 above were taken in the terraced row on Blackburn Road, opposite the lych gate and photo 4 was probably somewhere near the top Church. 

Myra Frohnapfel has kindly sent in the following photos: 

Church Lads Brigade marching up Higher Deardengate (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 3rd September 2015

Church Lads Brigade marching up Higher Deardengate (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 3rd September 2015

Church Lads Brigade (Click over to enlarge)
Jack Pilling, Clive Beckitt, Billy Metcalfe and Roy Frohnapfel
Photo: kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 3rd Sept 2015.

Violet Dearden crowning rose queen Claire Walkden, with Mark Frohnapfel cushion bearer
(Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo Kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 3rd September 2015

C.L.B. (Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 2nd September 2015

 C.L.B. Reunion (Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 2nd September 2015)

C.L.B. Practice at Drill Hall, Hindle Street - mid 1950s
Click over photo to enlarge - Photo kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 2nd September 2015

C.L.B. (Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo kindly sent in by Myra Frohnapfel on 2nd September 2015

Haslingden Church Lads Brigade on Walking Day c1970s
(Photo: kindly contributed by Jeff Stevens on 5th October 2015

I think this must be a early photo of the St. James Church Lads Brigade  (Click over to enlarge).

Plaque erected to St. James Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade.
1901 to 1996
  - The plaque is situated on the West Wall of the St. James Parish Church -  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo kindly supplied by John R. Edwards and archived and uploaded here on 24th February 2016.

Nurse McVell Memorial Service - Procession heading up Church Street  (Click over to enlarge)

Photo shows Church Street how it used to be with the "Bird In Hand", and the "Masons" on the left hand side and the "Bull's Head" on the right hand side as you look at the photo. Also the Church Lads Brigade are at the forefront of the photograph.
Photo: Uploaded here on 26th April 2016 

Jim Camm on the centre left and the late John Stanton - centre right of the St. James Boys and Girls Brigade. (Click over to enlarge)
Other names offered L to R: ?, Alexander, Jim Camm, Ann Kerhaw, John Stanton, Donald Valentine.
Photo: Kindly shared by Peter Fisher.

Church Lads Brigade Event (Click over to enlarge)
Names offered: Major John Stanton holding cup with John Durkin, Thomas Kay, Stephen Brown, Stephen Taylor, Gareth Camm, Ian Haworth, Mark, Frank, Gibby, Brian Nuttall
Thanks to Peter Fisher for sharing the photo

CLB inspection and open night at St. James Church
Names offered: Jim Camm sat to top left plus Brian Wellock, Kevin Rawcliffe, Neil Rowbotham, Duncan Edwards, Howard Rishton, Andrew Barge and David Camm.
Photo: thanks to Peter Fisher for sharing with us.

April 1982 and the team from St James Church Lads Brigade take part in the National Brigades five a side football tournament held in London.
Ian Haworth, Gareth Camm, Paul Vear, John Gibson, Paul Haworth,
 Stephen Brown and Shane Thornton

St. Johns Stonefold Church Lads Brigade

St. John's Stonefold CLB Mock Auction - March 1977

Haslingden Baptist Church 1st Company Boys Brigade

It is a Boys Brigade group. 1st Haslingden Company based at Haslingden Baptist Church. It was the annual display and award evening. Looking at some of the boys I suspect it was about 20 years ago. The male officer , back left is the late Jeremy Tomlinson. The lady front right is Margaret McQuilton-Morgan. I am the lady officer back right [ish]. The lady back left is Lena Warburton.  (Thanks - Jennifer Rawlinson)

St. James C of E - Church Lads Brigade (Click over to enlarge)
Buglers Jack Pilling and Clive Beckett

St. James C of E - Church Lads Brigade (Click over to enlarge)
Bugler Jack Pilling

Friday, 13 March 2009

George Hoyles, Cordingleys, Mark Barnes - Haslingden's Char-a-banc & Coach Proprietors

Haslingden has had its private Coach/Charabanc Proprietors in the past. I can just about remember George Hoyle's which was based at Coal Hey at the rear of Lower Deardengate behind the Roebuck Pub. They not only had coaches but also had wagons for Haulage. In fact the wagons where still operating long after the Coaches had finished..

This photo on left is of Trinity Baptist Church on a day outing with a Cordingley's charabanc. All the young chaps are wearing cloth caps!. Another main Coach Proprietor who again doubled as a Haulage Contractor was Mark Barnes & Sons Ltd who had their Office at 313 Blackburn Road, Haslingden and their Coach Excursion booking office at Ratcliffe Street. Their garage was called Clough End Garage and was behind Blackburn Road quite near to Worsley Park, in fact the area is now the base for Grimshaws builders (Noel and Bob). The proprietors of Mark Barnes where Fred Barnes and Fred's sister Mrs. Jenny Garside and Walter Barnes who also had his own coach firm at Rishton. I had my first job here running the office at 313 Blackburn Road and I found both Fred and Mrs. Garside really good people to work for.

This photo on the right sadly is the only photo I actually took of one of Mark Barnes coaches, this one was Reg: 370 OTB and was driven that day by Harold Tillotson, although his (usual coach which he normally drove was 824 FTF), and this particular day 370 was his coach, and I took the photograph whilst is was stopped for a break in Chester whilst on a day excursion to Rhyl (although it does say Morecambe on the front).
Besides coaches and haulage Mark Barnes's also had a couple of beautiful Princess limousines which we used for Weddings etc.

This must have been one of the early Haslingden Coaching proprietors - James Kirby looking at this billhead which dates back to 1891.

The old coach on the right photo belonged to Moorhouse & Son of Mayfield. I can remember in the 60s when Moorhouse had limousines for weddings etc. and quite often if we got extremely busy at Mark Barnes we would offer the work to Moorhouse or vica versa......

Just found this very old photo from the 20's showing yet another Haslingden Char-a-banc proprietor in the name of E. Hargreaves of Carr Street Garage, Haslingden. Also photo on right of Anderton & Halsteads works party in 1920 with Char-a-bancs from Cordingley's and setting off from the Hud Hey side (Glebe Cottages) of Rising Bridge Road. I would have imagined that Cordingley's would have had to hire additional char-a-bancs to cater for such a large party...
(Please click over images to enlarge)...


Rally at Marsden Square shows a Mark Barnes lorry

Just found this! Old Mark Barnes photo from 1964 (Click over to enlarge)
I must have got someone to take it whilst we were all on a trip somewhere.  Can't just recognize two of the drivers but think the one on the left may have been Peter Hankinson? then yours truly at the age of 16 and to the right Harold Tillotson (Hawkeye) (who drove 824FTF Coach.  Don't know who the other driver is (for now) with his back to the camera 

the late David Cardwell who was a very popular driver at Mark Barnes
on both the Coaches and the Wagons, I took this photo when
we were at the National Coach Rally held on the lower promenade at Blackpool.
Sadly David passed away at a young age.
this photo shows one of the beautiful "Princess" or were they Wolseleys (not sure now so long ago!) limousines which we had two for both weddings and funerals. 
at Mark Barnes and Sons Ltd and I can still picture Fred (the part owner of Mark Barnes)
 polishing these cars with much energy and pride because they
were booked out for most Saturday for local Weddings.  Sometimes
Moorhouses down at Mayfield, Helmshore would book out the vehicles from us.
The photo shows the bride who is Hadrian Taylor just getting out of the car at the Parish Church. 
thanks to Alec Taylor for kindly sharing this photo with us


Added 18th March 2009: I was speaking to Jack Cordingley today (now aged 91) and he told me that it was his Grandfather that started the Char-a-banc business and that they had two vehicles. One was a Thorneycroft and one was a Daimler and the business and garage was ran from Queen Ann Street.