Friday, 16 February 2018

Haslingden Labour Party

Haslingden Labour Party Members - possibly the nomination party for Donald Valentine to become the Mayor of Haslingden.

Names offered: Donald Valentine, Joyce Valentine and Jeffrey Valentine, Steven Barnes, Mary Harrison, Doris Barnes, Steven Barnes, Mrs. Hamilton, Jack Farrelly, Mr and Mrs. Keefe, Denis Keefe, Margaret Clegg, Sam Ogden, Mrs. Waddington, John Quinlan, John Mullaney, Margaret Lloyd, Eric Lamb, Margaret Lamb, David Coupe, Gerrard Hatton, Mr. McGuire.

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

Rossendale Young Socialists Dance

Names offered: Dane Swindells, Marilyn Zebrowski (nee Heys), Teresa Carr (neck band), Patricia Swindels (looking left),  Pam Stevenson, Pat Durkin, Ingrid Bentley
Photo: Thanks to Peter Fisher

December 1975 and Christmas came early for this group of happy youngsters at the Haslingden Labour Party treat held at the Irish Democratic League Club. 140 children enjoyed an afternoon of games, dancing and tea and of course a visit from "You know who"

Monday, 12 February 2018

Haslingden Soroptomist

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Kindly contributed to us by Clifford Hargreaves and will also be filed under Soroptomist. 

Haslingden Soroptomist handing cheque over to Rossendale Hospice
Photo: Kindly shared by Peter Fisher

Front: Seated Jim Watts (Hospice Representative),Joan Lords (handing over cheque)
Rear: Lucy Haworth, Mary Nuttall, Edna Egerton, Doris Lewer, Caroline Wolstenholme,Vera Schofield, Pat Fisher, Jean Hamer, Mary Ashman