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PHOTO ALBUM NO.9 for 2021


(above) New paintings by Liz Taylor
(Bottom) Bridge over Snig Hole
(Top) Robin Hoods Well

(Above) New Jerusalem Sunday School 1920s - Union Street.

photo: Manchester Road Methodist - Alan Robinson 291121


above: Oak Avenue Street Party Queens Silver Jubilee 1977 shared 291121

Some more fabulous aerial photos kindly shared by Alan Robinson.  This time it is Grane Mill chimney and engine house

Some lovely aerial photos of our poor Haslingden Baths kindly sent in by Alan Robinson.

Below are Civic photos from when Alderman Bert Bussey was the mayor

Photos:  from the late Joyce Thorne.

Haslingden St. James, year unknown
Photo: via Gordon Robinson.

Top photo: from Alan Robinson with thanks and the bottom photo by the late Garth Dawson with thanks. Put together to show comparisons and colourized (bottom photo only) by Chris Kirby.

The top photo is current in 2021 whereby the bottom photo would be from 1950s-1960s

A fabulous poster kindly shown to us by Graeme Yeates of an event at the Town Hall in 1873. The Town Hall those days was were the Court building stood. 

1951 photo St. James C of E School (St. James)

Photo: Kindly supplied by John Clegg.

Back row: Duncan Slater, Brian Nuttall, Tom Rhodes, Derek Tattersall, Jack Beresford, Edmund Yarker, David Walsh, Tom Wilkinson.

Middle row: Ian Belshaw, David Holden, John Clegg, Anne Kempster, Gladys Johnson, Margaret Willis, Eric Gardner, Keith Mason, James Cunliffe. 

Front row: Dorothy Shipstone (JC) or Margaret Seville (JH), Brenda Farrell, Renee Wilkinson, Josephine Edwards, Jean Haworth, Jean Worsley, Jean Warburton, Della Hartley, Anne Nicholson, Anita Whittaker. 

Seated: Frank Haworth, Nigel Hindle, Joseph Harrison, Richard Hanson. 

Also now archived in the St. James C of E School photos

St. James C of E School 1953 photo 
kindly supplied by John Clegg

Back row: Duncan Slater, David Walsh, Edmund Yarker, Tom Rhodes, Derek Tattersall, Brian Nuttall.

Middle row: Tom Wilkinson, Jean Worsley, Gladys Johnson, Anne Kempster, ?, Margaret Willis, David Holden.

Front row: Brenda Farrell, Renee Wilkinson, Della Hartley, Jean Haworth, Glenys Reid, Jean Warburton, Anne Nicholson, Josephine Edwards, ?, Dorothy Shipstone (JC) orMargaret Seville (JH).

Seated: Joseph Harrison, John Clegg, Keith Mason, Eric Gardner, Frank Haworth, James Cunliffe, Ian Belshaw, Nigel Hindle.

Also now archived in the St. James C of E School photos

The above is the 1960 Haslingden Grammar School - Speech Day programme
Kindly supplied by John Clegg

The above is the 1962 Haslingden Grammar School - Speech Day programme
Kindly supplied by John Clegg

Tor in Winter by local artist Liz Taylor
Now archived within "Haslingden In Art"

John Clegg has kindly shared the following photos with us:

John Clegg has kindly shared

with us the following photos, which are also "then and now" photos of the actual areas. 1 top and 1 bottom This is one where the background is interesting. This was taken from the top of Rock Hall looking over Kirk Hill Farm and Longshoot estate towards the Boys Home. The No. 1 bottom left is the 2021 view from the same place, once again there are lots more trees. The large farm building has gone affording a view of Height End, Moorland Rise and Kirkhill Avenue. The Boys Home was demolished years ago. 2) and 2A Market Place on a wet Walking Day in 1964. The ghost of the Big Lamp is visible bottom left in the tarmacadam. A caravan is parked on the site of the Swan Hotel. 3) An altogether better day in 2021 with little change on the North side of Church St. Signs of the times on the right of the photo - satellite dishes and CCTV camera. 4) Walking Day 1965 by the Thorn Hotel on Bury Road. Megan Ratcliffe smiling at the camera with green wooden market stalls and old brick and asbestos market hall in the background. 5) Same scene in 2021 - no getting away from the cars. 6) Walking Day 1965 this time passing Tattersalls builders yard on Manchester Road. 7) Same scene but in 2021. 8)Walking Day 1965 by the Thorn Hotel on Bury Rd. Second row Mrs. Clegg, Mrs Hayhurst and Mrs. Williams with the Mothers Union. 9) A photo of the area in more modern times.

John Clegg has kindly shared the following photographs with us which are now being added to the main blog 1) A view of Longshoot which he thinks was taken by his father in 1950s or 60s. 2) Blackburn Road: A walking day somewhere along Blackburn Road after 1932 when the trams ceased running. The girl at right front in the big hat is my sister Megan aged about 9 or 10 which would date the photo to just pre WWII. 3) Hargreaves St 12 - Megan and me outside the middle door of the shop in Hargreaves Street about 1944-45. This and next one show shop displays of the time. 4) Hargreaves St 13: A family photograph: Megan, me my mother and James Ratcliffe (Megan's husband) This would have been 1954 as I am showing off my new grammar school uniform. The background is the shop window between the centre door and the door that led to a corridor through to the pledge office which by then was no longer in use. We are standing on one of the pavement lights that allowed daylight into the two cellar rooms each of which I was told, housed a family at one time. There was a fireplace and a stone sink with cold water tap in each one.

John Clegg has kindly sent in the following photos below which are from Central Garage, Haslingden and he has showed how it was and how it is now, and also provided information were possible.

Photo (above): John Clegg

Photo (above): John Clegg

A view from the opposite direction showing the buildings in Ratcliffe Fold with the Haslingden Corporation bus garage behind them.  The spire of New Jerusalem Church shows above the bus garage and a corner of Trinity Baptist Church is on the right hand side. 

Photo (above): John Clegg

This is a more up to date photo showing the same as above. 

Photo (above): John Clegg

Photo showing the row of shops opposite the Central Garage in 1967.  The young lady on the petrol pump is Sherri Holden, younger sister of Heather.

Photo (above): John Clegg

A more up to date photo of the one above, with the still un-rebuilt shop which was Bensons the Printers, Self service pumps too.

Photo (above): John Clegg

Photo looking towards Townsend Street from Central Garage.  This time it looks like a rather new Cortina being refuelled by Sherri

Photo (above): John Clegg

Similar view today as the one above but now with the Valeting Centre to the left

Photo (above): John Clegg

The figure bending over in the office doorway is Fred the garage manager - I cannot remember his last name.  The car is an Austin Princess R (R means Rolls Royce engine). Tragically he and David Greenwood were killed in that car in a head on crash near Salmesbury airfield in December 1968.

Photo (above): John Clegg

Photo (above): John Clegg

Does anyone have any information on the "Meadows Maulers". The photo has been kindly sent in by Sue Mead whos father is in the team but she does not know of any others. She thinks it is early and before her dad played for St. Mary's.

(above) Here are two great photos sent in by John Clegg.  The first photo shows John at the age of about 8 standing on a ladder which was propped up against the stable wall in the back behind the shop on Hargreaves Street.  John says the access from George Street would be off to the right of the photo.  The second photo shows John at 10 with a new cycle, with David Hayhurst on either side of John's mother.  As far as he recalls it's the only photo he has which shows both shop windows in it. 

Thanks to John Clegg for this superb photo which was taken in Clegg Street outside of the Spencer's house. As far as John can remember it was a coach trip organized by Mrs. Spencer to celebrate the Coronation in 1953.

Photos sent in by John Clegg. It is St. James C of E School Pupils 1952-53Nigel Hindle, Ian Belshaw, Tom Wilkinson, John Clegg, Bernard Pickup, Jimmy Cunliffe, Frank Haworth, Richard Hanson and Joe Harrison.Brian Nuttall, Eric Gardner, Edmund Yarker, ? Derek Tattersall, ?, David Walsh, David Holden, Duncan Slater, Ian Mason. and Jean Worsley, Anne Kempster,(1) ?, Sheila Buxton, Brenda Farrell, Glenys Reid, ?, Dorothy Shipstone, Jean Warburton, Josephine Edwards, ?, Margaret Willis, Della Hartley. (1)? John states that both he and his sister Megan cannot identify the girl and thought she was perhaps only at the school for a short time. (PS: by the way a lot of people will remember Megan who was our Miss Clegg at school (taught us in the very first class as I remember).

Pauline Emmett Dagg has kindly sent in the follow photos

Pauline sat on the scooter outside Mr. Zebrowski's upholstery shop

Pauline the Poser outside of Mr. Cleggs on Hargreaves St. 

Frank Heaps Chemist on Church Street.

above: Mr. Cleggs on Hargreaves St. 

John Clegg has kindly sent in the following flood photos

Looking up Northfield Road, Rising Bridge
Photo: Thanks to John Clegg

Shows house washed away on main Street at Rising Bridge
Photo: John Clegg

Shows house washed away on main Street at Rising Bridge
Photo: John Clegg

John Clegg has kindly sent in the following photos which show his dad Mr. Sam Clegg when he was president of the Chamber of Trade, and two other photos showing young John sat on the step of the shop entrance. 

John Clegg has kindly sent in the following photos which are again associated with Ivanovics when they were on Hargreaves Street.

Outside of Ivanovics on Hargreaves Street 1950s
Photo thanks to John Clegg

Outside of Ivanovics on Hargreaves Street 1950s
Photo thanks to John Clegg

Outside of Ivanovics on Hargreaves Street 1950s
Photo thanks to John Clegg

Outside of Ivanovics on Hargreaves Street 1950s
Photo thanks to John Clegg

Outside of Ivanovics on Hargreaves Street 1950s
Photo thanks to John Clegg

The above 3 photos are kindly shared to us by Mr. John Clegg and they show Calf Hey Reservoir at the top from 1962.  The second photo shows a view from NW of Hog Lowe Clough and Fairy Glen again taken in the 1960s.  And the bottom phot shows a weir at Fairy Glen that was swept away in the floods on 18th July 1964.

The two photos above have been kindly shared to us by Mr. John Clegg, son of Mr. Sam Clegg whom had the clothes shop on Hargreaves Street for many years. I remember it well going there as a child for school uniforms etc.  The photos depict bedspreads or other materials being loaded or unloaded into a wagon from Messrs. Ivanovics whom had the premises across the road, the photo is from the 1950s.  The bottom photo depicts the old type of dustbin wagons, Haslingden had back in the 1950s.

Chris Aspin's latest collection of paranormal stories
has just been published and includes

contributions from 
Haslingden Old and New followers who answered his appeal
for offbeat experiences.

    All the stories are local and include accounts of 
poltergeists, ghosts and much else.

    The booklet, 'Strange Things Happen' costs £3.50 and
is available from Chris at 21 Westbourne, Helmshore and
from some local shops.  

    Chris believes there are stories still to be told and

would like to hear of them.

7 Hutch Bank - 1950s.
Photo: thanks to Anne Whitehouse

Kindly sent in by Stephen Riley.

From Jack Cartier on 14th April 2021 - Hello Bryan, I've just discovered your blogsite and can make a small contribution: HGS photos: 1969 Sheet 1 - David Foster (Albert), Sheet 4 - Seamus Holden, David Clegg, Colin Green, Stephen Hardman, Stuart Savage, Phillip Casson, Paul Holt, Kevin Egan, ??? Green ?, Neil Rothwell, Raymond Clegg, Nigel Billings.

Also the following Speech Day programme (the very last)

Click over the programme to enlarge


Photo: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove

Photo: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove

Haslingden Grammar School - Beachy Head Eastbourne 1956
Photo - Thanks to Joan Gudgeon 
John Smithson has named some as:
David Barber, Ross Holden, Roger Hargreaves, David Walsh, Peter Booth, Ian Myatt, Barry Bowell, Peter Cronshaw, Alan Haworth, Gwen Holden, Christine Ashcroft, Joyce Heaton, Ann Burbridge, Brenda Heap, Anne Butterworth, Walter McDonald, Ralph Ormerod, Constance Rees, Adrian Pilkington, David Lewis among others. 

St. Marys Cricket Team
Photo: thanks to Andrea Lysons

St. Marys May Queen thought to be around 1934
Photo: thanks to Andrea Lysons

Thought to be Haslingden

Photo: Andrea Lysons


Old Worsley Park Bowling Club
Back: John White, Jack Davison, John Gill, ?, ?
Middle: Fred Ratcliffe, ?, Walter Rigg,
Front: George Heys, Bill Wade, Ray Johnson,Dick Garnett
Photo: thanks to Raymond Clegg Jnr

Back: David Clark, Bryan Bridge, Colin Grindrod, David Riley, Raymond Heys, Joyce Heslop, Phyllis Rothwell, Jean Jefferson, Brian Whittaker, Stanley Bradshaw, Rod Ashman, Frank Metcalf, Ralph Ormerod.
Front: David Lewis, David Ashworth, Barry Rothwell, Mr Lewis, Mr Stitt, Walt McDonald, David Hardman, Alan Ratcliffe, Larry Brindle.
Photo: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove

Photos: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove. 

Haslingden Grammar School - Criccieth 1955
Photo: thanks to Joyce Snellgrove

Haslingden Grammar School - Grane House Hockey Team Champions 1949

Back Row: Margaret Clark, Sheila Haworth, Marina Hewittson, Joyce Weston, Jean Walker, Barbara Tarran, Grace Holden.
Front Row: Normal Pickup, Shirley Greenwood, Joan Stiller, Eddiss Whittam, Beryl Austin
Photo: thanks to Joan Gudgeon

Haslingden Cricket Club memorabilia kindly shared by Ann Shaw
to the winners of the Worsley Cup, Lancs Junior League Owen Hives Trophy

This is St. Marys Fete 1988
photo thanks to Andrea Millward
photo features: Stephanie Coleman, Charlotte O'rourke, Emma Cliffe and possibly Trisha Sharkey.

This photo shows ?, and Mr Ratcliffe and Raymond Clegg
Photo: via Raymond Clegg jnr

John Ashman and Raymond Clegg (snr)
Photo: Raymond Clegg (jnr)

St. Mary's Fete (year unsure)
Photo: thanks to Andrea Millward

Do you have any information on the above football team please. John Simpson is looking to find out more on this unknown football team. The photo was taken on the Grammar School playing fields (Rough Farm in the background), Who were they? what was the event? and what date was the event?

Maybe Alec Taylor is the referee, and is that a young Ray Clegg (snr) on the front row first left hand. 

HGS first eleven hockey team of 1950-1951
photo taken in front of the old pavillion
Back Row: Marjorie Whittaker, Eileen Entwistle, Joyce Abel, Norma Pickup, Ida White, Beryl Austin.
Front Row: Sheila Whitworth, Sheila Cooper, Jean Heap, Helen Donaldson, Shirley Greenwood. 

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Joan Gudgeon (sister of Shirley Greenwood)

This is a photo showing employees of the CWS Footwear, Brittania Mill, presenting Maura Lee with flowers.
Photo: Thanks to Keith Gunton.

Here is a great photo showing 46 to 65 Grane Road, the shop and No.51 are no longer standing.
Photo: thanks to Carolyn Grieves and now archived under Grane Road.

Photo of Hughie Durning - Undertaker
Photo: Anne Coates

St. Mary's from 1951 - John McGuire's first Communion.

Boys: Back row L to R. Don't know but had ginger hair and a limp, Denis O'Neil, Peter Smith, Jimmy Ormerod, Peter Caldwell, Peter Bell, Terrance McKenzie, Peter O'Mera, ?. John Flynn. Next Row. Michael Mullaney, John Bedford, Billy Incles, Charles ?, David Malabourne, David Cardwell, Peter Sheridan, Peter Livsey, James Lynch, Peter Merriman. Teacher Kathleen Talty. Thanks to Michael Mullaney for naming the boys..

If you wish to check out the rest of Ray's photos please click here:

Ray Whittaker has kindly put these photos into the blog:

Coal Clough Lodge, Northfield Rd, Rising Bridge .

July 1964 when it broke its banks during the floods which did severe damage further down the watercourse (Woodnook Water), and flooded houses and even washed away houses below in Rising Bridge.

Photo: with many thanks to Chris Kirby

 Northfield Rd, Rising Bridge .

 the floods which did severe damage along its watercourse (Woodnook Water), and flooded houses and even washed away houses below in Rising Bridge. The old ex Standerwick coach seen with the damaged overhead roof was used as the transport to pick up shift workers for the Hazel Mill, Acre.

Photo: with many thanks to Chris Kirby

Manchester Road Methodist
Photo: thanks to Raymond Kershaw

Manchester Road Methodist
Photo: thanks to Raymond Kershaw

Beautiful stain glass window at Manchester Road Methodist - Photo kindly shared by Chris Kirby.

Thanks to Chris Kirby for the following:

80 years ago today, 25th January 1941, the Hallé Orchestra played in Haslingden. The Hallé was founded in 1858 and in 1941 its principal conductor was Malcolm Sargent. During the war - and the bombing of cities such as Manchester he said he would conduct the Halle "on street corners" if necessary to keep it going.

A local committee chaired by Mayor Joseph Kirby booked the Hallé to play at the Public Hall. This is the acknowledgement document from that committee giving thanks to the various people who made it happen. Some well-known names from the 1940s Haslingden arts scene in there.

This beautiful embroided tablecloth with the names of supporters was for the Wesley Xmas Fayre which was held on Nov 15th and 16th 1963. It shows Mr. Birtwistle as the Mayor and the Rev. Duerden and Mrs. Boyson. The cloth kindly shared to us by Julia Haworth

Haslingden Secondary Modern School
Got to last 8 in Lancashire Schoolboys Club.
Back: Robert Haworth, Walter Gregson, Jeff Parkinson, Jim Greenwood, Geoff Kenyon, David Atherton.
Front: Fred Barlow, Ronnie Bell, George Barlow, Les Bargh, George Coupe 

Baxter Mayor (Photo thanks Michael Tomlinson)

Baxter Mayor (Photo thanks Michael Tomlinson)

Photo: thanks to Ian Bartle

Road Traffic Accident Certificate - photo thanks to Ian Bartle

St. James CLB band showing the old uniform and hats.

Showing CLB Band before entering a competition

Clive Becket receiving North of England Youth Silver Bugle 1962?

Five members went to Windsor Castle with other Youth organisations to meet the Queen and Prince Philip, they included: Dennis Baker, Clive Beckett, Tom Bond, Nigel Fitton and David White.

Clive Beckett being congratulated from the Mayor, Bishop and Tory MP on playing Rememberance in Blackburn Cathedral. 

Clive Beckett receiving the silver bugle, for regimental band competition,
 from regimental Colonel.

Ref 7.  
This shows Clive on the left and Winston on the right
in full CLB uniform
in front of their home on Vale Street in 1957.

Winston Beckett showing his new uniform and bugle

Winston Beckett, John Edwards, Lesley Blunt, in JTC, on parade in 1955

Band playing on Blackpool promenade, Clive Beckett in JTC playing with the senior band.

The above photos are from the Church Lads Brigade and feature Clive Beckett and many others of the CLB.  Photos are thanks to both Clive and his wife Janet who nowadays live in Spain. 

Above is a fabulous photo kindly sent in by Michael Tomlinson and will shortly be added to both the Bleach Works and Gas Blog.  Michael's father worked at the Bleach Works and it is suggested this photo is from the 1930s/40s.