Monday, 22 August 2016


Old Porritts Letterheading from 1909 (Click over to enlarge)

Dave Wise has kindly sent in some photos to share with us all (16th Aug 2016)

Bryan   I am enclosing some photos of Porritt's, Sunnybank Mills In response to the comments on the facebook page regarding the Commemorative Plate. I spent a lot of time in the mill when I was young as both my Mother and Father worked there Jim and Dorothy Wise.  My mother was in the felting  room and my dad worked in the mill bottom his fellow workers in there was Tom Watson, Alan Nuttall, Walt Rose Tom Bottoms Jack Davies, Bill and Eddy Stott, Stan Robinson, Alan Anderton and I think Dennis Warburton I might be wrong on the first name.  He had a brother called Golding as an aside his Reliant Robin was washed away in the 60's flood.

In the felting room the foreman was Tom Green.
Also working there at this time
Fire Beaters were Bill Rushton and Tommy Armstrong
Engineer was Frank West
Joiner was Sam Edgerton
Blacksmith was Vincent Cribe spent hours watching him shoe the horses that were used to transport the wool from Bridge End Mill and the station to the works.

Derek I think one of the Electricians when you were there was Eddie Wilkinson
Lorry driver was Bill Fitton.  Two of my friends Lawrence Barlow and Eric Henderson worked in the Weaving Dept. My Aunty Amy Graham was canteen manageress.
It was good to hear people from my youth replying to article.
Dave Wise

Porritts and Spencers - Finishing Roof (Click over to enlarge)

Porritts and Spencer Sunnybank - Cylinder Room

 Porritts and Spencer - Sunnybank Mill

Porritts and Spencer - Sunnybank Mill -  Finishing Room

Old Joseph Porritt and Sons Advert (Click over to enlarge)
Kindly shared by Craig Fleming

Porritts Memorabilia commemorating Coronation

Porritts Weaving Shed 1957 - (Click over to enlarge)
A few of the Gregory brothers (Bill, Les, Nick and Syd)
Photo: Kindly shared by Pauline Kennedy.

Friday, 19 August 2016

HASLINGDEN SPORT - The Tor Mile Race - Helmshore Annual Event

The late Derek Pilkington and I revived the Tor race on June 23rd 1958.  About 1000 spectators saw both senior and junior races. (see photos below)
Senior winner was - John A. Robinson (9 minutes, 10 seconds)
Junior winner - Stanley Rabin, aged 14 (9minutes, 33.8 seconds)
Start and finish at Barlow Terrace.

The race run during peace celebrations in 1919 and was from the Holme Field.

The Local History film, "Helmshore 1958", has shots of the race.

Chris Aspin

Tor Mile 1958 - Winner Johnny Robinson with Mayor Ben Fisher  (Click over to enlarge)
to the left hand side of JR is the runner-up Cyril Gregory of Helmshore.  Cyril's sister Veronica Gregory informs us that he now lives in South Africa.

Stan Raby winning Tor Mile 1958 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Peter Shuttleworth and uploaded here on 19th August 2016

Christine Raby (20th August 2016) Stan's daughter confirms that he won the Tor Mile on 3 separate occasions and that she has his trophy cup in her possession.

Tor Mile Race – 22nd July 1963 (Click over to enlarge)

Presentation of cups by Mr. A. Bedford (2nd from Right), aged 89, at that time oldest member of Helmshore Local History Society.
Left: Brian Hall of Manchester and District Harriers, Winner of the Club Race.
Right: Michael Eastwood Winner of the Local Race.

Chris Aspin – Secretary of the Helmshore Local History Society.

Musbury Tor Mile 1963 - Last Man in Alan Schofield (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Haslingden Cricket Club, Bentgate

Below are a few photos of teams, players and other functions of varying times during the history of our Cricket Club.  Haslingden must have had some of the best pro's in the Lancashire League, before my time the great George Headley,  I remember when young, the great Vinko Mankad, and during my teens The great Clive Lloyd, and later still Denis Lillee. Also during my time I have good memories of fabulous local players like Ian Austin, Bryan Knowles and his sons, also John Ingham and the list could go on and on and on and hopefully before long we will be able to name them all!


 One of the earliest I can find is this but sadly as now undated! 

Haslingden CC League Champions 1900  (Click over to enlarge)

Standing: C.T. Salkeld, W. Harris, G. Parker, E. Hargreaves (scorer), Sam Watson, A.G. Shaw, J. Usher (pro)
Seated: G.E. Bentley (Chairman), T. Rawlinson, T. Smith, W. Warburton (Captain),
J.W. Cowpe, J.P. Green, W. Brooks (Secretary)

Haslingden CC Team 1904 (Click over to enlarge)
photo kindly shared by Elaine Pollard

Haslingden CC Pavillion 1908

Haslingden CC 2nd Team c1911 

Haslingden Cricket Club – (between 1919-1921) 

Top Row: W.L. Halstead, H. Blackburn, Ald  J. Law J.P., Councillor Tom Worsley, J.T. Witham, Ald H. Worsley J.P & C.C., Ald Baxter, D Bask, C. Muck
2nd Row: R. Collinge, T Willock, W. Hargreaves, G.W. Hardman, J. Eastwood, The Mayor J.H. Anderton, R. Halstead, R. Bentley, E.E. Riley, J.E. Bastowe, W. Holt-Treasurer.
Front Row: A.E. Harman, E Catlow, A.E. Williams, J. Ashworth, G.H. Hindle, F.McWade, T. Lees (Scoror), A. Blackburn, A. Rhodes, W. Lees, W.H. Lonsdale (Secretary)

First Tea Rooms built in 1920 from a former army hut

Haslingden Cricket Club Team and Committee Members  - Cup Winners 1920
Photo Shows Mr. Worsley stood behind the cup. Photo taken at Carter Place Hall 

Haslingden Cricket Club Team - Cup Winners 1920

Fred Pickup with Lancs League Junior Championship Cup 1921

A mixed selection of Haslingden CC past players 
Top left: Frank Edwards, Top right: E. Riley,  Bottom left: Unknown, Bottom right: A. Blackburn

Haslingden Carnival c1923-1924

Back Row: John M. Willis, John Ratcliffe, Maurice Hugo.
Middle Row: George Lees, Joseph Collings,
Front Row: Alan Eccles, Frances McWade, John Bentley-Wood, Gilbert Rishton.

Haslingden Cricket Club team 1928 
Picture taken at Bentgate. Captain is Ted Riley (Centre), 3rd player from Left back row is Leslie Warburton, who played for Lancashire in a Test Trial.  Tall man next to him is Albert Rhodes who played for Lancashire.  Professional (Standing extreme right) is Frank Edwards, who was later coach at Eton College, slow left arm bowler

George Headley (Haslingden CC pro) presenting Daily Express bat to Leonard Pilkington
(Who later played for Haslingden) July 1934 

Also pictured are Mr. Halstead (left) headmaster of Central Council School and Mr. Pickup (Sports Master).

Haslingden Cricket Club players and committee members

Photo: Kindly shared by Joyce Thorne

More Haslingden CC past players

Top left:J. Sampson, Top right: George Headley )(pro), bottom left: Percy Sharples, bottom right: W. Harris

Haslingden Cricket Ground - Bentgate

More past Haslingden CC players

Top Left: Ernest Catlow, W.H. Lonsdale (Secretary and J.E. Bastow - Photo taken at Carter Place to celebrate Haslingden scoring 314 for 5 against Rishton.
Top Right: Ikram Elahi (pro) 1962-64
Bottom left: J. Wellock with ball he took 6 wickets for 7 against Church c1920
Bottom right: Jack Briggs

Haslingden v Accrington at Bentgate c1956

Left to Right: Linden Dewhurst (Accrington Captain), Alan Pilkington (Haslingden), John Lawrence (Haslingden pro), Leslie Warburton (Haslingden player who had played for Lancashire), S.D. Dhanwade (Accrington pro), Jack Briggs (played for Lancashire in 1939), Jack Cronkshaw (Haslingden Captain.

Haslingden Cricket Club (early 1960s I think!) 
Photo: Kindly shared by Joyce Thorne

Haslingden CC 2nd Eleven Joint Championship Lancashire Junior League Winners 1963

Haslingden Cricket Club Social Committee Members 
thanks to Joyce Thorne for sharing this photo with us
Haslingden Cricket Club Official opening of the New Entwistle Pavilion - August 1969 
Coun. Donald Valentine (Mayor) and Mrs. Valentine and John Entwistle

Presentation to T.D. Lees by W. Dawson for HCC Secretary for 27 years - 27th January 1976 

Haslingden Cricket Club first eleven
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

Haslingden Cricket Club Team
Back: Malcolm Grindrod, Jack Coupe, Michael Ingham, Stewart Molloy and Mr. Bob Willett (sponsor).
Front: Brian Knowles, Tony "Chalkie" White
Photo: Kindly shared by Peter Fisher.

Haslingden Cricket Club - Under 15s 
Photo includes:Chris Councel, Ian Papworth, Russell Marcroft, David Jackson, John Entwistle, Glynn Hargreaves, Kevin James and Alan Massicks.

This is again showing Bob Wade Snr with Haslingden Cricket Club (1932)
Shown in the photo front row to the right hand and also shown in caricature (above)
(Cuttings kindly shared by his Grandson Raymond Clegg Jnr)

Bob Wade was the wicket keeper.He recalls stumping Learie Constantine only for the umpire to give him not out.Bob said he was 2 inches outside his crease.Learie turned to Bob
and said,’Aye I was out lad but they’ve all come to see me bat,not you keep wicket.’

Cutting for John Ingham turning professional from 1950
Kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby

Veteran Cricketer Goes Out in a Blaze of Glory - John Ingham - Borough News 20th Sept 1977
Kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby 

Haslingden Cricket Club event for John Ingham
Photo shows: Rod Taylor, Mick Malone, John (front), David Craig and Club President Tony Holden

Haslingden Cricket Club with pro George Headley 
Shows Bob Wade Snr as wicket keeper on front LH side
(Photo kindly shared to us by Raymond Clegg jnr)
Archived in both Wade/Clegg and Haslingden CC

Sylvia Blundell (nee Cropper who was the
CRICKET QUEEN in 1953/54.
Her prize at that time was £5 and awarded by H. Holland the pie man.
Photo kindly shared to us by her daughter Tracy

Haslingden Cricket Club 
Photo kindly shared to us by Sheila Norris

Haslingden Cricket Club,
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Sheila Norris

Haslingden Cricket Club memorabilia kindly shared by Ann Shaw
to the winners of the Worsley Cup, Lancs Junior League Owen Hives Trophy


A Haslingden Cricket Team

Haslingden Team Winners of Acc and Dist Cricket League 1960/61  
to includes: Back: Perry, Bargh Metcalfe, Stott, Tattersall, Bargh
front: Haworth, Lewis, Jackson, Holden.
Photo: kindly contributed by Andrew Metcalfe

Haslingden C.W.S Cricket Team

Haslingden CWS Cricket Club Team 
Winners of the Accrington and District Wednesday League - Season 1913

Haslingden Salem Methodist Cricket Team

Salem Methodist Cricket Team c1926
Kindly shared with us thanks to Jeff Stevens

George Street Mission Cricket Team

George Street Mission Cricket Team that played in the Haslingden Sunday School Cricket Leage 

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Stephen Nuttall on 13th March 2017
Top Row from l to r: Fred Holden, Arthur Standley, Tom Watson, ?
Middle Row from l to r: ?, Jim Warburton, ?,?, Gilbert Eastwood.
Front Row from l to r: Jim Metcalfe, ?,?,?, Leonard Beech, Arthur Watson, Fred Greenwood

Stephen's wife Joan (nee Watson) is a descendant of one of the founder members (John Beech - her Great Grandfather)
of Haslingden Gospel Mission on George Street (otherwise known as George Street Mission.

Haslingden Secondary Modern School  Cricket Teams

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Cricket Team c1962 
Photo: Kindly shared with us thanks to Derek  Haworth

Haslingden Secondary Modern School Cricket Team

Back: Ian Rishton (RIP), David Blomley, Ken Proctor, Geoff Parkinson, Stewart Molloy, Stephen Kay, Jack Southworth.
Front: Malcolm Grindrod, Walter Gregson, Jeff Heaton, Richard Kay, John Sagar
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher.

Haslingden St. Mary's Cricket Teams

 St. Mary's R.C. Church Cricket Team 

St. Mary's R.C. Church Cricket Team 

Haslingden St. Mary's Cricket Team c1930  

Haslingden St. Mary's Cricket Team (date unknown) 
Photo: Kindly shared by John Bedford

Haslingden St. Mary's Cricket Club Winners Medals H.S.S.C.L 1929

Photo: Kindly shared by John Bedford

Haslingden Tradesmen's Cricket Team

Haslingden Tradesmen's Cricket Team 1924 
Newspaper cutting: Thanks to Joyce Thorne for sharing this with us

Porritt and Spencers Cricket Team

Porritts and Spencers Cricket Team at Prinny Hill
I also have this team listed as "Musbury Cricket Team"

Porritts and Spencers Cricket Team 

Springhill Methodist Cricket Team

Springhill Methodist Cricket Team c1960s 

I still have to include several "credits" to some of the photos kindly shared which hopefully will be added soon. Thank you.

Haslingden Sunday School Cricket League

Haslingden Sunday School Cricket League "B" Division Winners 
Photo taken at Carter Place Hall
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Joyce Thorne 

Haslingden Cricket Team - probably a Sunday School Team - Not sure where taken could be Victoria Park or could be around Carter Place Hall areas. 
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Joyce Thorne

Haslingden Grammar School Cricket Team 1948

Congregational Church Cricket Team (below)

Thought to be the Congregational Church Cricket team on Laund Hey (Click over to enlarge)

Shows Umpires Micky Flannigan on left and John Taylor far right, also shows Frank Jackson 2nd from left on back row
and also George Gillam 2nd from left on 2nd Row.
(Photo: Kindly shared to us by Neil Jackson and John Bedford)

Durie and Miller Cricket Team.

Durie and Miller Cricket team for the "Workshops League"
- Midweek Cricket League Finals Day

Both the knockout semis and finals were held at Rawtenstall Cricket Club 
Photo kindly shared by Peter Fisher

Rossendale Workshops Midweek Cricket League Team
Back Row: George Harlock, Bert Harlock, John Davies, Joe Harrison, Peter Fell.
Front Row: Keith Boast, Ian Rishton (RIP), Donald Shaughnessy, Richard Holden, Rupert Jackman
Photo kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

Local Cricket Team
Thanks to Andrea Lysons