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Haslingden Nicknames from Haslingden's History by Major David Halstead (Works credits to Henry Stephensons Manuscript 1864)

Henry Stephenson, Headmaster and Historian
Published from his manuscript of 1864

Major David Halstead- The Antiquarian
by Sam Fitton (1922)

"I am so grateful to Michael Mullaney for sending in the following information from a very old document"

Haslingden Nicknames
From which was included in the Haslingdens History
Major David Halstead

Yet published from the old 1864 manuscript of Henry Stephenson.

On the names of persons living in Haslingden and the neighbourhood, together with a list of bynames of persons and their proper name if known.

By observing the frequency of a family name in a place may be noticed the attachment of persons to their native places and a distraction to shifting about from place to place.

This is more frequently seen in agricultural districts than in manufacturing ones, where people are always on the move trying to better themselves by going to places where trade is more prosperous. It is true that a great many of the younger members of the families in agricultural districts are obliged to go out to service, or to shift into manufacturing districts in order to get a living.

In Haslingden the preponderance of certain family names is rather surprising – as the surname Barnes. It shows an attachment to their native place which all the changes of late times have not been able to break up. Perhaps the commonest surname of all, in and around Haslingden is that of Barnes. The number of persons of that name is extraordinary. It has been said that there are about 800 persons of that name in the neighbourhood.

The next in point of number id perhaps that of Haworth and other are here given in the order of their numbers, Holden, Hoyle, Heys, Heap, Whittaker, Warburton and Ashworth. These are undoubtedly the surnames of the oldest inhabitants of the town. I have been told that forty years ago there was not one person of the name of Barnes in Bacup; now there are a great many who have all gone there from Haslingden.

By observing the surnames of some inhabitants, their nationality can be found out. With Irish names there is no difficulty, and certainly we have a great proportion of Irish people in the town. Scotsmen are not quite so numerous, still we have some as instanced in such names as Donaldson, Maxwell, McWilliam, McQuilton, Blackspure, Boyd, Graham etc.

The frequency of meeting with persons all of one name following the same trade may also be noticed, as Wilkinson – Joiners for three or four generations; Tomlinsons – Masons for several generations, and the same with Isherwood who are Dyers.

Bill Snip.
Barlock Bill. Came from Barnoldswick.
Jack o'th Valley.
Mintcake Ned. Sold confectionery.
Bill o' Red Dick's – father had red hair.
Jim o' Jacks – James Barnes – Father called Jack.
Jim o'th Fields – Another Barnes – residence called Fields.
Crack Nob – John Barnes.
Bill o' Pricks – William Barnes.
Tom Chuck – Thomas Barnes.
Fur Hutchbunk – George Barnes – Residence Hutchbank.
Bill o'th Gals – William Barnes.
Singing John – John Barnes.
Lija o' Mon Johns – Elijah Barnes – Fathers byname Mon John.
George o' Deof Joes – George Barnes – Father deaf.
Harry o' Criddon End – Henry Barnes – Residence Cribden End.
Tom o' Sunnyfield – Thomas Barnes – Residence Sunnyfield.
George o' Little Nelly – George Barnes – Mother called Nelly.
Owd Sack – Zacheriah Barnes.
Betty Hawse Muck – Betty Barnes – Man and wife.
Jack o' Bellas – John Barnes – Mothers name Bella.
John o' owd Jacks – John Holden – Jack Fathers name.
George o'th Tinners – George Brown – Father a Tinner.
Penny Bet – Betty Duckworth – Penurious Woman.
Betty with tooth – Had a projecting tooth.
John Cheese – John Coupe.
Owd Ramrod – Robert Baily – An old soldier.
Turf Ned.
Tanjib – Same person with two names.
Suet pockets.
Bottle legs – John Chew with two names.
Bonny Apple.
Harry o' Giles's – Henry Hoyle – Fathers name.
John o' Cop Dicks – John Holden – Lived at Paghouse Mill
Billy o'th Mill – William Pilkington.
Tom o' owd Bobs – Thomas Green – Fathers name.
Owd Alice o'th Windy Arbour – Alice Nuttall – Lived at Windy Arbour.
Tom Bake – Thomas Rostron.
Harry o' Mallys – Henry Tomlinson – Mothers name.
Billy Guy – John Isherwood – Fathers trade.
Sniggering George – George Whittaker.
Jim o'th Farmers – James Haworth – Grandfather a farmer.
Jack o'th Loyne Top – John Ashworth – Residence.
Nan-Lump – Ann Blackburn.
Bob o' Jerrys – Robert Haworth – Fathers name.
Harry o' Nickeys – Henry Worsley – Fathers name.
Long Joe – Joesph Houghton – Tall man.
Mary o' Janets – Mary Haworth – Mothers name.
Harry Cat – Henry Barnes.
Whalley Jim – James Walmsley – Native place Whalley.
Botch – James Ashworth.
Jim Mechanic – James Pickup – Mechanic.
Greyt Jone – John Duckworth – Tall man.
Bill Tubber – William Green – Cooper by trade.
Bill Stable – William Birtwistle.
Porritch Lol – Lawrence Ratcliffe.
Ailse Bonksman – alice Lee – Father a banksman.
Choppy – Jas Ed Warburton.
Brennand – John Pilling.
Owd Jim – James Yates.
Ned Glazener – Edward Tomlinson – Two names.
Harry o'th Kemmers – Harry Tattersall – Father a wool comber.
Bogger-me-Donkey – Maria Shanley.
Jane o' Franks – Jane Haworth – Fathers name.
Sam o'th Touch – Samuel Duckworth – Residence Touch and Take.
Snail – Henry tattersall.
Bob Suck – Robert Montgomery.
Lolly Chittyprat – Lawrence Duckworth.
Lol o'th Tanners – Lawrence Duckworth.
Cobbler – Nehemiah Sutcliffe – Trade Bumper.
Captain – James Halstead.
Jim o' Peggys – James Holden – Mothers name.
Owd Ironwife – Cronkshaw.
Tallow Jack.
Jack o' Kits – John Tattersall.
Bull Betty – Betty Taylor – Kept a Bull.
Dick Weighty – Richard Hargreaves.
Tom Dumpling – Thomas Coupe.
Dick o'th Garrets.
John o' Jennys – John Wilkinson – Mothers name.
Merry Cloggs – Barnes – a policeman.
Billy Whistle – William Ormerod.
Jim Crow – James Walsh.
Jim Crack – James Gardiner.
Dan o' Marks – Daniel Cockerill – Fathers name.
Bald Pate – Benjamin Heap.
Fat Dan – James Riley – A stout person.
Bill Tack – William Riley.
Little or Much – Richard Heys – An expression he used.
Gam-leg – Edward Heys – Lame person.
Jim o' Johns o' Edmunds – James Holden.
Ben Dog – Benjamin Warburton.
Rough Robin – Robet Elliott.
Ann o'owd Betts – Ann Crankshaw.
Slavering Sam.
Blue-tail – Henry Walton.
Jim o' Gills – James Rishton – Fathers name.
Tom o'th Flash – Thomas Warburton – Residence.
Cockeggs – George Poskitt.
Ouzel – edward Heys.
John o'me Mams – John Hargreaves.
John o' Sols – John Heys.
Spring Pattern – William Bridge.
Brass Pon – Robert Holden Ashworth.
Isaac o' Mussel Toms – Isaac Pilkington – Father sold mussels.
Hoyle o' Jacks – John Hoyle.
Blazer – James Heys.
Cuckoo – Ralph Holden.
Dick o' Toms o' Dicks – Richard Heys – Father and grandfathers names.
Fiddler – Hargreaves.
John o' Black Jacks – John Ashworth – Father called Black Jack.
Jack o' Millicents – Barnes.
Jim o' Jammys – James Ashworth.
Gossup – John Grimshaw.
Mischief – Henry Haworth.
Owd West – William Haworth – Brothers.
John o' Tummases – John Haworth.
Dick o' Rough Caps – Richard Ashworth.
Harry o' Owd Bobs – Henry Ashworth.
Owd Young Fellow – Hartley.
Toddleols – Towers.
Speyk-hard-up – James Hindle – Expression he used.
John o' Kendals – John Chew – Fathers name.
Owd Domade.
Owd Knocker – Maxwell.
Bill o' Kittys – William Maxwell – Mothers name.
Tom o' Sarahs – Thomas Nutall – Mothers name.
John o' Nickeys – John Haworth – Fathers name.
Bill Cab – William Parkinson – Cabinet maker.
George o' Goggards – George Law – Expression he used.
Harry Popshop – Henry Radcliffe – Father kept a pawnshop.
Ormerod o' Judys – Ormerod Pilkington.
Dick o' Jones's – Richard Warburton – Father called John.
Jone o' Hughs – John Rawstron – Fathers name.
Harry Porato – Henry Warburton.
Jack Fudge – John Eastwood.
Dauber – John Hargreaves – Father and son painters.
Jaffack – Henry Dearden.
Alice o'th Shavers – Alice Jenkinson – Father a barber.
Stiff Ailse – Alice Wadw – Little woman.
Great Esther – Esther Taylor – Tall woman.
Cauliflower – John Hoyle.
Moufin Matty – Sold Muffins.
Betty Tallow – Betty Willan.
Lolly-ring-a-bell – Lawrence Bradshaw – Used to ring bell at Independent School.
Harry o'th Twirlers – Henry Ashworth – Father a twister-in.
Tit – Thomas Hindle.
Bill o'owd Neds – William Heap – Fathers name.
Fanny Balshaw – Fanny Tillotson – Father called balshaw-toed because of his swiftness in running.
Jim o' cram'd Harrys – James Pickup – Father called cram'd Harry.
Wimberry Ned – Edward Adcroft.
Cocky – Hary Rostron.
Braon Back.

Sometimes what seems to be only a byname or a contraction of a proper name is in reality, a proper name. The following are some of those prevalent about here:- Joe for Joseph; Kitty for Catherine; Matty for Martha; Molly for Mary; Nanny for Nancy; Nelly for Ellen; Sally for Sarah; Susy for Susan; Ailse for Alice; Betty for Elizabeth.

Of Christian names there are many curious examples. Most Christian names are common Scripture names with a few not quite so common, such as Thurzah, Naomi, Priscilla, Phoebe, Grace, Faith, Silence, Perfect, Patience, Charity. There is also a good sprinkling of romantic names such as, Selena, Septimus, Vernon, Oscar, Olive, Marena, Millicent, Mildred, Violet, Cicely, Jemima, Horatio, Clara, Gertrude, Feargus, Wilfrid, Albert, Amanda, Bertha, Angelo.

There are some names remarkable for their odity, such as, Squire, Tibby, Tertius, West and one person now living called Sir John.

Michael Tomlinson informed us (via facebook)
"My great great grandfather, Nicolas Tomlinson, owned Plantation Mill and was known as "Spitting Nicky".