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Cordingleys Showroom demolition (scroll down)

Football - Haslingden St. James c1971

Helmshore Methodist

Helmshore Methodist Football Club

Helmshore United Football Club (scroll down)

Haslingden Nicknames

Haslingden Printing Works Ltd

Haslingden Yearbook 1907

Haslingden Youth Club

Hillside Nursery

Holden Vale Flash and its importance to Wildlife

Hollands Pies - From humble beginnings

Horses - Haslingden Corporation and Bert Marsdens Smithy

Horse Racing - (Laund Hey)

Hurry Up Before They Fill Pond in

Irwell Vale and Edenfield photos

James Berry - The Hangman visits Haslingden

Jim Barlow and Rileys Ironmongery and cycles

Joe Belshaw video collection

John Dearden's Memories

John Dunleavy - Newsboy recollections

Kaziemierz Jagodinski (Kash) from Carrs - Obituary

Knock it Daaern!

Laund Hey and Cribden flatts

Local Interesting Names

Local/Regional Names

Luke Ralph Tinsmith

Manchester Road Shops (North Side)

Manchester Road Wesleyan Chapel (scroll)

Margerisons - Blackburn Road

Marsden Square

Mary Hindle Story

Reservoirs - Our Grane Reservoirs

Robert Scott VC

Schools - Festival Schools Concert 1959

Schools - Broadway County Primary School

Schools - Bury Road School Student photos

Schools - Haslingden Council School

Schools - Haslingden County Primary School

Schools - Haslingden Grammar School Blog

Schools - Haslingden Grammar - 1947 (scroll down)

Schools - Haslingden Grammar - 1952 (scroll down)

Schools - Haslingden Grammar - October 1957 photos

Schools - Haslingden Grammar - September 1959 photos

Schools - Haslingden Grammar  - Oct 1969 photos

Schools - Haslingden Grammar - Sept 1962 photos

Schools - Haslingden High School

Schools - Haslingden Secondary Modern School

Schools - Helmshore County Primary

Schools - St. James Church of England (Top Church)

Schools - St. Johns, Stonefold

Schools - St. Marys Catholic School

Selling News by John Dunleavy

Sheep Shearing high above Ullswater

Sixties - Ambulance Hall, Astoria, Bucaneers

Snow tales, Sledging and Sliding


Sport - Badminton

Sport - Bowling

Sport - Boxing, Wrestling, Marcial Arts etc

Sport - Cricket

Sport - Darts and Dominoes

Sport - Football

Sport - Medals at St. Mary's Football Club

Sport - Horse Racing

Sport - Pigeon Fanciers

Sport Snooker, Pool, Billiards

Sport - Swimming

Sport - Tor Mile Race

St. James (Top Church)

St. John's Ambulance

St. Peters - Laneside

St. Stephens - Grane

St. Thomas - Musbury

Story about the Ural Motorbike

Sunnybank Mill, Helmshore (Porritts)

Swinging Hangmen (Pop Group)

Swinnel Brooks (The Towns No.1 asset)

Tales and Snippets of Local Fayre

Television and the Great Magnifier

Tiddles is down Tippler

Tokens from the past

Top O'th Slate, Laund Hey and Cribden Historic and Nature Records

Top O'th Town (Old Haslingden)

Trinity Baptist photos (scroll down)

Vaccary Walling in Haslingden

Vale Street, Blackburn Road.

Vanguard - July 1963

Vanguard - July 1956

Vanguard - July 1958

Vanguard - July 1962

Vanguard - July 1964

Victoria Park photos

Videos on Haslingden by Joe Belshaw and Harry Pollard

Wade-Clegg family

War Heroes (Haslingden and Helmshore's War Heroes Blog)

Wasnt it a Special Treat (scroll down)

Water Fountains


Water Troughs and Wells (historic)

Well known persons and wonderful characters

Wesley Church Walking Day and Panto

What became of our WW1 Tank

Whatever became of our Big Lamp

Where did Haslingden Folk save their brass?

William Dewhurst - St. Johns Ambulance

Woodcroft Revisited

Yes the Unity was the United Servicemens Club

Zeppelin and Bombs in Haslingden 1916 and 194?



Alan Rawsthorne (Music composer)
Atarah Ben Tovim (Musician - ex resident)
Beryl Ingham (George Formbys wife and manager)
Choppy Warburton (Sportsman)
Dave Pearson (artist/painter)
Ian Austin  (Cricketer -Lancs and England)
James Maxwell (architect)
John Cockerill (British entrepreneur)
Michael Davitt (Irish patriot)
Mike Duxbury (Man Utd and England)
Rick Astley - Rock Star ex shore resident
Robert Scott VC (War Heroe) - Peel St
Sam Aston - actor Coronation St - ex High School
Sam Torrance (golfer) educated in Haslingden
Sir David Trippier (politician)
Sir Rhodes Boyson (politician)
Tyson Fury (World boxing champion)
William Roache - Actor Coronation St ex Sykeside