Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Hillside Nursery - Longshoot

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With thanks to Alison May for kindly sharing this photo with us

It was taken on the climbing frame which can be seen in the general photo you have used for the title page of the blog (I think I can spot myself).  It's the same era.  I think it was probably summer 1958 or thereabouts.  I was at the nursery for two years whilst my mum went to train as a teacher in Manchester.  My Grandad used to take me to nursery and collect me afterwards.  We often called in at the Liberal Club on the way home where I 'helped' him stoking the boiler with coke and generally getting in the way of the men playing billiards and dominoes!  I remember bits about the nursery - the camp beds for naps of course and the teacher (seems she was probably the headteacher) who I always thought was called Mrs Kayli (or cayli?  the sherbet dust!) now I find she was called Miss Kaylor!

I look forward to seeing this blog develop. 
Thanks again for your efforts, they're much appreciated. 


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Thanks to David Bates for sharing this photograph

Hello again, 
Attached is another picture of Hillside Nursery which I believe was
taken at the same time as the one I sent a few days ago (see photo below), around 1957.
This one shows a number of pupils and staff although they are not easily
My Dad was the caretaker at the Nursery, a job he took up after retiring
from the police. The only names I can remember among the staff are Mrs.
Lord, who was one of the teachers, and Miss Kaylor who I think was the
In this picture, you can see the Toll House, which I think was still
occupied at the time, and the farm, (Pilling's?), on the Old Road.
Hopefully, this might bring back memories from former pupils. 
David Bates

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Thanks to David Bates for sharing this photograph

I have some photo's taken at Hillside Nursery, I think around 1957. I am
attaching one of them to see if any of your members can identify the
children in the picture. I'm the one second from left, but I can't
recall any of the others.
If they are of interest to your members, I could dig out the other
pictures and send them on to you for inclusion on the site. 
David Bates

Three year old Stuart Harper grapples manually with a fretshaw and a piece of plywood. He
was so busy in what he was doing he never even noticed our photographer take the photo.
(All press cutting thanks to Jackie Ramsbottom)