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VIDEOS on Haslingden - Contributions from The Joe Belshaw Collection, The Harry Pollard Collection, St. Stephen's Church Collection .....

Harry Pollard is showing the projector to interested fans.
Photo: Thanks to Chris Kirby

Try out these local videos
we are so grateful to be able to show you
these videos from the Harry Pollard Collection
and the Joe Belshaw Collection
We would like to thank both Harry's and Joe's families
for kindly allowing us to show these on our site.
We also now have videos from St. Stephens

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by Harry Pollard

This video opens up with the 1977 Jubilee week United Whit Walk.  Shows Geoffrey Hallam and others walking down Lancaster Avenue, also shows Helmshore Band, Rose Queen, Brownies and Guides etc.
A stop over at Ravensgarth and shows Harry Seville and others.

Then we move on to the Helmshore Road Street Party.  Shows Sheila Oldham handing out prizes etc.

Now it shows an event held on the sports field (maybe the school not sure!)
and here it shows them doing sack races, and egg and spoon race on the playing fields, also shows another game with men carrying ladies over their shoulders.

Then it shows inside of what I think will be the school, and everyone seems to be enjoying their footings, shows an old friend Vera.

It now states Helmshore County Primary School Jubilee Programme.
Shows, Maypole dancers and Ring a ring a roses, youngsters and games, Baby pushing parent pram race, couples dancing, gymnastics over the .

Now moving on its the Musbury Jubilee Gala, shows again walking day, Rose Queen with several floats with lots of fancy dress including skeletons etc. Also the local band with skirts or Kilts on. A group in Lancaster Avenue. 

Finishes off with a Regimental Band in full regalia marching along Bury Road by Kirbys shop and again showing them at the old Big Lamp.  And finally shoes David and Madge Tennant and others.
(Running Time: 10:10)

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by Harry Pollard

This video opens up with the Walking Day celebrations featuring Mayor and Mayoress Holgate,  George Street Mission, Manchester Road Methodist, Salem members etc.

Then there is a Festival of flowers at Manchester Road Methodist Church and includes Bob Emison, Shiela Oldham etc.

Then it shows the Memorial Gardens in full bloom and a lovely Mayoral portrayal emblem marked out in plants for the Mayor and last Mayor of Haslingden Alderman Donald Butterworth.

Next is shown a local carnival, with special Carnival trucks, fancy dress grammar school uniforms, astronauts, guitarist etc.

Next shows Bands which include the Church Lads Brigade can be seen going up Church Street before entering the Church.

Now flowers in the public hall decorating the lower steps, also shows some mayoral get together with Tom Waller and lots of Mayors from all different local areas. Shows the Mayors attendant George Worswick.

Next it shows the Public Hall with lots of fancy dolls and figures, stalls with figurines, model buses, aircraft and crafts etc. A stall from Haslingden Arts Club and photos etc.  Also lots of people's own art with many paintings.  Also stalls representing Haslingden Outfall Sewerage Board, and also a stall showing the Haslingden Redevelopment plan and models. 
Running Time 19:17


Silver Jubilee Street Party

 by Harry Pollard

This video is from the 1977 Silver Jubilee and features a street party held in Piccadilly Street. The film starts by showing Her Majesty the Queen and it later depicts decorations and posters of the Royal Couple on display in many of the windows within the Street.
The video then goes on to show the actual street party with large tables set in the middle of the street, with lots of children and adult citizens enjoying their party food, that is until the rain comes.  Later the children are seen playing games in the street which includes passing the parcel etc. Some fabulous close ups of the children and senior citizens. A fabulous piece of history thankfully captured by Harry.
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Haslingden Sports June 28th to July 5th 1970
Festival of Sport in Victoria Park
and also The Tor Mile,
and Scrambling etc at Laund Hey

 by Harry Pollard

The video shows the Tor Mile Race, starting and finishing near Barlows Mill just off Holcome Road.
Then various shots of the Festival held in Victoria Park with gymnastics on trampolines.
Shows Mr.  with his 1926 Rolls Royce Fire Engine, together with is Vintage Rolls Royce Car. 
There are several groups of Morris Dancers and other dance troupes, Shows playing Tennis on the courts, Bowls on the greens
also gentlemen on horseback together with serious horsejumping over hurdles and obstacles,
Dog behaviour competitions, 
Darts, Kick Ball to pop balloons,
"Win a Pig", lots of stalls.
Shows Mayor and Mayoress Donald and Mrs. Valentine
Scrambling on Laund Hey, fancy motor bike riding etc.
Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully 
captured by Harry Pollard.
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More video of Haslingden Sports Week 1970
(same event has previous video)

 by Harry Pollard

This video has some of the same events has showed in the previous video but all is new video and not included in the one above.
There are Morris Dancers
Shows a girl sat on a horse with indian dress
Asian lads playing volleyball,
shows swings, see-saw and crowds of people,
also shows "Win a Pig", then horse dressage, Wrestling, and finishes off with more Scrambling from up Laund Hey Playing fields.
Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully 
captured by Harry Pollard.
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Young lad and his mates assembling a deck chair 

by Harry Pollard

This is a very entertaining video and shows a young lad who after reading the magazine "Do It Yourself" decides he wants to make a deck chair from a kit.
He leaves his house and makes the way past the Commercial Pub and crossing Deardengate and past the Black Bull pub, plus it shows all the local shops along Blackburn Road, he then arrives at Belshaws Do It Yourself shop and takes a look at all the leaning ladders, before going in and purchasing the kit.  He comes out with it all wrapped and arrives back home.  Soon he is joined by his two other friends and between them they attempt to assemble the deck chair kit, but they are getting it wrong and need to keep ammending. As you can imagine setting up a deck chair can be hard work, especially if you have got the woodwork in the wrong order, so out of frustration they were getting annoyed and one of the boys throws the deckchair to the ground in despair, but miraculously the deck chair lands to the floor all set up properly and the boys celebrated by sitting on their new creation, but not in turn, but all together.
Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Harry Pollard.
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St. James Carnival and Fete

 by Harry Pollard

Shows Carnival at Market Place, Higher Deardengate and Bury Road. Shows going past Public Hall and Hughie Durnings Chapel of Rest.

Shows shops eg: James's Hairdressers and Birch (Bakers), Shows St. James Morris Dancers along with St. James Church Lads Brigade marching. Rose Queen and her cortage, Pensioners, Ladies with Balloons, Carnival floats, Donald Heyworth's Old vintage Fire Engine with people stood on it. Some of the Floats were called "Those were the Days", "Wild Wild Woman", Judge Dee, Dad's Army. Gymnastics doing a display, more Morris Dancers - Later the Fete was held in the St. James Church School grounds, shows the old slope leading up to the school, Lots of games in the school yard and on the old vicarage lawns eg: Chucking balls into jamjars to win Goldfish, various games knocking tins down with tennis balls, Archery, Pram Race, Guardsmen in Uniform parading in the School Yard. Lots of Bunting to railings.
Video: 8:14
Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Harry Pollard.
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Victoria Park land forfeited for By-pass

By Joe Belshaw

together with: 

Procession 1979 for Sheila Oldham Mayor to Musbury Church.
Contractors preparing for By-Pass construction
Clearing of Top O'th Town ready for new housing
Vintage Bike Show held on Holden Arms Car Park
Last Mayoral service for our last Mayor

This is a great piece of film and is narrated throughout by Joe Belshaw who made the film possible.

Starts with old film showing the original Victoria Park bottom gate and land before it was taken away for space to be included for the new bypass.
Next it shows a procession along Broadway to Musbury Church for Mayoral Sunday. The Mayor was Sheila Oldham (the very first Mayor of the Borough of Rossendale).
A large procession which included The Mayor, Town Clerk, Rev Stuart Winwood, Mace Bearer George Worswick, there were also Girl Guides and a Band plus lots of local people.
Next it shows contractors down Prinny Hill demolishing St. Marys football pavillion and the hillside of North Hag and its famous tunnel.  The film shows old photos of Hutch Bank and the Dyers Arms which was nicknamed the "Flip".
Some really good showing of Booth Street, Delph Street, Railway Road, Station Steps and leading to Blackburn Road. Also Robinsons Mill and in the background Clough End Mill which was destroyed by fire in July 1980.
Shows top of Deardengate/Market Place/Church Street with a large area demolished in readiness for new properties to be built. You can see Frank Heaps- Chemist on Church St, and at the very top on the left is what was the Unity Club (now a private dwelling).
Shows a vintage Motorbike rally being held on the car park of the Holden Arms with a close up showing of a very old 1919 Premier, belt driven bike.
Also shows blowing up of a old bridge in 1962
Finishes off with showing Ald Donald Butterworth leaving the Council Chambers on Bury Road in a procession to St. James Church for a service which also commemorated the very last Mayor of Haslingden (1973 and 1974)
the procession was on 13th May 1973 and showed the Silver Mace being carried by the attendant George Worswick.

Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Joe Belshaw.
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Film 16:01

The last parade and service for the last Mayor of Haslingden
Alderman Donald Butterworth plus lots of other newsreel

 by Joe Belshaw

The film shows the last parade by the last Mayor of Haslingden Donald Butterworth and shows leaving the Town Hall on Bury Road to St. James Church. You see the parade with the Borough Band plus The Mayor, he's attendant George Worswick, The Town Clerk, Robert McMillan and the Police Chief Inspector Johnson. At the Church you see many of the Councillors.
It shows on arrival back at the Town Hall, the Mayor giving thanks to all who had attended. 
Shows a coloured photo of the last Council.
and on the 18th March 1974 it shows the Mayor performing one of his last jobs of cutting the first sod to mark the start of the new building the Haslingden Sports Centre.
In 1974 it shows the Borough Band and the Baptist on walking day going on the street were the Baths was. Also another procession down on Lancaster Avenue, Helmshore with the St. Thomas Musbury together with the Helmshore Methodist, who were going past Ravensgarth. 
Next it shows Market Place and the Big Lamp were many proclamations had been read and many a Sunday School had sang around it. It shows the lamp later in Donald Heyworths garden on Helmshore Road.
Shows the old Bingo Hall which had previously been the Empire Cinema.
Shows down Deardengate towards the Commercial, then on to Pleasant Street and the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Then shows the Lindens and the Salem Church which was built in 1862 together with the memorial organ which was given in memory of the lads that fell in both World Wars.
Pickering Street and Old courthouse, Hargreaves St and old Police Station, then Gospel Mission and IDL Club, Hargreaves St again and the old fountain in memory of John Duckworth. Then a view of Church St showing old Unity Club at top, then Rock Hall on Rakefoot. Then back down to George St showing Rileys ironmongers and the Bury Road Chippy, then Chapel St and then the Thorn Hotel, then Hindle Street down to Deardengate which was demolished in 1967. Shots of Back Pleasant Street, Pleasant St, Spring Gardens then across to Nuttall Street and Laburnham St, shows Rudges Chip Shop, H. Adams butchers shop and Mrs. Bramwell at her fish shop at the top of Prinny Hill.  The showing the old Railway bridge at the bottom of Grane Road. 
Paratroopers falling out of plane over grane and finally Coun. Tom Fisher the Mayor presenting prizes to Tor Mile Race winners. 

Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Joe Belshaw.

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Film 16:01

Loss of our local Railway

by Joe Belshaw

Opens showing Coun. Tom Fisher presenting prizes for the Tor Mile. Then shows a old photo of the original Bandstand in Victoria Park, then a photo of the Railway from Hud Hey. The Old Trains Preservation Society at Helmshore Station. The last railway lines were taken up on October 28th 1971, and show a special rail tractor used for uploading the old lines onto open bogies for transporting on the last rails. Here we have some repeat in the video and shows old trains at Old preservation Society. Just before the close a small piece from 1962 shows the demolition of a bridge at Helmshore. The video finishes with a old photo of Haslingden Station.

Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Joe Belshaw.

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Helicopter carrying Pipes from Grane Road and Old Haslingden Bus etc etc 

by Joe Belshaw

The video starts with quite a bit of Railway stuff from a museum typical of Beamish, but there again I think some of it is about Embsay Nr. Skipton. 
Then it shows a helicopter carrying large steel pipes for the North Sea Gas, from Grane Road (old railway sidings) near to the bleach works and to over behind the White Horse Inn, Helmshore and over the nearby moorland.
Shows By-pass from Rawtenstall to Stubbins, via Townsendfold, Horncliffe Quarry views, and were Longholme Mill used to be before it was demolished.
It shows Waterfoot, Snighole and River Ogden with Tor in the background. The picnic are know as Little Blackpool beneath the Ravenshore arches. 
Shows Irwell Vale and Lumb and the Chapel and Ewood Hall built in 1641. It was the home of the Manager of the Ewood Bridge Sewage Works but later it was sold on the open market.
A nice piece on the old Haslingden Bus 11 CTB which was sold on 30th September 1974 to enthusiast Bert Kay and Bill Read. It shows the bus leaving Rawtenstall and going off to the Harrogate Rally leaving via Bacup Road. 
It shows another scene were the bus is heading to another rally in Southport and it picking up passengers close to Prinny Hill on the way.
It then shows a walking day of Helmshore Churches coming down from Ravensgarth and down Lancaster Avenue towards Broadway. 
It finishes off with a visit to the open market on Bury Road.

Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Joe Belshaw.
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Video 10 by Joe Belshaw


Demolishing of Porritts Chimeny,
 Carrs and processions

 by Joe Belshaw

The video starts by showing the demolition of the Porritts chimney which was 70 years old on the day of demolition. 
Then the video shows some lovely clear shots of North Hag and its tunnel entrance and all the way down Smithies Street to Carrs, Old Lamberts Mill and it's lodge, including St. James Prinny Hill sports ground, better known as the Institue.
Then it goes back up to Haslingden showing the Weavers Cottages on Blackburn Rd near Prinny Hill.
Then a Whit Sunday procession at Helmshore in 1978 which was a unique occasion bringing together all the Churches in one large procession with this year also including both the Methodist and St. Veronica's. It shows lots of children in the procession up Helmshore Road and at Gregory Fold, the children left the main procession to do a circuit around the estate.  Eventually all the procession met up in the grounds of St. Veronicas for a conclusion.
On 1st June 1978 a thunderbolt hit No.7 St Peters Ave, and did large amounts of damage to the roof and large chimney stack, this is well documented within the film. 
It then shows the more recent Haslingden Street Market or Fair. the original market went from the Commercial all the way up Higher Deardengate to the Lindens, on December  20th 1932 the original market was abolished by the Mayor W.H. Baxter and replaced by a new inside market just off Bury Road.
It then shows a tree with 7 Magpies.
It then goes to show the 100 year school of St. James which was burnt down on Thursday January 25th 1979, the firemen used collosal amounts of water to put out the fire and the water much later on reaching the main road at the bottom turned to sheet ice and made it very dangerous for traffic.
The film then shows a lovely Country snow scene.
The Primitive Methodist Church on Grane Road together with its fabulous organ. 
It finishes with a Garden Fete (without commentary).

Yet another piece of fabulous history thankfully
captured by Joe Belshaw.
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St. Stephens Choir Fete - 22nd September 1962

It shows setting up outside of the Church with lots of Bunting showing and dealing with the electrics and sound system.
Crowds of people in attendance with some good clear shots of the people. It shows the Mayoress and the welcoming of the main guest which was Violet Carson (Ena Sharples of Coronation Street fame). Shows dignatories on set out stage and goes through welcoming prayers led by the vicar, address by Tony Greenwood (MP for Rossendale) and also a opening address by Ena Sharples. Also nice to see some good shots of Fred Bamber vicar of St. James. Also flowers being presented to the dignatories.
Shows children in charge of horse and carts taking other children for short rides, lots of outside games like chucking pennies to land on the playing cards, MP and Ena signing autographs, photos showing old 1960s prams, St. Johns Ambulance brigade in attendance, more Morris Dancers, Judo demonstrations, Scottish Dancing.
Shows Ena leaving the event and getting into her chauffer driven black Rover limousine. Finishes with showing tidying up after the event. 
Time: 19:56 minutes
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Video 13

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