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Haslingden's Original Chip Shops which did sell a bag of Chips for a Tanner (or sixpence or equivalent to two and half new pence)

Well they did for a long while, until the time came when only new spuds could be got and thats the time they found it OK to charge more.  So just how many Original Chip Shops did there used to be in Haslingden during the 50s,60s and 70s?  These below are some that I can immediately remember:-

Taylor’s Chip Shop (1960s) on Bury Road, On the corner (between George Street to its left and Chapel Street to its right), next door to them was a baby clothes and ladies underwear shop called Barnes's.  I remember Mr and Mrs. Taylor who worked behind the range, and their son Paul was in my class at School and he had a sister called Carol. Also Ted O'Keefe and his wife ran this Chip Shop after the Taylors, Also it was run by Mr and Mrs.Harris prior to the Taylors. Also this shop had the very last "coal fired" chip range within the Haslingden Boundaries, if not in Rossendale. (THE BUILDINGS WERE LATER DEMOLISHED TO MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW HOUSING DEVELOPMENT) 

Stafford’s Chippy (1960s,70s), Next door to Harry Taylor's (Butchers) on Blackburn Road, between Cross Street North on the Accrington side and Vale Street on the Haslingden side. c1950s it was owned by Mrs and Mrs. Daniels, and their daughter served on. Then it was later owned by Jack and Mary Stafford whom ran it for many years, they used to make their own pies and by gum they were the best pies you've ever tasted and thinking about it they would be because Mary was the daughter of  "Cissy Green". Then after the shop had been shut for a long while it later re-opened as a Chinese take-away, but this was short lived because, sadly the owner developed a illness and it was shut down again and never re-opened. The property is now converted to a private dwelling.

Rudges Chip Shop, (1960’s) Danny Rudge and his wife also had a chippy on Blackburn Road, but in the area better known as “Prinny Hill” and it was a small cottage type building next door to Mrs. King’s bric a brac shop.  Regularly after the flicks we would call there and get chips which then cost a “tanner” a bag.  (THE BUILDINGS WERE DEMOLISHED AND TODAY HAVE BEEN REPLACED WITH MODERN HOUSING). Before Danny Rudges the shop belonged to Mr and Mrs. Grieco

Rudge's Chip Shop, Prinny Hill (Click over to enlarge)

Danny Rudge moved his chippy later to further along towards Haslingden and on the next long row, it was just where the mini-roundabout is at the bottom of John Street. I can remember going to this building years earlier when it was a Sweet Shop at the front and a Coffee Bar at the back, I can’t be sure but think then it was called “Marion’s”, but I remember it being ran by sisters Kathleen and Joan. Today I think the same premises is now called “Zorba’s” and they provide Kebabs and Curries.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, ran their chippy also on Blackburn Road, on the long row which at one time had shops the full length and their shop was sandwiched between Mr. Heap the Clogger on one side and the Co-op Shops (Butchers and Grocers) on the Haslingden side. I remember they had a son called "Maurice", The property is still there but now converted to a private dwelling.

Manchester Road Chippy, Next door to where Mr Shutt’s Cycle Shop once stood. Many years ago as you entered the  chip shop the chip range ran from your left hand side and back, where now for many years it has been a Chippy combined with Chinese take-away and the range was altered around so that it now faces you when you enter the shop.

And also:
New Street Chip Shop.

Bury Road Chippy, (Near to the Little Crown Pub)

Bury Road Chippy - called The Junction Chippy (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby
The Junction Chippy - Bury Road
A newspaper "feature" article kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby

Beaconsfield Street Chippy, - Now Alan's who used to have the Chinese on M/cr Road.
Clarence Chippy, - Nowadays its a Chippy and Chinese Takeaway.
Rising Bridge Chippy.
Broadway Crescent, Helmshore.
Lizzie Riggs Chip Shop at bottom of Taylor Street, Acre (now demolished) 
Poplar Street Chip Shop It was the top house on the left on the long row just before the garages.
Marsden Square Chip Shop next to the square Factory.  It had been a chip shop long ago, then closed down, but re-opened in approx 1956-1957, but only lasted for a short while before it closed down again.
Manchester Road Chippy (Road End) Top of Fields Road, in more recent times its been Nino's Pizzas.
The Big Lamp Chippy (Deardengate) A more recent Chippy from the 1990's onwards

The Big Lamp Chippy at the top of Deardengate (Click over to enlarge)

Birch Avenue Chip Shop - Next to Post Office around the millenium, only survived two or three months.
Deardengate Chippy - In Higher Deardengate next door to what was Duckworths Shop, Mr and Mrs. Pew had their chippy which we think nowadays (2016) is a opticians.

I am indebted to the following people for helping me with this blog with "newspaper cuttings", and information:  Jackie Ramsbottom, Ray Ramsbottom, John Bedford, Martin Molloy. David Johnson, John R. Edwards.Pauline Emmett Dagg

"Whats a Mixture ?" - Some people would go into the Chippy with their dish and ask for a mixture, and you might ask "What was or is a Mixture?" - well it's both a portion of both Chips and Peas in the same dish....

"Yesterdays Newspaper" - Was always used as the outer wrap when they wrapped up your fish and chips, or provided the outer wrapping of your "made up into a bag" of Chips.

"Chippie" No a "Chippie" is not always a Chip Shop, he's usually a " Woodworking Joiner"

"Haddock and Chips" is what you got when you asked for fish and chips, well that's how it was when I was a youngster, but as time as gone on and Haddock became a more scarcer commodity (in England), the norm for "fish and chips" became Cod and Chips, and nowadays "Haddock" (unless in Scotland) has become a sort of "speciality".

"Scraps or Bits" of fried batter which had broke off from the fish when cooking.  Usually given out free of charge to children when requested.

"Beef Dripping or Lard" This is what chips used to be cooked in when I was a lad, and there are still (but very few) chippies up and down the Country who still do cook in dripping. But nowadays usually it is a vegetable oil that is used in the cooking.

A letter below from Harold Stott (Sam) dated 9th August 2016

We are into the the last month of winter here (Rosebud Victoria, Australia) and I am spending a happy time (with heater turned on) looking at the Haslingden blogspot.  My local chippy was the Flaxmoss chippy which was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kay.  Mr. Kay worked full time in a cotton mill, I think they called it "drawer or puller through", threading the warp through the "reeds" ready to go onto the looms.
Anyway they worked hard at the chippy with lunch tea and supper and they had two children, forgot the name of their daughter, but I was good mates with Jim their son (Rip) and I used to help him "eye" the spuds so that we could get on with the serious business of going out to play in Victoria Park, or the Camms, or Swinnel Brook etc.  Jim later married Enid Mews (a right cracker of a lass), the last time I saw them was back in the 80s when they were licencees of the Robin Hood pub on Holcombe Road and later I heard Enid moved to the Bridge End in Helmshore.

My other chippy was the Manchester Road Chippy, and we went in there after band practice, and a few of us would give them a tune or two, it was never really appreciated.

We always ate "in" and our order was chips with soup on and stir the pot before you put the soup on (cheeky young buggers), no peas in our soup but they loved us really, Well I think they did.........
(Sam) Stott


If anyone can add to the list, or better still let me know of a "good Haslingden Chippy tale" or maybe even include a photo, that would be great.