Friday, 9 November 2012

Bury Road School at least 1877 to 1910

Can anyone help?  I am trying to establish just whereabouts on Bury Road this School actually was!  I am also trying to find out if the School was denominational and a predecessor to one of our religious schools or was it a Borough state elementary school, though it could not have been at least from the very start because the earlier photo shown is dated from 1877, and the Borough was not formed until 1891, or was it a private School.

The following photographs are showing classroom pupils with their class name boards at the front of each photograph.

Any help on this would be great and would go towards forming a future Blog in relation to this school's photo archive.

I do realise I am asking a lot, simply because of the age of the photographs and don't as such expect miracles, but you just don't know, there might be someone somewhere who has already done previous research or work on this particular School.

Thank you.
Bryan Yorke.

(Below is a selection of photos from the School and if you wish to enlarge, please just click once over the photo)

Bury Road School with R. Irwan Jenkyn - Headmaster. Thanks to further research by Jackie Ramsbottom, we can now establish that the Headmaster here was only living in Haslingden between the dates 1882 and 1888, so obviously confirming that this photograph must have been taken between this period. 

Bury Road School c1877

Bury Road School - Maybe Half Timers

Bury Road School Standard III c1910.