Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Haslingden Sport - BOWLING

Worsley Park Bowling Club early 1970s
L to R: John White, Mr. Fisher, Jack Davison, ?, Fred Ratcliffe Snr, Mr. Cunliffe, Ernie Taylor
Photo: Thanks to Derek Ratcliffe for sharing this photo

Untitled Bowls Competition - Worsley Park and Con Club photo:
probably held at the Memorial Gardens bowling greens

Colin Fletcher, Raymond Clegg,?,?, Mr. Fisher, Leslie Wroe,?,?,Leonard Riley, Arthur Cunliffe, Mr. Wilkinson, George Heys, ?, Jack Haworth and his son Stephen in front of him, ?,?.
Front Bowling: Jack Yates

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

We are not even sure whether this is Haslingden or NOT?

Worsley Park Bowling Club members