Thursday, 26 February 2009

Did you know that there was once a Canal proposed for Haslingden?

"The Course Of The Canal" (Click over to enlarge)
Cutting kindly supplied by Jackie Ramsbottom

Did you know that there was once a Canal proposed for Haslingden?
I have recently found this information on the net and printed it below, which explains the reason why the proposed Haslingden Canal never got built:
As the Leeds and Liverpool Canal winds its tortuous way through East Lancashire it seems to carefully avoid Accrington. However, when the canal’s route through East Lancashire was planned in 1793, it was to continue up the valley of the Hyndburn, crossing it at a point close to the old Grammar School on Blackburn Road. The proposed Haslingden Canal was to join it here, creating a waterway link with Bury and Manchester. Had this happened there would have been a wharf near the junction where goods to and from the town could have been handled.Instead the route was altered. The Peel family asked the canal company to avoid crossing the Hyndburn above their textile print works at Peel Bank. At that time it was one of the largest factories in the world and used the river's waters during the printing process. Building the embankment for the canal to cross the Hyndburn would have interrupted this supply and caused production problems. Instead, the canal was built downstream, rejoining the original line at a right angle junction at Church.