Monday, 13 October 2008

Tokens from the past....

Here are several tokens from my personal collection. I am sure there are many more and would welcome any photos of other "Haslingden Tokens" to put on this blog... 1) The first token was from the Accrington Tramways and made specifically for the Haslingden journey and you would need one of these to hand to the conductor My collection. 2) Scofields Volunteer Hotel - I believe this was a pub in the Top O'th Town area - My collection 3) Haslingden Commercial Company on Railway Road - which was situated just below Stations Steps which is across the road and below (what was the Victoria Hotel, Tankards, Magnet, and now La Veranda Italian Restaurant) My Collection 4). Haslingden Workmens Club, which used to be half way up Spring Lane which runs at the side of the La Veranda. You can still see some of the demolished Workers Club - the tokens where given to members of the Club whom turned up at the AGM and would be exchanged for beer.. My collection 5) Victoria Inn, now the La Verada Italian Restaurant...(this token is not within my personal collection) 6) United Service Club, Haslingden. (Token owned and scan kindly sent in by Steven Owen) 7) Hargreaves Street Mill token My Collection. 8) Britannia Mill My Collection  9) George Inn (Not in my collection, 10) Anderton and Halstead - Albert Mill Not in my collection).

Haslingden Conservative Club
Yes this is a new one to add to the Haslingden "token" collection
Kindly contributed by Joyce Thorne and uploaded here on 18th April 2016

Haslingden Insitute Token (Click over to enlarge)

Kindly shared to us by Judy Brook

Ralph Holden's (Haslingden) Clothing Tokens
Kindly shared to us by Judith Brook