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St. John's School, Stonefold, Rising Bridge - Student Photos etc.

St. John's Stonefold c1951 - 1952 (Click over to enlarge)
(Photo: kindly contributed by Pat and David Stevenson)

Back Row l to r: Mellor, Ted Duxbury, Hartley, Edward Riley, George Cropper, Roy Kenyon, Kenneth Brown, Hugh Feathers, Dennis Martin, John Barnes, Frank Steele.
Middle Row l to r: Marcia Ramsbottom, Mary Hodgekinson, Christine Gill, Raymond Ramsbottom, Jack Ashworth, Terry Barnes, Jack Edwards, Christine Whittaker, Carol Whittaker, Hazel Riley, Daphne Howarth.
Front Row l to r: Valerie Tattersall, Pat Edwards, ?, Jennifer Holgate, Irene Steele, Pat Entwistle, Jennifer Chase, Barbara Cockerill, Shiela Cockerill, Irene ?, Brenda Woods, Sylvia Barrow, Winifred Rothwell. 

The headmaster at that time was Mr. Frank Parker, and the teachers were two sisters, the Miss Martins. 

Stonefold St. Johns School mid 1950's (Click over the photo to enlarge)
Photo: kindly brought in by Susan Wallace (nee Nuttall) uploaded here on 19th September 2015

Back Row: (1) Tony Warburton, (2) Alan Collinson, (3) Maurice Blezard, (4) ?, (5) ?, (6) Brian Uren, (7) Jimmy Cockerill, (8) Stewart Dickinson, (9) Stephen Haworth, Teacher: Mrs. Tomlinson.
Middle Row: (1) Sadie Shanks, (2) ?), (3) Sandra Heap, (4) ?, (5) Anne Rothwell, (6) Janet Edwards, (7) Margaret Collinson, (8) Kathleen Hodgkinson.
Front: (1) Trevor Wallace, (2) Stewart Counsel (3) Ralph Rushton, (4) ?, (5) Linda Saunders, (6) Brett Pearson, (7) ?, (8) Richard Hindle

St John's School, Stonefold c1956  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Dot Blanchard kindly contributed this photo and now uploaded on 22nd Sept 2015

St. John's School, Stonefold c1960  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Dot Blanchard kindly contributed this photo and now uploaded on 22nd Sept 2015

St. John's, Stonefold about 1960  (Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo: kindly contributed by Susan Wallace and uploaded here on 6th November 2015
Back Row: Michael Farnworth, Malcolm Edwards, ?, Keith Walkden, Harry Almond, ?, Robert Graham, Tony Wallace.
Middle Row: Sheila Riley, Sylvia Barnes, Carole Dewhurst, Pauline Duff, Monica Taylor, Sadie Shanks, Andrea Rothwell, ?.
Front Row: Sandra Heap, ?, Alicia Woods, Ann Johnstone

St. John's Baxenden Cubs 1963 with R. Clayton (Blackburn Rovers and England)  (Click over photo to enlarge)
Back Row: ?, ?, Philip Davies, John Davies, Philip Green, Stuart Rothwell, Steve Walsh,?,?.
Front Row: Derek Tattersall, Brian Thompson, Bill Holden, Ronnie Clayton, Tony Wallace, Barry Fletcher, Stephen Gough, ?
Photo: kindly contributed by Susan Wallace (nee Nuttall) on 21st September 2015

St. John's Stonefold  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly contributed by Dot Blanchard and uploaded to here on 24th September 2015
The photo depicts the Peace Celebration at the School on July 18th 1919 Photo: T Parkinson

St. Johns Stonefold - July 1922  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly contributed by Dorothy Hargreaves and uploaded here on 24th September 2015
Dorothy's dad George Hargreaves lived in Acre and is pictured bottom right in this photo.

St Johns, Stonefold (Click over to enlarge)
Newspaper Cutting kindly contributed by Marie Ives and uploaded 24th September 2015

Stonefold School 1979 (Click over to enlarge)
The following names have been offered: Alice Dickinson, Alicia Walker, Sarah Andrews, Elizabeth Holden, Samantha Makey, Heidi Moore, Penny Moore.

St. John's Stonefold School Students late 1800s  (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly sent in by Elaine Pollard who thinks her ancestor Herbert Pollard is seen in the photo seated to the right hand side of the middle row.

Note on Facebook by Elaine:  

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group.  I joined in order to research some family history, but I must say that I'm in awe of the work of the page managers and contributors and your dedication to preserving local history.  I believe my grandparents were both born in Haslingden and lived there till they emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in about 1925.  I think my grandfather, Herbert Pollard (1877-1955) attended St. John's School, Stonefold.

St. Johns - Stonefold

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher
It is suggested that the event could be "Valentines"
The following names have been offered for the people in the photo: Claire Coupe, Lorraine Collinson, Ann Sorrie, Mack Hampson, April Grimshaw, Selvan Hussain, Sarah Beswick, Helen Currie, Kelly McGraine, Mrs Cook, Mrs Makey, Lorraine Clegg, Chris Moore, Helen Carter, Kirsty Derbyshire. 

St.John's School - Stonefold
The following names have been kindly offered:
Annette Mc Ginty, Paula Green, Kelly Louise Hindle, Ronnie Smith, Sarah Halstead, Sarah Beswick, Laura Shillady, Helen Carter, Martin Smith, Terry Royal, Jamie Grimshaw, Kay Royal, John Dickinson, Adam Lancaster, Faye Hindle, Hannah Delaney, Pete Dickinson, Rebecca Curwen, Karen Hinksman, John Blackburn, Emma Townsend, Claire Brown.

Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Fisher

St. John's Stonefold CLB Mock Auction - March 1977

St. Johns Stonefold School Christmas Concert - December 1976

Stonefold reception class May 1977 pictures after winning a national competition to name nine Labrador puppies in Dursley, Gloucestershire.