Monday, 20 September 2010

Moses Ball & W.M. Holden Fruit & Vegetable Merchants of Haslingden & Bury

Jim Nuttall has kindly sent me the following postcard/photograph.

"I Have been sorting out my dad's old photo's, and found one of Moses Ball He lived on Wells street Haslingden until he died.
He was related to me through my Uncle's ( Nick Nuttall) wife.
The photo is of a Horse & cart Owned by W M Holden Fruit & Vegatable merchants of Haslingden & Bury.
Uncle Moses is the at the reins on the cart.
I haven't been able to find any information about the fruit & veg merchants, or where the building in the photo was.
I would be grateful if you have any information, about the merchants or there premises.
I have attached a copy of the photo, for you and you are welcome to use it in your Blogs"

If you have any information on where this photo was taken from or further information on Holden's Fruit and Veg, it would be most welcome, please contact me at:
Please click on the photo once to enlarge, then click on the enlarged for supersize