Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mr. Wrights - Chemist Shop - Lr Deardengate.

Just came across your Haslingden Old and New. My mother Dorothy, is the daughter of Mr Wright who used to own the Chemist shop that you mentioned (click Here). They lived in a house called "Brentwood" that was on Helmshore Road in Haslingden. This would be around the 1930s I guess. Mum is now 89 so we are going back a long way. She was a pharmacist at the chemist shop and married in Haslingden church. Probably there are a few bits of history that she will remember about the area etc. Just thought I would make contact as the grandaughter of Mr Wright and if you need to add more I have some pictures. Will try to dig them out and also I will get in touch with my cousins and my sister who may also have some.

It's been interesting reading such a vast amount of info on the site.


Anne-Marie Newman in Birmingham