Sunday, 6 February 2011

Abandoned Communities - Haslingden Grane - Information needed

Stephen Fisk contacted me several months ago in connection with his project: Abandoned Communities, of which he is currently working on a piece about Haslingden Grane. He has recently been to Haslingden to research and meet up with several interested parties. Please check out the early "Grane" story on his website (Click Here)

Stephen has sent the following appeal:

"You very kindly said you would put a notice in the Haslingden Old and New blog inviting people to send in any information, stories, photographs, etc. related to Haslingden Grane. I would be especially interested in anything that throws more light on events around the time people had to leave Haslingden Grane. What made them decide they would have to move, how they felt about it, where they moved to, how well they adjusted to the move, whether they kept in touch with the Grane or with other people they knew there. It would be wonderful if anyone can come up with photographs taken in Haslingden Grane, or to hear about any possessions such as furniture they may still have that dates from time".

Stephen can be contacted through my email address Click Here or direct from the contact details on his website home page.