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Members of Harry Barlow's Boxing Gym held behind Cross Street North.
Far left crouching is Allan Greenwood Barlow, then Lawrence Barlow and standing far right is Harry Barlow.
John McGuire is the third from the left on the back row.
Photo kindly shared to us by Kathleen Barlow

A request for information from Michael Mullaney (13th Sept 2017)

Hi Bryan, 
I'm struggling with a problem which I wondered if you could assist me with. 
The council flats on left side of Church Street above where Frank Heaps chemist shop used to be and opposite the old Bird in Hand were built around 1958-60. 
They were I believe originally built with porches although some say not, but at sometime the porches were rebuilt for whatever reason. 
Are there any photographs of the block of 12 flats, 6 at ground level and 6 at first floor level as originally built? 
Is there anyone among your bloggers who recall the porches being rebuilt by Rossendale Borough Council? Possibly about 25 years ago. 
Any help most gratefully appreciated. 



Ginnel from Blackburn Road (side of Black Bull Pub) and is used as a short cut into
Ratcliffe Street. In past years this would also have led through to the Pub stables which is
now Dave's garage.
Thanks to Jenni Coates for bringing this one to my attention and also thanks to Robert Wade (Wadey) who has been kind enough to photograph. Now included in the Ginnel/Alleyways and Snicket Blog

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The Derek Woodall Photo Collection

Here we have a selection of photos from the Derek Woodall Collection 

Derek Woodall was a local artist who worked at Accrington and Rossendale College  during the time they were based at the Old Grammar School on Bury Road.  Derek spent his lunch time taking photos of the area from which he based most of his drawings which he used to exhibit locally.  In 2015 he kindly allowed his photos to be copied and used for our Haslingden Memories Exhibition that year.  He hopes you enjoy them and that they bring back one or two memories.

I think this is the little Street near to Prinny Hill which was to the left
of Mrs. Kings bric a brac shop and Danny Rudges Chip Shop

Hartley Street - behind the Public Hall

Lodge belonging to Albert Mill (seen in the background) The Mill
was owned by Porritts and closeby were the mills of Carr Mill to the left
and across from it was Britannia Mill (CWS).  I spent many a hour
fishing in that lodge and caught sticklebacks and goldfish

Lower Lane which ran between Hud Rake and Church Street.
Opposite these houses was originally part of the Baxter's Brewery, and much
later was a Cotton Waste Mill, but in
more recent times it is the "West View" properties built on there.

This shows "Booth Street" (Station area) On the very left of the photo is what
was the Railway Hotel and the back gates where they took through the barrells
of beer. It was a Beverleys House. Also on the right you see the upended 
railway sleepers which formed the enclosure of the Railway Goods yard.
Top Church - St. James Parish Church overlooking.

This is yet another special photo and shows the sloping backs of the properties - 
On the left is what was Station Road,
On the right the properties of Railway Road, and directly in front is what was Delph Street.
The photo will have been taken from up on or near Station Steps.  It shows all the little buildings 
on the rear of the houses which were the "outside toilets" (tippler toilets) To read more about Tippler Toilets CLICK HERE

This is the old railway track were the by-pass is built now

This photo shows the area where the Haslingden Commercial Mill and Station Road used to be.
You can also see Delph Street and Booth Street, Robinsons Union Mill. The photo will have been
taken from up on Blackburn Road and not far away from the St. James lychgate.

This photo is again the old railway (prior to by-pass) and shows the backs of
the houses which were in the Mill yard (owned by Robinsons Mill). Just at the start
of the photo on the left hand corner was a small building which was a good yard
office for the railway. You accessed from opposite the bottom of Railway Road. Also
the mill showing half way along is the Brittania Mill (which was the CWS Slipper factory)

This is "Mucky Back" or its correct name is Back Beehive Terrace and runs to the rear of Blackburn Road and is accessed from Cross Street North

Rear of Peel Street overlooking Charles Lane

Alleyway which goes from the top of Grane Road through to Charles Lane

This is the top of Charles Lane, showing the Roebuck and the little shop attached and also the rear of some of the Lower Deardengate properties. 

Bowl Alley, Helmshore (pro Bal Ally) No.1 (Click over to enlarge)

Bowl Alley, Helmshore (pronounced Bal Ally) No.2 (Click over to enlarge)

Car Park (Now Market) at Ratcliffe Fold on site of the old Trinity Baptist Church

Car Park No.2 (now Market) at Ratcliffe Fold - originally the site of school (Cockerills) and this front side was were Trinity Baptist Church was (Click over to enlarge)

This is a cracking shot showing the "ginnel" entrance and the
many stone steps leading up to the Back of the Blackburn Road property
whilst below it was a separate house using the lower quarters. Photo
taken from Cross Street North 

This one is taken from up near the old railway bridge which was on Hud Hey Road,
and you can see the old railway after the lines and ballast were taken up. Also note the
sleepers for fencing (remnants still there today) Also Hartley's scrap yard and the rear
of Carr Hall Street properties. The late Harry Wilkinson's hen pens were just to the right
behind the bushes.

Back of Blackburn Road and showing the long gone Cross Street South
houses on the right hand side. Photo taken from near to where you head down
on the right to the mills in the bottom Vale, Union, Brittania, Albert etc

This is again to the back of Blackburn Road (near the back of Clifton House) and shows you the
bottom end of Cross Street North on the left hand side and Mucky Back or Back Beehive Terrace
on the Right hand side.

In that same area known as "Skinners" and showing Mucky Back to the right, and the old
placard on the side of "Bob Gardners" (fantastic and well missed grocers- who specialized in
home cured bacons etc)

Showing the pens and gardens to the back of Blackburn Road, taken from Hud Rake and close by
on the Left hand side of the photo was a shortcut path that leads between Hud Rake and Vale Street
Bus Stop.

This is another one which is the back to Cross St North/Blackburn Road and to this side
of the parked car is what they call "Vale Street" and at one time was the main thoroughfare
from Blackburn Road to the Mills down in the bottom on the right. The area also was known as
Skinners were once of a day there was a tannery.

This is another photo which shows the backs to what were the shops Co-op etc
and on the right are the backs to what was Cross Street North
This is where Commercial Mill was and high on the left hand side are the houses of Blackburn Road which
were opposite the St. James Lychgate which included Howleys Chemist
Top of Prinny Hill

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Baptist Church - Ebenezer Baptist and Trinity Baptist Photos

Ebenezer Baptist Church - Pre 1899 (Click over to enlarge)

Ebenezer Baptist 1920s - (Click over to enlarge)

Haslingden Baptist Church - A photo I took on 13th November 2004 (Click over to enlarge)

Ebenezer Baptist new organ in 1910 (Click over to enlarge)

Ebenezer Baptist Walking Day 1935 (Click over to enlarge)

Ebenezer Baptist Walking Day 1935 (Click over to enlarge)

Ebenezer Baptist Walking Day - Date unknown (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared by Keith Gunton 

Ebenezer Baptist 1950 Walking Day (Click over to enlarge)

Ebenezer Baptist in 1966 - Warwick Street (Click over to enlarge)
Ebenezer Baptist Church and Sunday School - Their lads who paid the Supreme Sacrifice 1914-1918
(Click over to enlarge)
If you want to check out more information on the heroes here please go to the War Heroes Blog by clicking here and click over their name

 (Click over to enlarge)

(Click over to enlarge)
Both the above Newspaper Cuttings have been kindly supplied by Chris Kirby

Two photos above showing Church Renovations in 2012 (Click over to enlarge)
Photos: Kindly shared by Clifford Hargreaves

PHOTOS from Trinity Baptist Church

Trinity Baptist Play - 1913  (Click over to enlarge)

Trinity Baptist (Click over to enlarge)

Both the above photos are of Trinity Baptist Walking Days (Click over to enlarge)
Both photos kindly shared to us by Keith Gunton on 2nd March 2017

Monday, 27 March 2017

Haslingden Sport - BADMINTON

Ebenezer Baptist Badminton Team (1920 to 1930) - Click over to enlarge
LH Back 1st is Albert Edward White
Photo: Kindly shared by Chris Kirby

St. James Parish Church Badminton (Click over to enlarge)
Kindly shared to us by Chris Kirby

St. Thomas's Musbury - Helmshore Badminton Team (Click over to enlarge)
Taken from the scrapbook of Susan Whittaker (nee Nicholas)

from the scrapbook of Susan Whittaker (nee Nicholas) - Click over to enlarge

Haslingden Youth Club - Sport - Badminton (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: from the late John T. Wood's private scrapbook and kindly shared to us by Peter Wood

Rossendale Schools Badminton Team in County Badminton Finals 1968-1969 ish (Click over to enlarge)
Back left to right: Sylvia, ?. Peter Woods, ?,?,?.
Front left to right: ?, Susan Nicholas, ?, Carol Kay, ?.
Note Wooden Rackets!
Photo: Kindly shared by Susan Whittaker (nee Nicholas)

St. Thomas's Badminton  Team c1969 (Click over to enlarge)
?, Brian Johnson, George Brooks, Derek Thompson, Margaret Johnson, Eileen Gillespie, Kath Thompson, Susan Nicholas
Kindly shared by Peter Wood and Susan Whittaker

Haslingden Youth Club - Badminton Team (Click over photo to enlarge)
Photo: Kindly shared to us by Peter Wood and Susan Whittaker
Front: Kathleen Parsons, Yvonne Shepherd, Carol Touhey Pauline Wood, Mavis Connolly
Back:Alan King, Jack Hallam, Peter J. Wood, Roger Townend, Raymond Bell, Alan Duckworth.

Haslingden Youth Club - Badminton Team (Click over to enlarge)
photo: kindly shared by Peter Wood and Susan Whittaker

Haslingden Youth Club - Badminton (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: from the scrapbook of the late John T. Wood (Head Warden)
and kindly shared with us by his son Peter Wood

HYC - Winners of Ross Badminton League Cup 1969 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: taken from the scrapbook of the late John T. Wood (Head Warden of the HYC)
Kindly shared with us by his son Peter Wood.