Friday, 17 April 2009

Duckworth Clough Mill...



What can I remember from my childhood about Duckworth Clough Mill as a Cotton Mill is not much, other than Mr. Willis was the Mill Manager and was also a JP on the local bench. He lived at the house closeby the Mill which is called "The Mount". Here on the left is a photo of when it was in full swing Cotton production and on the right is a photo showing the large Chimney which was erected (Duckworth Clough did have two chimneys built at various times). I also have a couple of old photographs here showing some of the workers from that time.

My memories become more vivid after the Mill had been taken over by Shepherd Timber Importers and the main directors were Mr. Terry Flynn, Mr. Michael Bolton and Mr. Harry Plant.  I can remember it used to be a cobbled (old setts) road leading up the steep hill to the Old Mill/Timber yard, and during the Winter months when there was usually snow and ice on the road, I have witnessed many a arcticulated lorry laden with timber would jacknife and cause havoc on that road. Thankfully not a lot of traffic used the road at that time, because besides Shepherds it was only serving the two or three farms and the Duckworth Clough Quarry which where further up the road. The Tip came many, many years later, long after the Quarry had ceased to produce.... Later the road was tarmacked and after this there was far fewer accidents.

Across from the main factory there was a massive big steel framed open air hanger with Asbestos Roof and timber paling sides, I remember this being brought up from Kings Lynn and erected at Duckworth Clough as a open storage for softwoods. This building was erected by two guys with the hire of a crane from time to time. The building must have been up at least 30 years.

Mr Terry Flynn who was the managing director at Shepherds, knew that I was into fishing at that time (probably 1970s), and offered me the mill lodge for £1. It is still there and lies slightly East to the factory on the left hand side of the road when you are going up towards the tip. It sounded a giveaway bargain for £1, but just think about the liability that went with it should that lodge banking wall every give way... or repair work ever had to be carried out...

Since February 2006 the mill has been demolished and a new housing development is on the land. Here is a photo of the commencement of the new building works and the one on the right hand shows some of the completed properties.