Saturday, 8 January 2011

Holland Family (Holland Pies) - further information

David Stevenson has kindly sent in this information on the Holland Family, which I will also shortly include within the Holland's Pies blog...

Hi Bryan,

I have further information on the Holland family which may be of interest. This shows that in 1851 when John Whittaker opened a confectioners shop in Deardengate, his future wife, Sarah Titley was employed as a cook at Flaxmoss House for William Turner a prominent mill owner and JP.
On the 8th October 1852 at The Parochial Chapel in Haslingden, John Whittaker married Sarah Titley (whose father was Walter Titley, an attorney at Alton in Staffordshire).

The 1861 census shows John and Sarah Whittaker living in Deardengate together with Sarahs daughter Sarah Ann aged 16 who was born in Macclesfield on the 25th July 1844, with the surname Titley and no fathers name recorded on the birth certificate.

In 1866 Richard Henry Holland, born at Wood farm in Staffordshire, joined the Whittakers to work in their shop, after an apprenticeship at Bollands in Chester and Moseleys in Accrington.

On the 2nd November 1869 Richard and Sarah Ann were married at St. James Parish Church, also this year they bought into the confectioners business and changed the name to Hollands.

The 1871 census shows John and Sarah Whittaker,Richard and Sarah Ann Holland all listed as confectioners living in Deardengate together with Richard and Sarahs son Walter at 5 months old.

The 1881 census has John Whittaker, Richard and Sarah Holland with their children Walter,Sarah and Ada living at 77 Deardengate.

On the 21st November 1882 my grandmother Florence Edith Holland was born to Richard and Sarah Ann in Deardengate.

Around 1890 Walter Holland took over the business and changed the name to Walter Hollands.

In1891 Richard and Sarah with four of their children and John Whittaker were living at 10 Church St. whilst Walter Holland, his wife and son Harry lived at 15 Hartley St.

The 1901 census shows that Walter Holland and his family had moved into 10 Church St. whilst Richard, Sarah and three of their children had moved to 342 Blackburn Road.

From David Stevenson,
Rising Bridge Road