Monday, 16 December 2013

Haslingden, Edenfield and Goodshaw Gravestone Photos

I have been asked on regular occasions for information regarding local gravestones, usually by relatives who live afar and also by others researching families etc. So I have decided to publish the photos I have on file since 2003 with the hope they will help anyone in their searches.

I do have more gravestone photos somewhere in the archives especially of the old grane area which I will try and find later and add to these. 

Gravestone Index: (These links take you to my photobucket hosting site which is on a external link, so just when finished press the back button to resume). Most of the photos have been loaded in "original" full resolution and will therefore allow you to enlarge to extralarge and also even larger to the original, once loaded go to bottom right hand corner of photo and click the + sign, and click yet again if necessary. 

Aitken - Edenfield Parish Church
Aitken, Thomas - Edenfield Parish Church
Ashton and Turner Memorial - St. Thomas Musbury
Ashworth, John - Mftr of Springhill, Musbury - St. Thomas Musbury
Ashworth, John of Ramsbottom - St. James Parish Church, Haslingden
Ashworth, Major - King Street Methodist
Ashworth, Zacharias of Torside - St. James Parish Church, Haslingden.
Ashworth, - Edenfield Parish
Ashworth and Nuttall of Helmcroft Farm - St. Thomas Musbury
Ashworth, Henry of Bury Road, Haslingden - St. James Parish Church
Ashworth, Private - Edenfield Parish
Barcroft, Henry of Henfield - Goodshaw Chapel
Barlow, George - St. John Shuttleworth
Barlow, George Haworth of Park Hse - St Thomas Musbury
Barnes, Henry - King Street Methodist
Barnes, Richard of Sykeside - King Street Methodist
Barnes, John of Hud Hey - St. James Parish Church, Haslingden
Bell, Rev James of Goodshaw St. Marys
Beswick, John - St John, Shuttleworth
Beswick, John - St. John, Shuttleworth
Bilsborrow- Haslingden Congregational
Birtwistle, Richard - St. Thomas Musbury
Blackledge, Thomas - Goodshaw St. Marys
Bridge, Robert - St John, Shuttleworth
Buck, Edenfield Parish
Butterworth, John - King Street Methodist
Chattwood, Edmund - St James, Haslingden
Christie, Father James of St. Marys Haslingden - Cemetary
Clare, William - King Street Methodist Church
Clarkson of Rose Cottage - St. James, Haslingden 
Clegg, Wm Turner, School Founder - St. James, Haslingden
Clegg, Wm Turner of Chapel House - St. James, Haslingden 
Clitheroe, James - St. Johns, Ramsbottom
Cockerill, William of Hud Hey - St. James, Haslingden 
Collinge, Joseph of Rosehill - St. James, Haslingden 
Cordingley, James - St. James, Haslingden 
Cordingley, John Stancliff - St. James, Haslingden 
Cowpe, James of Flaxmoss - King Street Methodist
Cronshaw Wm of Cribden Farm - St. James, Haslingden 
Cross, Rev Thos - Wesleyan Minister - St Thomas Musbury
Davenport, James of Irwell Vale - Edenfield Parish
Dewhurst Eli of Edenfield - Edenfield Parish
Downham - St. Stephens, Grane
Duckworth, John of Syke - King Street Methodist
Duckworth, Thomas - Goodshaw St. Marys
Duckworth, Joshua of Park Ln Vw - St. Stephens, Grane
Dyson, Edwin, Vicar of Shuttleworth - St John, Shuttleworth
Elton of Edenfield - Edenfield Parish
Entwistle, St. Stephens, Grane
Entwistle, James of Chapel Hse, Haslingden - Grane Methodist
Entwistle of Todd Hall, Carrs - St. James, Haslingden
Fallshaw, Wm MD of Ramsbottom - St Johns, Ramsbottom
Fearfull, Richard of Carrs - St. Johns, Ramsbottom
Firth, Alan of Bentgate - King Street Methodist
Goodshaw Chapel
Goodshaw St. Marys
Goodshaw St. Marys Graveyard
Grane Methodist Chapel Graveyard
Grane Methodist Chapel Sign
Gregory, Daniel of Flaxmoss - King Street Methodist
Grime - St Johns Shuttleworth
Hargreaves, David Edward of Flip Rd H'den - St John, Shuttleworth
Hargreaves, Haworth - Goodshaw St. Marys
Hargreaves, Joshua - Goodshaw St. Marys
Harrison, William Sandilands Lt Col - St. James Haslingden
Harrison- Atkinson, Jonathan MD and JP - St. James, Haslingden. 
Hartley - St Johns Shuttleworth
Hartley - St Johns Shuttleworth
Hartley, William of Bridge End - St. Thomas Musbury
Haslingden Baptist War Memorial
Haworth, Richard of Market Place - St James, Haslingden 
Haworth - St Stephens, Grane
Haworth of Union Street - St. Stephens, Grane
He John - Goodshaw Chapel
Heap, Henry - Goodshaw Chapel
Higson, Richard of Lodge Mill, - St Johns Shuttleworth
Hill, Edward, St. John Shuttleworth
Hindle, George Edward - St James, Haslingden
Hindle, Richard of Hud Hey Road - St. James, Haslingden 
Holden, John of Top O'the Bank Cottage - St James, Haslingden 
Holden, Richard of Higher Tanpits, Musbury - King St Methodist
Holden, - Grane Methodist Chapel
Holden, - Grane Methodist Chapel
Holden, - St. Stephens, Grane
Holt - A local JP - Goodshaw St Marys
Horrocks - St. Stephens, Grane
Hothersall, Richard of the Duke of Buccleugh - St James, Haslingden
Howorth James, of the Griffin Inn - St James, Haslingden
Hudson, Richard - Goodshaw Chapel
Kay, John of Goodshawfold - King Street Methodist, Haslingden
Kay, Jonathan of Moorside - St John Shuttleworth
Kay - Edenfield Parish
Kershaw, Squire Hoyle - St Thomas Musbury
Kershaw, Thomas of Bankside, Edenfield - Edenfield Parish
King, James of the Woolpack Inn - St Thomas Musbury
King Street Methodist Burial Yard
Kirby, William of Higher Ormerod - St Stephens Grane
Knowles, John - Goodshaw St Marys
Law, Hindle of Haslingden - Haslingden Cemetary
Law, Hindle of Haslingden - Haslingden Cemetary
Law, John  - St James Haslingden
Law, John - Haslingden Cemetary
Law Memorials - Haslingden Cemetary
Lawson, Hannah - Goodshaw St. Marys
Lawson, St. Stephens Grane
Lord, Jeremiah Jerry, JP - St Thomas Musbury
Maden, Robert of Sherfin - Goodshaw St Marys
Margison - Haslingden Congregational
Marshall, Ferrow - Officer Of Excise - Goodshaw St. Marys
Maxwell, Thomas of John Street - St James, Haslingden
Maxwell - St Stephens, Grane
Maxwell - St Stephens, Grane
Moore, Benita MBE - St Johns Stonefold at Rising Bridge
Notterdam, Father Peter of St. Marys Haslingden - Cemetary
Nuttall, Edward of Turn - St John Shuttleworth
Nuttall, Frank - St John Shuttleworth
Nuttall, Isaac of Cribden End - St. James, Haslingden 
Nuttall, James - St John Shuttleworth
Nuttall, John - Goodshaw Chapel
Nuttall, Parker of Edenfield - St John Shuttleworth
Nuttall, Richard - St John, Shuttleworth
Nuttall - Edenfield Parish
Nuttall - St John, Shuttleworth
Nuttall - St John, Shuttleworth
Nuttall 4 - St John, Shuttleworth
Old Gas Lamp - St Thomas, Musbury
Old Grave from 1736 - Goodshaw St Marys
Paley, Robert of Bridge End Inn - St Thomas, Musbury
Parkinson, James - Farmer of Higher Hud Hey Farm - St. James, Haslingden
Parkinson, Thomas of Goodshaw Chapel
Patberg Casper - Goodshaw St Marys
Pickup, Doctor - St James, Haslingden
Pickup, John of Ewood Bridge - St Thomas, Musbury
Pilling, Jon - Goodshaw St Marys
Pinder, William of Hindle's Buildings - St James, Haslingden 
Place, Robert - Goodshaw St Marys
Pollard, Martha - Goodshaw St Marys
Porritt, Samuel of Ramsbottom - St Thomas, Musbury
Preston of Regent Street - St James, Haslingden 
Purcell, Father Peter of St. Marys Haslingden - Cemetary
Radcliffe, Richard - Goodshaw Chapel
Ramsbottom, James - Edenfield Parish
Ramsbottom, Squire - St Johns Shuttleworth
Ratcliffe, Henry of the Star Inn Burnley - Goodshaw St Marys
Rev. John from 1779 - St James, Haslingden
Richardson, Father Robert Trevor of St. Marys Haslingden - Cemetary
Rostron - Edenfield Parish
Rushton, Dorothy of Stonefold - St. Johns Stonefold - Rising Bridge
Sanderson, Dicky - Goodshaw St Marys
Schofield, Doctor of Rising Bridge - St Johns Stonefold
Smith, Thomas of Flaxmoss - King Street Methodist
Smith, William Henry of Turfcote - St Thomas Musbury
Spencer, Lucy of The Vicarage - Goodshaw St Marys
Southerst, Jonas - Grane Methodist Chapel
St. John's Ramsbottom - War Memorial
St. Stephens Church Grane - Marker
St. Stephens Church Grane
Stott, John of Flaxmoss - King Street Methodist
Stuart of Holden Hall - St. Stephens Grane
Swire, John, - King Street Methodist
Tasker, Hud Terrace - St Johns Stonefold
Tattersall, John, Joiner and Builder - St. James Haslingden
Taylor - St Stephens Church Grane
Taylor 2 - St Stephens Church Grane
Taylor of Rothwell Fold, Grane - St Stephens Church Grane
Thomson, Robert - Vicar of St Thomas, Musbury
Titherington, - Grane Methodist
Townsend of Slate Pits Farm - St Stephens Church Grane
Townsend, Richard JP of Bentgate House - St Thomas Musbury
Turnbill - Edenfield Parish
Turnbill 2 - Edenfield Parish
Turner, William - Mill Owner - St Thomas Musbury
Turner, William 2 - Mill Owner - St Thomas Musbury
Waddington, Robert Sir - St Johns Stonefold - Rising Bridge
Warburton, John of Greenfield - St Thomas Musbury
Warburton, John of Waterfoot - St Thomas Musbury
Warburton, Wm of Albion Hse Deardengate - St James, Haslingden
Warburton - Grane Methodist
Ward - St John Shuttleworth
Watson, Chris of Sunnyside - Goodshaw St. Marys
Wellock William of Rakefoot Farm - St James, Haslingden 
Whitaker - Edenfield Parish
Whittaker, James of Scout Barns - St John Shuttleworth
Whittaker, John of High House, Hud Rake - St James, Haslingden
Whittaker, Laurence - St. Thomas Musbury
Whittaker, Lawrence of Park Villas - St. Thomas Musbury
Whittaker, Robert of Scout Barns - St Johns Shuttleworth
Whittaker, Rostron - St James, Haslingden
Whittenbury of Square Lodge - St James, Ramsbottom
Wild, Leonard of Shuttleworth - St James Shuttleworth
Wood, James - Farmer of Swineherdlaw - St James, Haslingden
Worsley, Nicholas - Mill Owner - St James, Haslingden