Sunday, 26 October 2008

Blue Commemorative Plaques... (9 one missing)

Here are Haslingden's Blue Commemorative Plaques (all 9 of them, there should be 10 but the one put on Robert Scott VC's House at No.14 Peel Street, has gone missing. The ones here are: 1) On Sykeside House commemorating that Alan Rawsthorne lived here. 2) On Wavell Mill, Holcombe Road - The Power Loom Riots. 3) Old Wesleyan School (Haslingden Medical Centre Site) - Measure Intelligence by a written test - the first.... 4) Haslingden Library - Michael Davitt - Irish Patriot.. 5) Haslingden Memorial Gardens - War Dead Memorial unveiled by Lord Derby. 6) New Inn (Now Mary Hindle Resource Centre - Power Loom Riots participants tried at this Magistrates Court, some being sent out to Australia. 7) Coal Hey - Handloom Workshop for the Watts Family whom made Checks and Ginghams... and 8) Haslingden Commercial Hotel - Sir Winston Churchill Stayed at the Hotel... (9) Radcliffe Fold School and one of its pupils a William Cockerill - and (10) is the one which was on Robert Scott VC's old house in Peel Street, which sadly has gone missing. (Click over photo to enlarge)

(added 8th April 2013) Guess what? Just had some great news, kindly sent in by Hylton Craig who informs me that a new "Robert Scott VC" Blue Commemorative Plaque has been fixed on No. 14 Peel Street, Haslingden.  See Below for photo:

New badge erected for Robert Scott VC
(Photo: Courtesy of  Hylton Craig)